Mother and brother of ASP Ray John detained


The mother and brother of recently-suspended Assistant Superintendent of Police Ray John have been detained at the Longford’s Police Station since early yesterday morning.

His mother who is in her mid-sixties and brother (late 40s) arrived last week Thursday from John’s hometown of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and were staying at the policeman’s home in Gunthorpes.

The very next day lawmen raided ASP John’s residence with the K-9 unit as of result investigations in connection with the passport fraud matter that unfolded in St. Vincent.

The officers are said to have had reasonable grounds to believe that both mother and brother can be of assistance to their ongoing investigations.

Arrangements were subsequently made for them to be interviewed by police at 9 am last Friday morning. The very next morning, however, the police were tipped that both family members attempted to take a flight to St. Vincent leaving Antigua at 5 am that morning.

Officers then, fearing that they would abscond, detained the duo and they and are presently held at the Longford’s police cell.

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    • Go get the rest of his family in svg and new york they know about it they all inherit from it they are all crocks this explain the lavish wedding he give his sister last year the van and house they keep adding sorry for marga dog

  1. I don’t really want to comment on these ongoing situations but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. I do not understand why someone would drag their Mother and Brother in a mess like that especially when you are living in a country for so many years and the Antiguan Government has always been so lenient with OECS, Caricom or the International community when it comes to Immigration. I am also absolutely sure that the Mother would have not gotten any problems whatsoever with Immigration and her Son also would have been treated fairly with the authorities in regards to his stay here. I am 100% sure there is a mother in this Country who is now saying that her prayers were answered because of this officer’s way of crime fighting and may have brutalized or treated harshly one individual or the other at some point in his career, it’s his MO way of doing things win at all cost and to even go far as to say he will be a Deputy Commissioner in 5 years. Do you know how many officers who worked equally hard and Honest and never reached so far?, yet stayed loyal and committed to the Job. I am always wary, mindful and pissed off at officers who behaves in this manner. Later when they retire they now want to be civilized and gentle with the populace. Case in Point, Former CoP Ag Rolston Pompey a Professional Police Officer who up to this day can walk anywhere in this Country and be treated with respect and dignity by even the commonest of men and the criminals themselves that he has had to put away because of their criminal behavior. He was not usually pompous like some of these officers, who make it their business to treat people unfairly and to be unbiased to them. And that is why some of them have retired lonely and lives in seclusion because people don’t forget them easily when they were part of the arms of the law. I hope this is a case that we will find out a lot more about, because I can’t fathom an Officer who had so much going on for him who be involve in something so shameful and serious to the People of Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. Oh, he had a mother then? And siblings too? I wonder if he has a children. The rivers of tears are now flowing. Brace up my boy; it’s coming. But what about your nephew? Hmmmm

  3. Amennnnnnn!!!
    One by one the tales will be told.
    People will soon be AWOL.
    More to come… This is just the a little bit.
    June is just around the corner.

  4. Did anyone hear that “host” on the PM’s station this morning questioning how could they hold his elderly mother for questioning up to 24hrs? I really had to shake my head at that one out of disbelief that a host could utter such nonsense.

  5. I hope that he gets the full force of the law including be disgraced in public put in prison for life face up to this criminals he helped put in prison so they can give him the treatment he deserves.He is a disgraced to the entire police fraternities worldwide..May he rot where end up..A total Disgrace..The old saying in SVG..Moon does run until day catch um…

  6. Ah wonder why the mother and brother went to Antigua? Hmmmm call the obeah man ah need help and ah leaving this right here

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