More than 4,000 immigrants granted amnesty

Residents during immigration amnesty announcement March 2022

The Minister responsible for Immigration reported that a little more than 4000 immigrants made use of the amnesty that ran for four months, from March 1st to June 30th 2022. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

CARICOM nationals made up the largest number of applicants requiring the amnesty; nationals of more than 15 other states also made applications.

Certificates are likely to be issued before the end of July, allowing the applicants to make provisions for either residency or citizenship. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

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    The ABLP is hell bent, on holding on to power, that they’re willing to do anything, to destroy and undermine the local culture.

  2. They cannot be allowed to vote in our election.

    Have they paid taxes and contributed to our economy (and I’m not talking about the underground economy where it’s cash in hand and no accountability)?

    ABLP and Gaston Browne are only doing this to garner votes from immigrants … ISN’T THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL OR ILLEGAL?

    Citizens of Antigua 🇦🇬 if the government allows them to vote, why not Antiguan nationals abroad?

    ABLP have got to go …

    • Are there any Antiguans who studied & living abroad that were granted citizenship? Why is it that Antiguans are so selfish? Don’t Caribbean people come here and work just as hard as you guys. I have met some of you Antiguans that want to be spoon feed. So If the Prime Minister and his cabinet are trying so hard to help other Caribbean countries and likewise find a place to call home, just like some Antiguans living abroad, what is evil about this? And if we vote for him/them what? Some of you all just want to sit and collect sweet benefits, walk the streets of Antigua and see how many foreigners walk and go extra just to earn a dollar. You’ll need to stop and let the Government of Antigua and Barbuda so they work in peace to help others. And let this be done without any guilt #peace

      • But why do it around election time when there’s an obvious benefit to the ABLP?

        Come on, surely you are not that nieve @ Concern Resident?! Please!

      • @Concerned Resident…

        It’s an #Election #Ploy by the ABLP plain and simple.

        No ifs, ands nor buts.

        The UPP and the DNA will not address this issue of, the #Foreign_Invasion on the Nation.

        BTW – this has nothing to do with CARICOM Nationals alone. It deals with everything from the CIP to the Chinese Contracts.

        It’s an ELECTION PLOY by the ABLP.

        Tell Gaston to Chet to Dr. Williams to Elizabeth at Windsor Palace, dat wan #Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood tell U so.

      • @Concern Resident
        The government was not elected to help others but to look after the well-being of the country. When the government does nothing but employ all means to stay in office, there is a problem. No running water, crumbling infrastructure and thieving of the country’s resources is inconsistent with good governance.
        You people have now come to believe that you are more important than native born Antiguans. Tell me if we went to your country and were used by your government, that the people may not want to stay in power, what would you do. I know for sure that in Jamaica, we would be run out of the country.
        You people couldn’t care less about the problems in this country. You care only about making money to send home.
        Why is it that as soon as you disembark the plane you put on your red shirt? I wish some of you would just go home and let Antiguans deal with all the problems we have.
        I guess you won’t have Antiguan children, as they will inherit all the problems.

    • Results of 2023 Election.

      ABLP. 17 SEATS

      UPP. 00 SEAT ( 10 Candidates will lose deposits ) The Candidates losing deposits are as follows….

      Gladys Potter , Alex Browne , Sheffield Bowen , Franz DeFreitas , Pearl Quinn , Cleon Athill , Alister Thomas , Sean Bird , Peter Redz , Jonathan Joseph.

      DNA. 00 SEAT. ( All Candidates will lose Deposits )

      BARBUDA. 00 SEAT


  3. @Brixtonian quit cast stones from afar! If you so love our country why don’t you come home and ide in it’s development.

  4. What a sad day for ANTIGUA ppl who DNT contribute to the country jus uses the country bcos the PM needs voters …..jus send monies to their homeland after they change it for USD.



    AMNESTY immediately before election should be unlawful.
    Wake up Antiguans.

    Start the REVOLUTION

  6. @JUS SO How can you say that these people did not contribute to the country? If they are not contributing, who are they slouching off? It’s not like the government is giving hand outs. I’m sure a lot of them contribute more than you do. Also I know many of them who support the opposition.

    • Ah, but immigrants are given easier access to vote at election time than Antiguans living abroad.

      I note with REAL interest that you haven’t mentioned how this keeps happening around the elections.


      Looking forward to your response on this PARTICULAR matter @ bertaboi …

  7. This is madness. Infrastructure is falling apart all around us, crime is out of control, tourism is dead, and the ALP is importing 4K uneducated refugees.

  8. For those Antiguan’s and Barbudan’s who are abroad and opposing the “Granting of Citizenship to immigrants”, Where the hell are you? It’s either you are there illegally or you we granted the same permission to be there as resident/citizen. Are all the recipients members of the governing party? Pure Hypocrisy!!!

  9. @ Brixtonian….There is no guarantee that these immigrants will vote for the ABLP! Are you saying that UPP is anti-immigrant? If it’s an election ploy it could backfire. All of these immigrants are up for grabs.
    Also, everyone should vote where they live! If you live in England or US or anywhere else….Vote there. If you were born in Antigua and want to vote there….then live there.
    I remember in the last election one candidate did not renounce his US citizenship. He was hedging his bet. He was not confident in his success. Why would I vote for someone like that? Where is he now?

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