Mother Of Four Loses Bags Of Items To An Unidentified Truck


Karrissa Joseph, mother of four (soon to be five), says that while she was preparing to move from her Tindale Road home, garbage bags with clothing, passports and other important items were taken by an unidentified truck.

She added that she left the bags, which were thin see-through bags, outside for the sun to hit them then went inside for a short period to attend to her crying daughter.

“Maybe like 20 seconds after I went inside to comfort her, my son [told] me that the truck [came] for our things so I [told] him no, the truck couldn’t come for the things because I didn’t get the truck guy. When I looked through the window the truck was maybe five steps away from where I live, by the neighbours. So, I’m shouting, ‘hey, hey, hey!’ There was a guy coming up the road the same time and I told him ‘stop the truck, stop the struck they took my thing’, and we [were] like two seconds away from the window for the truck and the window was down and he shouted ‘yo yo’ like five or six times and they drove off,” she explained.

Even with the help of passers-by to chase the truck down, she was unable to catch the truck. However, she was able to identify that there were two passengers in the truck: one appearing to be in his 40s, while the other seemed to be in his 20s; both she believes to be either Dominican or Hispanic.

She also visited the Cook’s Dump hoping that the truck was one contracted by the Central Board of Health, but upon inquiry, she was told that “with no proper identification for the truck they cannot call out anybody”

“I’m in deep pain and I’ve cried till I’ve had headaches and my voice is gone. My playpen, pram, kids’ uniforms, my clothes and my kids’ clothes and underwear, their health cards n hospital papers of delivery my documents, my toaster oven, my medication for my pregnancy, my kids’ meds, lotion, shampoo, my son’s asthma pump and ventilator, my wigs etc,” she reported.

In addition, she said that her children could not attend school because their school uniforms and shoes were in the bags and she, too, was forced to miss work because her personal effects were also taken.

Moreover, Joseph believes that the bags were not taken by mistake but were stolen.

“I more believe it’s theft because nothing else was taken up from the road,” she stated.

However, she is hopeful that the perpetrators would return the items.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Karrissa Joseph at 734-9227, her workplace at 562-7679, her mother at 723-8593, or her father at 776-8139.

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  1. An extremely sad story to hear ……. If this is an act of theft, then these perpetrators are very BAREFACE & DESPERATE….
    If they are caught and it can proven that the items were stolen then the law should deal with them severely…..
    On the otherhand, items that are perceived to be rubbish by one man, may become a treasure to another….. It simply means that seeing those items on the outside stuffed in a bag, perhaps were mistakenly considered to be rubbish, hence the passerby chose to take up the bags in order to savage whatever they can get meaningful to them…..
    With all that been said, I empathize with this lady and her family and pray that her plight will be resolved asap….

  2. Oh dear! I can only imagine her pain, stress and frustration. What a wicked act to steal from an expectant mother.


    The ‘…hurt and pain’ are real.’

    The ‘…inconvenience, and hardship are real and so too are the unending miseries to be endured.

    Yes, pour out the empathy.

    In the circumstances, these are understandably so.

    However, the explanation given in this news story, it begs the all important question, ‘…Which grown adult of ‘…sound memory and discretion,’ would place inter alia;

    (a) ‘…Travel and other important documents;

    (b) …clothing; …valuables and other usable, including household items’ in plastic bags (transparent or non-transparent) by the roadside to be ‘…sunned out or to be transported to another dwelling elsewhere?’

    Now, if this was not ‘…Gross Carelessness,’ inexcusable and irresponsible behavior,’ then what is?

    Do know that what is, (though not in this case), considered ‘…refuse’ is ‘…food for the ‘…destitute and desperate.

    Moreover, what is ‘…Solid waste’ for some householders’ is ‘…Treasure’ to people constantly struggling to survive.’

    One has to be mindful of the things he/she wishes to keep and the things he/she wishes to disposed.

    Separate and secure them properly.

    There may be little reason to raise alarm.

  4. Someone should have gotten the truck license plate number anyone? This is truly sad….. If they didn’t stop when multiple pple flagged them then this is truly theft

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