More than 40 Royal Caribbean cruise passengers test positive for COVID-19


Forty-four passengers onboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas cruise tested positive for COVID-19 after the ship docked in Miami on Saturday.

The cruise line also announced that one of the passengers onboard a prior cruise itinerary had tested positive for the Omicron variant.

‘We were notified by the CDC that a guest onboard our (December) 4th cruise tested positive and it was identified as omicron,’ a spokesperson for Royal Caribbean told USA TODAY on Saturday. ‘They asked us to notify guests on the sailing, the one that ended today, and the current one.’

Forty-four out of 6,074, passengers – or about .72percent – onboard the cruise that departed on December 11 tested positive for COVID after the trip around the Eastern Caribbean. The cruise line said they’ve all been quarantined.

The scene is slightly reminiscent of the early stages of the outbreak in 2020, when cruise ships became the first super-spreaders due to their enclosed environment and contact between travelers from different cities and countries.

Royal Caribbean said future cruises won’t be halted.

Passengers were warned by Royal Caribbean of the 44 cases. The cruise line added that the guest who had previously tested positive for Omicron had failed to report their symptoms to the crew while onboard.

‘This guest did not report symptoms to our onboard medical teams as outlined in our health protocols,’ Royal Caribbean said in an email, according to USA Today. ‘Their post-cruise test results were subsequently confirmed as the omicron variant.’

‘They were found as a result of immediately identifying close contacts after a guest tested positive,’ Royal Caribbean spokesperson Lyan Sierra-Caro said.

‘Everyone who tested positive is asymptomatic, and we continually monitored their health. Six guests were disembarked earlier in the cruise and transported home. The remaining guests received assistance today upon our arrival,’ she added.

She said that the Omicron case was unrelated to the 44 cases on Saturday.

Onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, passengers age 12 and older are required to be fully vaccinated and to test negative to board the cruise.

Those under 12 are required to have a negative test.

Royal Caribbean has advised passengers to get tested three to five days after disembarking, following CDC guidelines.

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  1. The Main Stream Media (MSM) are being dishonest and despicable – including this one -, I have read the same incident on another thread, which ‘tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ – and guess what?


    Just like the cruise ship in New Orleans I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.


    • Both recently published scientific papers and the “MSM” reference how Omicron is causing breakthrough infections. That’s…kind of the whole issue with it and what’s helping it spread so quickly. Vaccine escape. You’re kind of pointing as something commonly referenced and known and yelling “LOOK AT THOSE LIARS!” It’s like pointing at a Mcdonald’s and yelling “THEY HAVE BURGERS IN THERE! MORE LIKE MC-CON-ALDS!”

      The important thing to remember is infection does not always lead to hospitalization or severe illness. It seems vaccinations and previous infections are helping people not get super sick from these variant. The main concern is how fast it’s spreading. It’s catching most places off guard and It’ll sadly come to Antigua too eventually.

      Things like Plandemic, and based on your other posts, an aggressively right-wing media diet, they’re engaging. They make you mad. Point to an enemy. Take little bits of truth and stretch them into Lord Of The Rings-sized narratives. But it’s just that. Stories. Distortions of something that’s really happening.

      But at the end of the day, there’s a bunch of boring science work happening in the background every day that paints a much less insane picture of the world. Try to follow that. Trust me it’ll do wonders for your quality of life and give you CAP-LOCK a break.

      • The lies from the MSM has to be challenged. The world is finally waking up to all the nonsense. Even the vaccinated thought that after having 1 or 2 jabs that they would be classed a fully jabbed; and now a year or so down the line they will be classed as unvaccinated just like me IF THEY DON’T TAKE THE BOOSTER.

        By the way, this virus isn’t about being on the right or left of politics – IT’S ALL ABOUT COUNTERACTING ALL THE PROPAGANDA, AND PROTECTING MY FAMILY FROM THE LYING POLITICIANS AND BIG PHARMA …

      • Wrong Brix, your banter is almost exclusively coming from right-wing political media. Are you really that blind? Now go ask yourself why. Take a clue… it’s not about public health. You my friend are being manipulated.

  2. WTF Brixie, you must have long haul covid because your brain is all foggy. So let me get this straight. The article says 6,074 passenger on board. There is no mention of how many staff are on board. Lets set that aside for a moment. 44 passengers contracted covid, which represents 0.72% of passengers. THAT MEANS THAT 99.28% DID NOT GET COVID. 99.28% !!! That sounds pretty good to me, particularly if you insist on taking a cruise in the midst of a pandemic with over 6,000 strangers. Break through cases are going to happen. That’s the case will all vaccines. And what you don’t mention is the severity of the cases. ALL WERE ASYMPTOMATIC OR MILDLY SYMPTOMATIC. So your post is a little dramatic, wouldn’t you agree.

    And why do you think 99.28% didn’t get covid genius? BECAUSE ALL ROYAL CARRIBEAN PASSENGERS 12 AND OLDER MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED (2 doses) at least 14 days before sailing. Younger passengers (2-11 years old), who are unvaccinated can sail if they bring a negative PCR test result and test negative at boarding. And all staff must be fully vaccinated as well. How many passengers do you think would have contracted covid if none of them were vaccinated? Well??? What does your “other thread, which tells the truth” tell you to think about that?

    You know the facts are so obvious here and clearly show that the vaccinated get very good protection, yet you insist on performing such bizarre mental gymnastics to convince yourself that there is a conspiracy afoot. Keep reading from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s playbook, you’ll go far!

    • ‘Say What?’ you’re a sheep. This Plandemic is not about our health, it is all about control, and YOU love being controlled by government(s). We all have been lied to, however, SHEEPLE like you just suck it all up without doing PROPER RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE.

      Remember, because of MONEY (big pharma); GREED (the politicians and paid-up medics); and not forgetting a distinct lack of CRITICAL THINKERS – like yourself -, sadly, this PLANDEMIC isn’t going to end anytime soon.

      Oh, by the way, look at the protests going on in Melbourne Australia – millions out on the streets protesting against the vaccine mandates. LOOK IT UP IF YOU DARE ON YOU TUBE, UNDER THE TITLE: MEANWHILE IN AUSTRALIA …


      Always remember this though. De higher de monkey climb the more he show his … TAIL!

      • Now you’re just straight up lying. You are pathetic. I watched your YouTube recommendation. Millions have not been protesting in Melbourne. Are you sure you’re not Donald Trump?

        The population of the Greater Melbourne area is about 5.1 million people. The crowd was estimated to be between 10,000 and 20,000. That means, that, at best, 0.39% of the population attended the protest. That’s a pretty small percentage don’t you think, hardly representative of public opinion. And the fact that you follow John Talks on YouTube says a lot about your cognitive abilities.

        And speaking of Plandemic, a word you love, I’m sure many Newsroom readers don’t know that “Plandemic” was actually a conspiracy theorist video that spread misinformation about covid.
        I encourage everyone to read the following article which not only talks about the video, but more importantly discusses how to counter misinformation and conspiracy theories. Now that’s real critical thinking.

        Finally, wake-up Brixie, you are the one being controlled, by right wing extremist (who are a small minority) who’s agenda is to replace democratic rule with autocratic/dictatorial authority. They love guns, hate people of colour, avoid paying their fair share of taxes, hate fair elections, and love making rules as long as they don’t have to follow them. Nothing should get in their way of doing whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. The protests you speak of, and the thinking that has infected your mind, are geared towards instilling distrust of public institutions for strictly right-wing political gain. Yet you believe that public health measure are enforced to control the masses for political gain? How so? Control to what end? Explain. You’ve got it so backwards mate.

        It is about public health sunshine. Ask any health care worker in any hospital in any community where covid is running rampant. They are tired of watching patients gasping for air like fish out of water, dying alone because it’s not safe for their family to attend to them. And some of them have paid the ultimate price because of their exposure to covid patients. And as more and more resources are used to address covid, fewer resources and hospital beds are available to save the lives of people that have maladies other than covid.

        And then there is an even bigger political picture. Who has an interest in sowing the seeds of discontent in democracies? You tell me Brixie, are you smart enough to figure that out? The same people that so artfully use social media to interfere in elections use the same tools to spread covid conspiracy theories to undermine trust in public institutions. Nothing makes these people happier than stoking discontent. You are the real patsy Brixie. You ultimately run the risk of losing your freedom by losing sight of the long game.

        We’ve been lucky, it’s been a long time since the world has had to deal with a pandemic. It’s confusing, depressing, disappointing, and troubling, especially since the virus has not had the courtesy of remaining stable and predictable. But this crises will pass more quickly if we work together based on verified facts and empirical data rather than pseudo science and wishful thinking.

        • Thanks, you beat me to it. Keep exposing that liar. Facebook would have long blocked the false rumor spreader. ANR need to exercise more control(safe gaurds)

          • If the public narrative is the REAL irrefutable science, why would you advocate to censor anyone?
            Science should never be considered settled as long as other Doctors and Scientists that have opposing views.
            Bring on the Scientific Debate is what we should all be calling for…not censorship!
            There has been an offer of one million dollars then Increase to two million for any one of the establishment Scientists to have a debate — so far, none of the experts have accepted the challenge. Could it be that they are not that confident in their “SCIENCE?”

          • Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Medical Philanthropist Steve Kirsch made an offer of a millions dollars for a Scientific Debate about Convid and the dishonest ways that the captured regulatory agencies cook up there numbers.

          • I only quote the medical experts that have been silenced by the main stream media and global governments – PLEASE QUOTE WHAT THESE MEDICALS EXPERTS HAVE SAID WHAT IS WRONG?

            Have you also taken the vaccine(s) without doing your homework?

          • ‘Say Waffle?’, why don’t you take a trip to Jamaica (who, by the way, has up to 70% of their population UNVACCINATED), and stand in the middle of KINGSTON and tell them they are conspiratorial … I COULD DO WITH A LAUGH!

  3. Omicron could be Christmas gift to the world. It’s highly transmissible but LOW on causing
    severe disease. It’s infecting the upper respiratory tract- which will cause secretory IgA antibodies to be produced, (the antibodies not induced by the Convid jab) the necessary antibodies to neutralize this respiratory virus. Allowing young healthy individuals innate immune systems to pummel Omicron can bring forth the ever elusive herd immunity.

    • Yes, I read this as well, however, sheeple like ‘Say What?’, will always try to hide the REAL truth from people who really want to know what’s really going on with this Covid-19.


      • Guy the data so far is showing you may be right. However, imagine the repercusssions of this more highly infectious variant if you are wrong? Seems to me we are better off exercising reasonabe preacuations until we know for sure

        • I don’t have to imagine anything. Every one was born with an Immune system that has allowed human as a species to remain on this planet from the beginning.
          A healthy immune system is still is what all humans beings NEED to continue on this journey call life.

          • Amen brother … QUOTE OF THE DAY! I’ve been saying this from morning.


          • So, are you saying that in the days before modern medicine, when there were no vaccines or antibiotics, that there was no disease? The immune system took care of everything? Really? So I guess in your world the Black Plague of 13th Century, which killed millions of people, was also a “MSM” hoax? Seems to me the immune system could have used some help back then. And can you explain why life expectancy has risen dramatically, not decreased, around the world since vaccines have been introduced to counter many common diseases? Have at it critical thinker…

          • I would like someone to point out to me which disease ever wiped out the entire human race.
            A healthy immune system is what made that imposingly.

  4. Maybe you should provide a link to your information Dr. Apple. You claim that IgA antibodies are not induced by the covid jab. You sure about that? Which jabs specifically? I found the following that suggests otherwise regarding MRNA vaccines. I’m sure there are others, but there’s only so much time I can spend trying to keep you on point.

    So, based on your post above, are you suggesting that young healthy unvaccinated people should be allowed/encouraged to contract Omicron, which we are only beginning to understand in terms of transmissibility and potential severity, as a means of achieving herd immunity? Seriously? Thanks but no thanks, your Christmas gift sucks.

    First, we don’t know yet how severe Omicron will be. It may be premature to extrapolate from the South African experience to date. Try thinking critically about this: .
    And even if it is less severe, it’s shown to be much more transmissible, so consider this:

    Second, what about the not so young and not so healthy people?

    Lastly, how about the immunocompromised folks?

    So when the hospitals are full of covid cases, and the health care staff are operating at less than full capacity because some doctors, nurses and support staff are also home sick with covid or burned-out, don’t complain Apples if you have a health care emergency and you can’t get a hospital bed. Time for you to go back to the drawing board, your idea needs some work.

      • Who are you holding accountable for all of the adverse events and deaths that are reported to VAERS and the Eudra Vigilance databases following the jabs?

      • … tenman, and if we are right (when all we are quoting are other medical experts and practitioners) THEN WHAT!?


        • Chill out, man. Your caps-lock is on fire.

          Also, you’re not thinking for yourself, you’re regurgitating talking points by media figures (both on TV and Online). Literally, everything you’ve written here today, I’ve seen before.

          I’ll admit most of these people are also repeating things they’ve heard too. So basically, if we’re both just shooting repeated phases into each other’s faces, we have to look at the sources of those talking-point.

          We can listen to the vast majority of scientists, papers, doctors, nurses about the effects of COVID and the benefits of vaccination.

          Or we can listen to fringe scientists, retracted pre-prints, anecdotal stories and concepts (IF ITS SO BAD WHY DIDN”T _____ HAPPEN?!?!?!) instead.

          See, the problem I have isn’t with people questioning science. Papers are literally always peer-reviewed before being printed, and science encourages others to disprove (with data) what’s already been published. That concept is what our entire modern understanding of the world is built on

          My problem is with people like you, who won’t take the time to actually look at opposing view points, who assume most intuitional knowledge is bullshit because it’s mainstream. People who will point to how greed, money, and power but are influencers, but are blind to how the prominent figures on your side of the ideological spectrum are exploiting your health and safety to benefit their careers, wallets etc.

          If there’s a study or a paper you deeply feel reperents your own viewpoint about COVID, go and look into what other scientists are saying about it. Often times issues in methodology or correlations are pointed out. Concider that they might have been wrong. Then, follow up by looking at who’s promoting that paper and to what benefit, etc.

          There are many good-faith debates about how countries have responded to covid. (Lockdown, no-lockdown, Quick response/Slow response, Maks, Who gets vaccinated first, ect) But they almost never come from the headspace you’re writing from. And it’s sad because you can literally see the difference in death rates in American counties/towns based on who’s buying the bullshit you’re peddling

          Anyway, looking forward to the CAP FILLED RESPONSE.

  5. Ignore him Sugarapple, he’s getting desperate now to try to discredit.


    He throws questions at people like us, but NEVER … AND I REPEAT, NEVER RESPONDS TO OURS – WASTE OF TIME!

    • Boss facts and figures? Even the experts eg (Imperial College London) make clear more data is needed, yet watch you ready to leap large buildings. Data from SA looks good but lets first give UK and US a few more weeks, so we can get more clearer data. Pray you and yours have a safe, happy season/ holiday

      • The experts at Imperial College London with their horrendous records on modeling that always predicts deaths and hospitalization to be 10× worst than they ever are. Why don’t you research how much funds they receive from the Gates Foundation for their “expertise.” Grrrr!

        • This is how weak and insidious ‘pro-vaxxers’ are by quoting institutions like Imperial College, who are known to ‘over egg the pudding’ regarding their so-called facts and figures.

          Even I took the time to look up their links with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation … and notice how ‘Say Waffle’ has gone silent on this MISTAKE! hahaha – JOKER!

        • Or the BBC led ‘Trusted News Initiative’ to big up the jabs and discredit all alternative views. Gates money again.

          • Mr C I know you won’t be surprised to hear that Bill Gates has also funded many other media outlets (as well as the BBC) to the tune of $319 million Dollars, Here are some of the others that I’ve found so far:

            There’s NBC; The Guardian; Financial Times; The Atlantic; Texas Tribune; Le Monde and a few smaller media outlets.

            Like you, I am not surprised that the world is being told just one narrative, AND ANYONE WHO IS EXPOSING THEIR LIES OF THIS PLANDEMIC – THEY TRY TO SILENCE THEM. TAL!

    • @Brixtonian….
      I have long ago ignored that Mass Formation Cult member. They can present links from all of the Gates Foundation funded/ pharma advertised newspapers, scientific journals, media, and whatever else. It will not stop me from posting here.
      They themselves must be paid to do what they do. However, the more they try to come for me, the more embolden they make me to keep spreading the TRUTH. And everyday, more people are waking up to the CON of the Convid jabs….Sweet me bad! 🤣😂😂🤣

      • @ Sugar Apple and Brixtonia two of the few REALIST on this platform .
        Like I’ve said before and will say again and again it’s hard to change stupid.
        They took the vaccine so they don’t want to hear anything that contradicts what they we’re told.
        Both of you keep up the re-education.

  6. Plasma IgA induced by the Convid jabs are in blood NOT the mucosa, (secretory IgA) that’s why the Convid jab cannot prevent infection. And for respiratory viruses, IgA antibodies presence in the upper airway can neutralize them . The Convid jab was designed to fail. Young healthy peoples innate immunity is critical to saving their families and ultimately the world.
    The Omicron cold can only be detrimental to some vaxxed people who’ve destroyed their innate immune system with the Convid jabs. Protect the elderly and vulnerable and allow the young and healthy to bring about herd immunity. What’s happening in South Africa because of a younger population can happen everywhere with the younger, healthy population. Their one size fits all approach hasn’t worked thus far– time to try something else. Notice, only the countries following the BS lockdowns, curfews, mask mandates, double and triple jabs can’t make a headway outta dis shite. Why are highly vaxxed countries are doing worst that countries less
    vaxxed? USA has more deaths in 2021 than in 2020 when there were no quackseen.
    They keep doing the same thing expecting different results… #MADNESS!

    But then again, this whole thing really isn’t about controlling a virus…is it?

    • No way, you really just said this, and I quote, “The Omicron cold can only be detrimental to some vaxxed people who’ve destroyed their innate immune system with the Convid jabs”. That’s a very definitive statement. Can you please share the scientific body of work that documents this finding? Or is this conclusion drawn from your own lab research? Or did Brixtonian and Mr C tell you?

  7. The general trend in the US is that the counties that have the lowest vaccination rates have the highest covid infection and death rates. And, not surprisingly, these counties are more likely to have voted for Trump, support conspiracy theories, refuse to mask or social distance. Isn’t that ironic?



  8. Hey Apples, have you read this mornings news yet? A Texas man, the first confirmed Omicron-related death in the US, was unvaccinated and had previously been infected with the coronavirus, according to a press release from Harris County Public Health. Still doubling down on your social media pseudo science?

    • … and released by the MSM (with a vaccination agenda bought and paid for by Bill Gates), and they’ll NEVER tell you about the many vaccine injured or DEATHS … but you keep following the MSM, if it gives you COMFORT. You sheeple make me laugh!

      • Martha Marquez, media spokes person for the Harris County Public Health Dept. ….
        “We can say he tested positive for Omicron at the time of his death, but we cannot say that covid was the absolute cause of his death.”

        The very first report in the USA of an Omicron death, revealed to be an intentional misrepresentation of the facts.The man had underlying medical conditions. Of course, the MSM couldn’t wait because it’s a red state without mask or vaccine mandates.

        Watch out folks…Omicron will be used as the scape goat — to cover up the deaths of the double and triple jabbed they know are coming this winter – deaths due to VAIDS or ADE or OAS.
        (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome….VAIDS)
        (Antibody Dependent Enhancement…ADE)
        (Original Antigenic Sin…OAS)

        They are desperate!

        • Your missing the part that he had previously contracted Covid. I thought you and your conspiracy buddies have been telling the world that natural immunity is way more potent than any vaccine?

          • Natural immunity is broad and robust and durable. How many vaccinated people have gotten the virus and died? Compare the number and see which one wins.

        • How many unvaccinated people died trying to acquire natural immunity by contracting covid sir? Furthermore, natural immunity has been shown to be no better, and in fact a bit less potent, than vaccines. Stop lying to my people.

          • Trying to acquire, and having acquired natural immunity are two different things. People with weak immune systems or inadequate amount of vitamin D will often lose their fight with viral infections. However, viruses are not what kills people. It is your immune systems response to viruses that kills. A healthy immune system knows when to turn off the pro Inflammatory cytokines and cool them down. A vitamin D deficient immune will system will trigger a cytokine storm that kills… which is what happened in many of the Covid deaths. Except, of course, the ones who died on a ventilator because of a high PEEP setting while still having high lung compliance.

          • Fact free nonsense. Do some research. You can start with the works of Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Jay Battucharia (of the Great Barrington declaration signed by 60k experts and physicians world wide). Read RFK Jr’s excellent book on Fauci and his gang. Vaccines have their place, but not at the expense of effective prophylactics or patient choice based on risk. Moreover, these Emergency Use Only vaxxes are dangerous, expire early and increasingly don’t work. Get a education and stop spouting functionally illiterate talking points.

  9. When you can’t be counted as vaccinated until 5 or more weeks after getting the jabs it’s a great way to hide vaccines deaths a increase the numbers in the unvaxxed column.

  10. These vaxxers are so dim it’s embarrassing. The Delta and Omicron variants are consequences of the failure of mass vaxxing and the failure to adopt prophylactics. One size didn’t – vaxxing didn’t fit all and has led to Vax escape. The experimental jabs should have been restricted to those most at risk.

    • YESSSS Mr C … I can spot those that look deeply, and then search into what’s really happening to all of us – WELCOME & BLESSINGS TO YOU SIR!

  11. If natural immunity was not better than vaxxed
    induced immunity, the hospitals would be filled with covid recovered reinfected people…. Instead they are filled with the vaxxed. The people who are pushing vaccines claimed natural immunity is weaker. There are other studies that shows natural immunity is better.
    You choose to believe what the CDC says, and I choose not to believe the CDC — based on what’s presenting to hospitals.

  12. See my other response to you below. Show me your proof that I’m lying … You people crack me up. You think because you believe something then it must be true. I dare you to make me stop commenting…

  13. First off, if you understood anything about respiratory viruses you would know that an intramuscular injection does not induced mucosal antibodies. That is precisely why the Covid vaccines cannot prevent infection. This alone makes the defining difference between natural and vaxxed induced immunity. The antibodies induced by covid vaccines are in the blood and cannot reach the upper airway. The primary antibodies in the nasopharynx are IgA dimers which are 15 times stronger that vaxxed induced serum IgA monomers If the Covid vaccines were and inhalation one, then perhaps they might illicit stronger immunity.

  14. Btw isn’t not being hospitalized one of the selling points of getting vaxxed? You risk illness from vax adverse events, and you risk illness from covid “breakthrough infection.”

  15. Why do you insist on conflating “illness” and “hospitalization”? Most people that experience illness don’t don’t end up in the hospital. You don’t make any sense. The point of the vaccine is to reduce the likelihood of getting covid, but if you do get it the likelihood of having severe illness, being hospitalized or dying is very low compared to someone who is unvaccinated.

  16. Thank you for the link…have you actually read and of the material yourself? I really doubt it. From what I read it appears there some agreement that natural immunity and vaccines produce similar results. The links title is “140 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted”.

    But the Brownstone Institute has a political agenda given it’s opposition to lockdowns and masking therefore it is not surprising that none of the listed studies conclude that vaccines are superior. And it’s not clear how many of the studies have undergone a proper peer review. The Institute, in the past, has been cited for promoting misinformation regarding covid It would be more intellectually honest if they would also list studies that conclude vaccines produce a better immune response, of which there are many.

    You are missing an important point sir. Before you can have natural immunity you must first contract the disease. The unvaccinated are 14 times more likely to die from covid than the vaccinated, so you’re taking a great risk to acquire natural immunity which offers similar protection to a vaccine.

    Have a good day.

  17. Say what, here you go with your paid fact check BS as usual. That’s what the big money pushing this agenda does — trying to discredit anyone or any institution that is not going along with the big lie. Brownstone is against lockdowns and masks because they don’t work. A porous cloth/ surgical mask cannot filter out a viruses. There are several highlighted areas in the article such as *The Persistence of Antibodies*which leads you to other articles showing natural immunity superiority to vaxxed induced. Everyone is not 14 times likely to die from covid if infected. Children don’t need covid vaccines.The risk benefit analysis for children are not even close. And there are no long term data about the harm they will bring to children. You are following the crap of the CDC as if we all have the same risk of harm from covid and that’s just not the case. There some people that vaccines were appropriate for to offer protection, but not the entire planet.
    I’m tired of your assumptions that I don’t read what I post. The more you come for me is the more I’m going to keep posting. People are beginning to stop listening to people like you because the CDC lies you’re pushing are falling apart. They had to change the definition of immunity and of a vaccine to be able to offer these gene therapy as one. Now you’re only fully vaccinated after a third dose, soon it will be the fourth dose like in Israel. How many more lies do you think people will tolerance before they start revolting?
    Now I’m going back to ignoring you Say What!

  18. Why do you insist on confusing me another poster sir? More people are calling you out for your misinformation than you care to accept.

    Furthermore, you are wrong about masks. It’s not a CDC thing, it’s almost universally promoted by the scientific and medical communities. It’s only the hard core libertarians, like you, that continue to ignore the benefits of wearing a mask. With the exception of N95 and KN95 masks, other options are admittedly less than perfect. Three layer surgical masks are superior to bandanas. But something is better than nothing. And masks (other than N95 and KN95) are primarily meant to reduce transmission from the the person wearing the mask to others, not to protect the person wearing the mask from infection. It traps the larger droplets released when the person wearing the mask talks, coughs or sneezes. My God man this is common sense and you can not even comprehend that this simple inexpensive device, along with basic social distancing etiquette, can play an important role in slowing the spread of the disease. Your mind is so warped with conspiracies and misinformation that you have lost all perspective.

    And now even your hero Donald Trump has admitted that he is boosted and is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. I guess he realized that his “base” is being decimated by covid. Severe cases of the Delta variant is largely a disease of the unvaccinated. He even stated that it’s primarily the unvaccinated that are dying in America. Yes, he said that today. We all know his supporters make up the largest proportion of the unvaccinated. The good news is that I don’t live in America and the number of vaccinated Antiguans and Barbudans continues to rise, so your posts appear to be falling on deaf ears, with a few notable exceptions. Keep posting, you are only reinforcing your irrelevance.

    • Yes, I’m going back on my word of ignoring you. I know you are say what because you do what say what does, which is to try and insult people because they have a different opinion. However, in order for you to insult ME I would first have to value your opinion.
      Since covid is spread not only by droplets but also aerosol, surgical and cloth masks don’t work. People breathe harder and more out of the mouths when wearing masks. Most people aren’t wearing N95 masks.
      You really should stop making assumptions about people just because they don’t want to follow the public narrative. Most blacks voted for Joe Biden, but they are also the most hesitant and least vaccinated group in the US. Donald Trump is not their or my hero. I don’t make health decisions based on politics.

      • The article you linked is a literature review. Most of the 178 articles referenced are dated. Only one or two actually were prepared in the context of the current covid pandemic. Many concluded what I stated earlier…N95/KN95 work best, but surgical masks and even cloth masks offer some protection. I know most people don’t wear N95 masks. I never claimed they do. The article takes many references somewhat out of context when the supporting references are examined and generally omit the conclusions of the original authors. Many are focused on masking issues with health care practitioners who working long hours wearing the N95/KN95 masks. With regard to Brownstone, they are against masks for libertarian/political reasons first and foremost. Agreed that there are concerns about young children masking, but the concerns are largely centered on their inability to use the masks safely.

        For those that are interested here are a few more recent articles that are specific to the current pandemic and more relevant. I’ve only linked three, there are many more.

        One final comment. There are very good historical reasons why some black people are skeptical about vaccines and other government sponsored health initiatives. But consider this, most affluent nations are predominantly white and they are the nations that are being accused of hoarding the worlds production of vaccines – white privilege. And within those nations, it is generally white folk who are at the front of the line acquiring vaccines – white privilege. Black, latino, pacific island and indigenous folks are more likely to die from covid than white folks in America. So my friend, maybe public health officials should redouble there efforts for a more equitable distribution of vaccines and improved public education so that EVERYONE benefits. I really hope that vaccine hesitant Antiguans and Barbudans think about this over the Christmas break. Good day sir, Merry Christmas and stay safe!

  19. Same to you. Maybe you should investigate your expert Geert Vanden Bossche, the veterinarian.

    “There’s abundant evidence that Vanden Bossche has a not-so-hidden agenda. Vanden Bossche indicates he’s a long-time vaccine developer. He adds he’s now focusing on vaccines that “educate the immune system in ways that are to some extent more efficient than we do right now with our conventional vaccines.” Clearly he’s got significant conflicts of interest. Therefore he has zero credibility when it comes to advising the public or anyone else about how to avoid negative effects of mass vaccination.”

    “Grifters recognize fellow grifters, and Frei recognized that Dr. Vanden Bossche is stoking fear of existing COVID-19 vaccines to produce a sales rationale for his own NK-based vaccine, just as Andrew Wakefield stoked fear of the MMR in order to support his own measles vaccine. Grifters of a feather, and all that, and, of course, grifters gonna grift. Always.”

  20. My expert? Is GAVI in the habit of hiring non experts? Once someone has a different opinion they surely must have some agenda, no one is allowed to deviate from the script or they are discredited. Isn’t the CEO of Pfizer also a veterinarian? Wasn’t it his advice the cause of mad cow disease? Didn’t he have a conflict of interest when he claimed to the FDA Pfizer’s vaccine was safe and effective?

    The last link I shared can be accessed from a youtube channel Vejon Health. Title: How does Honduras continue to crush covid 19.You can find the link from the drop down arrow.

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