Mom Who Set Daughter On Fire Freed of Attempted Murder Charge


Nicola Pitter who was charged with attempted murder for setting her daughter, Shaveesa Gasper on fire was freed of the charge today.

The prosecution withdrew the charge after a psychiatric report said Pitter was suffering from post-partum psychosis at the time of the incident.

Gasper suffered second and third degree burns following January 1, 2016 incident.

The government covered the cost to fly the then 16-year-old out of the country for treatment.

Her mother was arrested and charged 10 months after the incident.

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  1. If it was her father he would of gotten sentenced even if it was proven he has a mental problem….BIAS system!!!

    • Really- what makes you think that the father would be prosecuted if found unfit? We in our little corner of the world, with our little minds, seem to be oblivious of the fact that Mental illness is real just as Physical illness. The reason given for her to light her daughter on fire, is enough to indicate that she was mentally unstable at the time- who in his/ her sound mind tries to kill their baby, to protect her from the devil?? Does that sound like someone uses normal senses? Thx fact that the young girl has repeatedly asked for forgiveness for her mother should tell us that she knew her mother didn’t act out of bitterness. The court made its ruling, and I think it should be respected-all this negative talks can only impact the victim in a negative way also.

  2. Whatever we know Antigua law system along with many other countries is full a carp….5 years for stealing little food because you are hungry but freedom when you try kill off your own child…sigh

  3. Nicola Pitter got away with murder….if I knew her daughter I would have make sure she got fing prosecuted properly…….so pathetic

  4. What utterance and pure BS….IS THIS

    SHE WAS CHARGED 10 months after crime was committed ONLY IN 3rd world ANTIGUA ….ONLY


  5. Hmmmmm. Most people with depression are suicidal not homicidal. Depression is not an excuse to commit a crime. This child suffered. Perhaps now the medical fraternity should do more to screen for and treat postpartum depression before another person is set on fire…. pathetic justice system.

  6. So this woman has a younger child then? Because I never postpartum ANYTHING could last as long as 16 YEARS!?

    And 10 whole months after the incident they waited to charge her and now she’s suddenly declared to have a mental problem? Smh!

  7. The amount of Jamaican criminals getting slapped on the wrist by this judiciary is alarming.
    You have a vehicular homicide perp – 10,000.00 dollar fine
    Child rapist – 1 year sentence then freed
    2 Rapists – sentence commuted
    Now this attempted murderer – freed

    And we are asked to trust our own

    Something is rotten in our judiciary

  8. So….most of these comments have beef with the PROFESSIONAL conclusion of an EXPERT psychiatrist? Or is it the prosecution they are raising pitchforks at?

  9. Yes she has a younger child, keep in mind that child father got up and went an married another woman like a week before without even breaking up with her, sometimes people snap

  10. And they want us to go CCJ… they better think again in coming back to us about this CCJ thing. They need to fix our country court systems here in little Antigua and Barbuda first.

    • Just what the hell does this have to do with the CCJ? Please exercise some commonsense. Some of these comments sound so dumb its unbelievable. Are you’ll freaking Psychologist ? Is everything on this Island a Conspiracy ? Give me a brake..Gosh.

  11. The doctor need a bullet. I know the woman personally. And the behind story. Me nuh wish jail on anyone but she too cruel. Psychosis my crack. Should’ve been my child…

  12. First @NativeBorn of all the CCJ has nothing to do with Antigua, since Antigua denied their freedom to a well put together proposal to be a Judicial Advocate……. However, it’s the Privy Counsel to be blamed with the bloody system Antigua has. Because the system we have is where you push money under 💸💰💸 the table to gain on ur behavior.

  13. She Needs to be hanged. Wicked !

    Antigua has an influctuation of these psychopaths, our mental health care facility cannot absorb any more at tax-payers expenses.

    Stay in your countries with y’all madself. Now a well-known lawyer whom I thought had major common sense, freed that other crazy young girl who sexually molested people’s children posing as a Nanny.

    She was found shaked-up with some guys off DeSouza Road, relaxing in their sex orgies and smoking weed, claiming to have been kidnapped. Whatever!!

    Screen these mad-people thouroughly before giving them stay in Antigua. Let these thirsty Airport “Receivers” check Popeshead Street.

    These rediculous cultures have to be renounced.

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