Mother Of Jahhym Azoo Looking To Sue Antiguan Authorities


Lawmen in Antigua and Barbuda could be facing a lawsuit from the family of Jahhym Azoo, the Dominican teen who was almost beaten to death in St Johns in September.

Ordiel Furlong has already started consultations with legal minds on the best way to go about taking legal action against the Acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney, and the Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin.

Furlong is trying to put pressure on the authorities to arrest the three other boys who she claimed were involved in the attack on her son.

The police, to date, have arrested and charged two minors with assault with intent to commit murder and have told the media that there was no indication that there were indeed five boys who attacked and injured Azoo.

The woman is convinced the authorities are covering up for the other three boys reportedly involved.

The teen maintains five boys attacked him but the authorities say they only have information about two boys.

Furlong said while she is grateful her son is no longer in a critical state, the fight continues for justice.

The authorities, Furlong said, have been pussyfooting around the arrest of the additional three boys involved in the fight that left her son nearly dead.

Meantime, Jahhym Azoo may be recuperating at home but his mother says the burden left for his family to carry following his ordeal is “just too heavy”.

He suffered a broken jaw and nose. His situation was so critical that doctors had to be flown in from abroad to perform surgery to stop the bleeding from his brain.

All his bottom teeth were also knocked out.



  1. These cops all them concern about is marijuana. Just tell them someone have 5 plants. This commissioner is the worst i have seen yet

  2. Sue them what they suppose to fight for they ain’t fighting for The child almost die Antigua policeman full of stupidity and only have time to go offa young girls

  3. Who is the best person to know how many persons attack him but the victim. He is no blind, he is no 17 days old, he must know. The police were not there on the scene of the crime so how they come to that conclusion. Lock them as up and let the court decide. Nonsense man, do all you work.

    • .I don’t believed because Ordiel Furlong is NOT from Antigua, it is the incompetence of the police force starting from the head. The Acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney is from Dominica like the teenager and 80% of the Antigua & Barbuda Police Force is NOT native Antigua born either. The police only care about who have marijuana in their possession. Most of the cases (about 70%) in the court here in Antigua are drugs cases.
      Ordiel Furlong, God and the five boys are the only ones that know who attacked the young lad not the police. This situation with Ordiel Furlong is worth marching for on Thursday 24th, October 2019.

  4. Them ass these police those deal with these things we have no rite in the country Antigua !!! Hmmmm true jus say herb them ready . Smh

  5. @ public notice nearly half of the Police force is Foreigners..Vincy, etc so that can’t be it. Maybe they know the other boys involved..but all I am saying is something fishy

  6. It is time for Antigua to withdraw from CARICOM, because these CARICOM immigrants come to Antigua and then sue our government, in addition to causing crime. When is PM Browne and others going to wake up??!!

  7. So wait..because “These CARICOM immigrants” came to Antigua they have no rights? If wrong is done to them they cant sue? causing crime? They must take what they get BECAUSE they NOT ANTIGUANS?whom attacked whom? So much hate towards our brothers and sisters…You should be ashamed of yourself!You seem to paint everyone with the same brush.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

  8. As I say evil will never end and am and will spend my last dime and the whole police force and the five boys and their families have suffer worse than Jahhym Azoo.

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