More Details Emerge On How ‘Vampire Killer’ Escaped Police Custody

Delano Forbes

New details surrounding the alleged escape of accused serial killer, Delano Forbes were revealed at a trial in the Magistrates Court this week.


Forbes pleaded not guilty to escaping lawful custody after being the subject of a police manhunt for about three weeks in early 2018.


Police witness, Sergeant Rohan Gittens told the court five officers were on the scene when Forbes allegedly jumped over a cliff and disappeared into a gully on February 12, 2018.


The prisoner, who was charged with three alleged murders at the time, had reportedly agreed to show investigators where he had hidden bloodied clothing.


Gittens testified Forbes, who was reportedly restrained with foot cuffs, was in the immediate custody of Corporal Grell and Corporal O’Garro as the prisoner led the officers through bushy terrain in Swetes Village.


According to Sergeant Gittens, he was at the rear of the group with Corporal Chathan just ahead of him and Acting Sergeant, Bascom immediately behind Forbes and the other two officers.


Sergeant Gittens said he went ahead of Corporal Chathan just as the prisoner and the three officers ahead disappear behind a line of trees.


He said moments later, officer Bascom re-emerged and “nonchalantly” reported, “the man get way”.


Sergeant Gittens said he thought the officer was joking and chided the Acting Sergeant for making fun on the serious mission since he didn’t hear any other alarm or gunshots.


The witness said the report was confirmed when he met up with the other officers and they showed him a cliff from where the prisoner allegedly jumped.


Gittens, who testified the cliff was between 18-23 feet high, said he considered jumping but did not as the bottom of the gully was rocky and covered with dead branches from nearby “cassie” trees.


A manhunt was launched but Forbes remained on the wanted list for weeks until he was recaptured by police on March 9, 2018.


He was later charged with a fourth murder after police alleged he killed 62-year-old Maurison Thomas while on the run.


Forbes is also accused of killing Wilfred ‘Bongo’ Williams, Shawn Henry and Lisue Samuel in 2017.

He was branded “Vampire Killer” after police alleged he drained and drank the blood of his victims.

The accused is being represented by attorney, Sherfield Bowen and Inspector Dane Bontiff is prosecuting the Escaping Lawful Custody case before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel.

The trial will resume on July 5.

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  1. How did he get out of the cattle chains?. Could they not see from the cliff in which direction he was “running”?. All sounds like blessed cow poop to me.

  2. If he had jumped with the chain on his feet, why didn’t the foot chain got tangled with the trees? The officer’s better tell the truth of his escaped. Remember officers God sees and knows it all.


    Any senior officer leading an operation and becomes ‘…Reckless with his Responsibility’ and ‘…Callous With Truth,’ he is in big trouble.’

    Time to cause his retirement in the public’s interest and that of the Police Service.

    Sergeants lead from the front, ‘…unless he is left-handed,’ not from the rear.

    If he shirks his responsibility this way to pin ‘…Negligence’ on a junior officer, then obviously, that junior officer would be no help to the case for the prosecution.

    He now becomes a ‘…vital witness to the defence’ and he shall be so made available to testify on behalf of ‘…Delano Forbes.

    Been there. Done that.

  4. How do someone jump 18-23 ft with shackles on the feet? Even without shackles,he should have some serious wounds landing on sharp rocks from that height-yet he was on the loose for over a month,in good condition able to commit another murder.He must really be a Vampire Bat,so he knows how to fly..

  5. @ Mr Pompey

    From your professional experience, Forbes said they let him go, what would be the police motive for doing that if that statement is true?

    I do not think the police planned their truth of the escape properly. The story sounds good but improbable based on the condition the escapee was found in.

    A police any police could not give chase to a man that was in leg chain.

    Something about the truth….the whole truth…..and nothing but the truth is applicable. Perhaps all we are hearing is the truth, the whole truth might be something else and nothing but the truth is still missing.

  6. All the officers who was with him that day know exactly how he had escaped. Lock all of them up in the same prison cell with Delano Forbes until them talk the truth.

  7. They ALL collected the reward money and have to stick to their story! HE DID NOT ESCAPE… Ask “Wendy” why “she” let him out n where he had him? Case closed!

  8. In Europe and the usa everything is monitored by surveillance caméras…but in Antigua we ENCOURAGE the population to delate their familly and neighbours for MONEY…’’my man escape with footcuffs and handcuffs…in jail clothes AND ESCAPE??! But don’t worry …when there is enough BOUNTY $$$$ at stake WE WILL CAPTURE HIM AND SHARE THE LOOT

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