More Rat Problems At Government Printery

Government Printery Workers Stopped Work Over The Problem In 2016

A rat infestation problem with predates 2016 is again causing problems at the Government Printery.

This is where official documents of the state, including the Official Gazette and the laws are printed. In the past, workers have had to withhold their labour due to the rat infestation and the overall condition of the building at the bottom of Old Parham Road.

When the Government’s Printer and Deputy were invited to Cabinet on Wednesday, they again reported that rats have taken up residence indoors.

“The rodents have damaged several machines and are a nuisance to staff,” the government says.

“The Cabinet agreed to have a group from the Public Works seal the building to prevent entry by the creatures, and to fumigate it on the weekend so that the rodent population can be eliminated,” it added.

“Thereafter, a continuous program to keep the premises free from rodents will be put in place,” it was decided at Cabinet.

“The staff at the Printery can be assured that Cabinet will attend to the problem immediately” according to the executive.

The Minister of Health is expected address staff on Thursday morning, October 10, 2019.



  1. The Printery needs to be relocated, it’s an old building.
    With food being consumed at the Fire Station, ARG and the schools in close proximity to the Printery with garbage being placed in unsecured bins; what else is expected but rotents. The whole area is full of rodents. Some big one are at the Fire Station have cats running from them and mosquitoes telling the officers hello. People can’t be healthy in such environment. Urgent attention needed.

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