Mother of Abandoned Baby Urged To Come Forward


Minister of Social Transformation Samantha Marshall is calling for the mother of the abandoned baby to come forward.

The baby who was left in a cardboard box partially dressed on the gallery of a Gray’s Hill home, is now undergoing medical treatment at the Mt. St. John’s Hospital.

When asked if the parent will face prosecution, the social transformation minister says; if the parent left the child so that someone else could give it a better life then more than likely not.

‘We would hope not because it would mean that we are prejudging what her circumstances are and if her circumstance is that she is in legitimate need of some care or service then of course then I don’t see why she would get herself in trouble.”

Marshall highlights the authority vested to her and her ministry to deal with situations like this.

“In terms of giving them the necessary support and guidance yes, it may be also that we may counselling but the counselling assessment we may decide they need additional services that we don’t provide and we may have to turn to the ministry of Health or some other ministry.”
The social transformation minister says her ministry has taken steps before to help the young mother cope. The ministry recently offered sessions to young mothers.

“We recently did some session with young mothers who may find themselves with mental health issues or financial circumstances and we explain to them the system that we had in place. It’s not a full proof system, I will admit but it something that we recognized that was happening and we wanted to reach out to our young mothers. Part of it is coping and who to reach out too for assistance with counselling and an official person who would be able to manage that kind of situation.”

Marshall says it may not be mental issues but the parent’s ability to cope.

“Persons suffer from different things, mental health issues do not mean as we locally term them as crazy or it may be a situation not being able to cope, it may not extend to mental health just not being able to cope because of circumstances”.

She called on the public to not prejudge the situation but be grateful that the parent had the good sense to leave the baby in someone else’s care.

The public is judging before we know the circumstances and we really shouldn’t, what we should be grateful for is that this lady had the good sense of leaving the baby on someone gallery so that person could take the step and the child is reaching the care that it needs at this time.

The baby is said to be in good health as it continues to undergo medical treatment at the Mt St John’s Hospital.

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  1. Why would she come forward when the police officer already said she would be charged?? He was very harsh in his pronouncements (in my opinion). Perhaps because he is not a female. The mother obviously needs help herself, so painting her as a “fugitive” who will be charged is NOT exactly an incentive to “turn herself in” Mr. Police Officer. I’m wondering if said officer has any PR training or moreover does he have a heart? How are you gonna condemn someone in such a situation and then pretend to care?

    • You are talking crap!!!!!! Why should she not be charged? If you and the minister’s logic were to make sense then we should all steal, get caught and say it is all due to harsh economic conditions labor party has us in!!!!

      • “Stealing” versus “abandonment” is what you’re attempting to equate? I can go no further based on that unbalanced comparison. Have a nice life.

      • Once again u coming on here with your dumbass comments. U don’t know what is the mother’s condition that would make her come to the conclusion and left the child her. Has ur stupid ass ever heard of Postpartum depression (PPD). Could be a case the mother is suffering that. U are the highest breed of a jackass that can be found that needs to stfu.

  2. It is obvious that the child was left in that position to send a strong message that the child needs care….. However, it is my view that she did it the wrong way…. The infant was left to danger not only by the elements of nature but any ferocious dog could have attacked the child… Thank God it did happen and the child was shortly rescued….. of course if the mother is not mentally ill, i believe she should brought to justice…. Mothers, especially the young ones should be responsible both during, pre and post pregnancy…. A life should not be taken for granted!!!

    • How many times have you been pregnant, been in labour, and given birth? When was the last time you had your eggs fertilized?

      They say “who feels it knows it” so plz share your similar experience

  3. Could not have said it any better. I had some personal experience with that particular policeman and I don’t know how someone like him still working in the police force. He nah know how fu talk to people never mind the media.

  4. Why do mothers abandon their babies though? What goes through a mother’s mind as she leaves her baby and walk away? These are just some of the questions that I am sure many persons have asked. But wait…….read on! Let’s judge less and understand more. It’s an important message to society about circumstances that force mothers to abandon their babies.

    People point fingers at mothers and label them as evil. Fine, maybe somehow they need to carry the blame to their grave. But have people asked themselves ‘where are the fathers?’ Surely it takes two to make a baby. Don’t just give fathers a free pass and lay the blame on the mother alone. Many fathers are just as guilty and are responsible for the situation that leads to the mother abandoning the child.

    (Read my full article about this saga soon)

  5. Have you ever considered that the baby might have been dropped off at his father. Just a provocative thought….. Wondering who the occupants of that Gray’s Hill home is….

  6. To all who wants the mother arrested why don’t all walk a mile in her shoes before you past judgement. All want to cry her don’t but have some of you ever gone through the whole pregnancy process?? Do some of you espically “well well” knows during giving birth can break a woman mentally or even after the whole ordeal she can still go crazy and hurt the child. Y’all don’t know what happen but y’all here chatting crap about locking up the woman. What if she not even a grown woman what if she is a young girl? Then what ya still want her locked up. Some of y’all just chat cause you can.

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