More electronic surveillance in response to recent gun crimes


The Antigua and Barbuda government is moving to increase electronic and other surveillance in response to a recent spate of gun crimes.

There have been two supermarket armed robberies and a number of armed home invasions in the last seven days alone.

Police are now investigating an incident that took place in the Point area sometime around 12.30pm this afternoon.

It appears as though a lone gunman entered the home of a popular street vendor when a shot was heard by nearby residents. The vendor has been rushed to the hospital.




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  1. Can someone wake up the red shirt gang leader, the country a hot up, even in the point area. Gangsta top dawg you are ruling over a lawless and failed country. You said you will never be a Prime Minister of a failed State well the signs are all around you high crime, high unemployment, economic crisis and blatant corruption in high places, CIP comes to mind. Resign now, leadership matters.

  2. Guns,what guns? I thought there were no illegal guns in Antigua. Down in the Wild,Wild,West,you need to wear your bullet proof vests for protection.

  3. The business owners need to get their own weapons and kill the thieves on the spot. Police will never be able to be there when you need them the most. Once the thieves are killed, they won’t steal again. Problem solved.

    We all have the right to defend ourselves and our property. Don’t let govt take away that right.

    The thieves should be stealing from all the ministers that continue to steal from us and have our nation in this deplorable situation.

  4. Melchisedec
    June 23, 2021 At 9:10 am
    The UPP has gotten it wrong once again, the country is indeed in a state of emergency. Decreased revenue, with no solution, creates desperation, which results in mayhem.

    Seems as if the government is creating the condition to justify there state of emergency.

    Social beings are locked into their homes or face a fine or jail time.
    Frustration sets in creating increased domestic violence, robberies etc.

    lack of adequate sustained social programs for the citizenry.

    Yep definite making of a state of emergency.

  5. One major kidnapping, two supermarkets robbed and one man shot in a short space of time! maybe all planned to ensure State of emergency Stay in place. Probably there’s much more to come. Hmmmmm, just thinking out loud.

  6. We need the police to be much more present on the streets. that’s a better deterrent not electronic equipment. An intruder can always hide his identity and change his clothing after doing a crime. the cameras / videos wont be no use after that. Pay the police better, train and equip them properly and I’m sure we’ll have less crimes taking place.

    • Not enough police around and world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne always sticking his nose where it don’t belong.

      The better deterrent is arming themselves and killing the Sir Thieves on the spot.

  7. We have been focused on vaccines, covid, social distances etc that we forgot about other issues that need to be addressed to live safe in challenging times caused by a state of emergency

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