Mother detained after child’s decomposed body found in the Bahamas


Law enforcement officials have taken a woman into custody following the discovery of her 8-year-old son’s decomposed body at their residence.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force reported that they responded to an alert at approximately 12:45pm yesterday.

Officers were dispatched to a home on Kelly Lane, where they made the grim discovery of the young boy’s remains in a state of decomposition.

The child’s mother, who was present at the residence when authorities arrived, has been detained for questioning.

Police officials stated that she is currently “assisting with the investigation.”

“A post-mortem examination will be performed to determine the exact cause of death,” the police stated.

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  1. When we hear of these things we know the time is at hand, the coming of of Lord Jesus is so close. Let us prepare, and stay prepared. Repent of your sins, live a new live for Jesus, now is the appointed time. So many signs we see daily yet people have so little love one towards another.
    These things must come to pass but its a warning and wake up call to those of us who are alive.

  2. @Blessup…So what happened to those cases that have happened over 2000 years ago? What end are you referring to? I sure you will die before that anticipated end.

  3. These people so political,they don’t understand what they read..This happened in the Bahamas but they talking about this Government must Go.I don’t support this Government but oh God,please read and understand before you push the send Botton.

  4. @blessup this a happen since the start a time man a kill them brother and so god go come for his world when he ready nobody know when that go happen

  5. @ Just Saying….I’m referring to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.
    Its not about if we live to see Jesus, its about making your life right with God and staying prepared. Life is uncertain my friend, if you were to die today, God forbid, are you ready to meet Jesus? are you prepared spiritually ? Is your life right with God?
    I love Jesus and strive every moment to live for him. If I should die at any given time, I must die knowing that I have lived a life loving Jesus and serving him, then I will have the hope of rising again to immortality, to live with my Lord forever when he shall come again.
    Death is not the end for us who love and serve Jesus my friend, but to those who rebel against him, and reject him, the same shall be judged accordingly.

    For those cases over 2000 years ago:
    Isaiah 3:11
    “Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done.”
    Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

  6. For all you brilliant minds which country’s name did I call? Let me say it again. Here we go again. This country’s name is always in things. Time for this government to go.

    Tell me foolish virgins which country’s name I mentioned

  7. @ jahja…I agree totally that this happened years ago and will continue to happen as the word of God says but I not trying to predict the 2nd coming of Christ my friend. What I’m saying is that these are all part of the signs of the 2nd coming of Christ and we must watch and take note, be ready and stay focused on Christ. Whoever reads the holy scriptures will know that this is the truth but those who don’t study the word for themselves will be blind and ignorant of the times.

  8. If all r u cyaan see that this a de end time we livin in then something terribly wrong r u.
    Me liv ya an in the past few years everything a jus get worse, from people a bruck in ya house to people want kill you for $20 dollar to children murdering each other, to children breeding children, to 90 % of the youths on weed and crack, to man sexing man and its accepted inna ANU, to the minister bwoy dem a battyman, I can go on an on like Buju Banton seh…..If r u cyaaan see som wrong with this world and it ending soon then som definitely wrong with r u

  9. I am living while I am living to the father I will pray
    Only him know how wi get through everyday
    All the hike in the price
    Arm and leg we haffi pay
    While our leaders play

    All I see, people a rip and a rob all a grab
    Tief neva love fi si tief wid long bag
    No love for the people who a suffer real bad
    Another toll to the poll may God help wi soul
    What is to stop the youths from get out of control
    Full up a education yet no own a payroll
    The clothes pon mi back have countless eyehole.
    Could go on and on the full has never been told

  10. The person who called themselves Shameful Government, It’s time you shut your mouth and find something productive to do.
    If you don’t have nothing good to say or offer any constructive criticism go read your bible.
    I respect the person who said, what government have to do with a mother leave her dead baby to decompose.

    My little two cents is that, that poor woman may be going through postpartum depression. Look depression is real. I can tell you about it. God bless my sister who did not take me to mental hospital in Antigua.
    God bless Dr Cordner, who treated me and my family and friends who knew I was going through this situation and never give up on me. God bless Piper Pharmacy, Medical Benefits, Woods ect.
    So whoever you are leave the government out of this,and find some good solutions to offer.
    May the government find way of helping that poor lady.


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