Montserrat Travelers Face Added Cost Of US$20 Transit Tax at VC Bird International Airport

VC Bird International airport

SOURCE ZJB: Added Cost for Montserrat Travelers as Transit Tax is Reintroduced at VC Bird International Airport

Passengers traveling through Antigua from Montserrat will have to dig a little deeper in their pockets.

It has been reported that the transit tax at the VC Bird International Airport has been reintroduced. Passengers now have to pay US$20.00.

Managing Director of Fly Montserrat Nigel Harris, speaking on the Breakfast Show said the tax was unfair.

Here is the full quote from Captain Nigel Harris: CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

“For the last few years, we’ve enjoyed a situation where if you were transiting or connecting with another international airline from Antigua—which something like 80% of our passengers are—you were exempt from any taxes in Antigua. …

However, that has now changed, and they have implemented a new tax that states if you’re transiting, you pay $20 each way.

So, let’s say you’re going to New York and back; you’d pay $20 entering Antigua and $20 departing, totaling $40. If you’re staying in Antigua for more than 24 hours and not transiting, then it’s the full $40 anyway.

“We actually think that’s unfair because the passengers who are traveling on American, Delta, and similar airlines are already paying that transit fee.

By paying the sector tax, they are effectively paying twice, which we think is a bit unfair. We have asked our friends in the government if they could raise the issue with their colleagues in Antigua and get back to the previous situation where transiting passengers were exempt. Whether that’s going anywhere beyond my pay grade, I’m afraid, but yes, there are increasing taxes.”





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  1. “…our friends in government…” such language. No wonder the world is the way it is…all friends and company run things.

  2. It’s kinda tough, I understand but maybe can be less. When you pass through you still use the facilities don’t you? So at least pay a little something.

  3. No one told you to go and borrow million’s and million’s of dollars Gatson Browne, now you are squeezing everyone for taxes,and raising taxes left right and center on everyone.

    I told y’all way back when, that this government is broke, and now they trying to tax their way out of debt, because they have squandered the people’s money with all their enrichment schemes.

    Economic Powerhouse my arse.

    But again, y’all get what y’all voted for..a selfish corrupt bunch of politicians.

    What a joke.

  4. @dots and big head.

    Are you that dumb?
    They taxes and fees are already in the ticket price fool. Have you ever break down your ticket price, the airlines doesn’t even get half of it, the majority is taxes are all kind of fees levied on the passengers.

    All this does is open up the door for the airlines to raise prices again, especially when they see greedy governments going after more money, that’s all that’s going to happen.

    How much more can the poor take sir? Tax tax and tax the poor out of existence to rarse.

  5. @Islanman26. You are the one that is dumb in wanting to support corruption and not “the dot”. Typical island man mentality. You all support corruption once you all can benefit.

  6. This is unfortunate, especially in Montserrat’s situation. Because of the volcanic disruptions, they are in an unfortunate situation where they “HAVE TO go through Antigua regardless of where they are traveling to. That means that they’ll always be paying for 2 flights to travel to anywhere, rather than just one. These are our neighbours. Why squeeze them further like this? We sure do know how to kill healthy relationships.

  7. @Islanman26

    Bro you are so right.
    the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IS TAXING POOR PEOPLE OUT OF EXISTENCE. Prior to 2014 he said the country did not need any further new taxes as waste will be curtailed. He abolished income tax but now bring it back with a vengeance.
    Antiguans are we dumb? Do we like the pain and suffering that Gaston and his ELITE FRIENDS ARE BRINGING ON US? When they finish with this country it will be bare with nothing left… may require 40 years to build it back.
    R WE SO DUMB and cannot see that they don’t care about us? All the enrichment schemes and corruption that has gone into their pockets, and still they want more.

  8. When you don’t charge taxes, Britain label you as a low tax destination.
    The people of Monsterrat can lobby the UK for budgerty support for a travel subsidy. Feel for the people affected but taxes pay for public services.

  9. Monserat brothers and sisters , you are welcome to transit in SXM. We have many direct flights to the USA, in particular South Florida. Two ULTRA LOW COST carriers, namely Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines.
    Spirit Airlines direct to Fort Lauderdale.
    American Airlines direct to Miami
    Frontier Airlines into San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Frontier Airlines direct to Orlando in the winter schedule.
    No Transit Fees!!!

  10. Imagine an Antiguan citizen living in Montserrat and being charged $40 USD EACH WAY to visit Antigua- your own country- for a few days?? That’s exactly what’s happening, and it’s absolutely disgusting. It’s one thing charging foreign nationals to stay in or pass through Antigua but charging Antiguan citizens to step on their own soil is disgraceful. It needs to end NOW!

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