More Litter Wardens To Be Employed

Illegal Dump Site At Royal Gardens

The government has agreed to employ 15 new Litter Wardens, with increased enforcement powers conferred under the recently-passed Act, will be employed.

“Their primary role would be to pursue those who continue to litter the streets and the highways, who dump garbage in places where the law forbids dumping, and who contribute to making the country appear untidy and unkempt,” a statement said.

It added that a period of training and public education would precede their deployment across the five zones into which the country is divided.

“The public is forewarned that the fines to be imposed for the illegal activity are intended to be a deterrent.”

According to the government, the object is to make Antigua and Barbuda a clean and environmentally sustainable country.

“The owners of abandoned cars, especially, parked along the nation’s streets and roads will also be targeted for removal, following a big X placed on the abandoned vehicles by the Police.”

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  1. MORE litter wardens to be employed ?
    They still have some employed? To do what? SURELY NOT WHAT BE INTERPRETED IT TO MEAN!?

  2. Please give me a break. Those litter wardens are not doing their job. They only collecting their paycheck every week or month.
    The same as traffic police implementing the new law of not using cellphone while driving. everyday I drive around I see people still on their phone while driven. And sorry to say but the majority are women.

    • The majority are NOT women. The majority are MEN who think they are pimp daddies and donjuans trying to juggle more than one woman at a time and have to concoct lies to keep the women from finding out about each other.

  3. Once every year the same announcement is made to placate us fools when we complain about the filthy roads.
    Last year it was a new litter act, then early on this year a big show was put on about bins in st johns now we hear about litter wardens. nothing to see here moving right along

  4. Today I drove behind a white van on the side road from Old Parham road just past the food place called GEO. The license number just escaped me. I wonder why I didn’t write it down. But is was a large american Ford Van with wire mesh in front separating the driver from the cargo area. And guess what the driver did. Just throw his empty can of soda out the window. I cringed saying thinking that I wish I was one of the litter wardens. I would have just made my first arrest.
    I once again throw it out there to the powers that be. Give everyone the authority to take a case to the litter police and earn a commission when successfully convicted. Thereby you ensure that everyone is watching everyone. And therefore you have almost island wide coverage and more effective monitoring of the law. Is that not what we want in the end.

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