Molwyn Joseph wants bars to close at 8p.m.

Molwyn Joseph

The Cabinet is today mulling a suggestion by Health Minister Molwyn Joseph to reduce the hours that bars are allowed to operate in Antigua and Barbuda.

The propose time is 8 at night.

Joseph’s stance came after Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin complained that the operators of these businesses were still not abiding by the set COVID-19 protocols, which were put into place prior to their reopening.


Joseph during a press conference on Tuesday (October 13) also hinted that he will also be making recommendations that the curfew run until the end of the year.

Joseph says it is bothering to know that persons are still partying which poses a threat to themselves and to others.


Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas says she supports the suggestion of the Health Minister to extend the curfew until the end of the year.


In the meantime, Joseph says that there continues to be a lack of personal responsibility being demonstrated by too many persons in the public space.


He says that studies have shown that the most effective way to stop the transmission of the COVID-19 virus is for persons to comply with the rules and protocols that have been put into place since the beginning of March.


These include practicing social distancing and the wearing of face masks, which Joseph says are the most efficient in protecting against the virus.


Joseph says there has been a decline in compliance of the protocols by residents and citizens to the extent where persons are having private parties.


The Health Minister says that persons seem to be under the impression that the virus is non-existent in Antigua and Barbuda and therefore they can do what they want.

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  1. Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has suggested to close bars at 8 PM. um-m-m
    So, does this mean he thinks people can’t catch the virus BEFORE 8 PM?

    Sounds to me that all these ‘NEW’ policies are at best rather Arbitrary. This sounds more like attempts at CONTROLLING BEHAVIOR, not the virus, which has been PROVEN to be not very dangerous.

    LEFTIST are control freaks, always have been and probably always will be.
    Why do we keep voting them into office?

      • I recommend that our leadership make sound policies for the people of Antigua and quite following the globalist 2030 agenda (The Rockefeller Foundation plan for sustainable development) which seeks to turn every citizen of the world into docile, compliant and easily controlled sheep who will mindlessly follow their orders.

  2. The closing of bars at 8 pm really does not affect me. However, if they have to close at 8 pm then why open in the first place. Bars the world over is a nocturnal operation.

  3. What do you recommend for the unsanitary area in St.Johns. Man shall not focus on covid only but by every other illness and filthiness around to adress.You all are getting rediculous. If Bars is the problem, other business is a problem also. Too much lies is spreading like a virus, who can be trust when the leaders are notorious liars . The real problem is lying to the people saying one is in quarantine. The flight from China we will hear that they are in quarantine . Are they quarantine?

    • I like your name, because you really need to Wake up with what is going world wide and the size of our population

  4. He just think he better than people and lub CONTROL everybody life

    If he wasn’t trying to micromanage and was delegating more, the citizens could be better monitored

    So instead of covid making us ill, it will be our having a meaningless existence that will make us ill

  5. This government is using this curfew for there own interest, but let them continue as we the young voters tired of there lies and we will vote them out! Bars and clubs are the least of the problems in this country! Be aware of the motives of the curfew, our rights are being taken away!

    • You need to stop dreaming about vote out this goverment guys getting 21 years in your tail and wait unstill 2023

  6. Are the vagrants wearing face masks and washing their hands?

    Are the vagrants adhering to the curfew hours?

    How many vagrants has been tested?

    How many vagrants that has not adhered to any of the draconian protocols contracted COVID-19?

    How many vagrants have been taken before the court in violation of the protocols?

    Vagrants are going through garbage with discarded used tissue eating left overs etc….

    Mr Joseph based on the vagrant’s exposure to all and sundry how come the vagrants are not on ventilators?

    Are the vagrants exempted?

  7. 80000 citizens is more than 13 suppose to be leaders. its time for people to wake up, realize who they are. is not everything change by words. Soon from now they will try to say the country have to lock down again 6:00am -6:00 pm because there is a new case. I believe alot of those cases are manufactured to control the people. People in Antigua have Aids, You ever hear them say close down the strip clubs. People have cancer do they educate what food to eat to help decrease the risk, every year prostate screening, no education to maintain health.People are obese eating alot of fast food. Smoking kills written on the cigarette carton. Where is the voice in those cases, which are more cases than covid. People are homeles and hungry, instead they continue to feed the greedy than the needy. Are they agressive to help those people. These diabolical people dont have our best interest at heart. They might pretend to but they dont, it is just an illusion.The great MJ once said in his song ” All i want to say is that they dont really care about us”

  8. The dictatorship govt wants to close down local business and still expects people to pay taxes all while letting tourists roam freely. How much longer we go put up with this bullshit?

    Dem think dem can depend on the little tourist money alone? All a dem a bunch of ignorant fooley dictators.

    The only way all this shit will be done is completely close the borders. We were in better shape when they were closed but the scamps in power want more money and here we are. The govt continues to insult us and slap we in our faces by letting tourist enjoy our island more than us. And they want to slap tracking devices on us.

    Them idiots forget they work for us not the other way around.


  9. If hardware stores were typically opened at night, they would be more caring.

    Apparently only the rich supposed to keep eating during this pandemic.

    Bars not even booming at present. Have they considered this may create an after work “crowd” like the 7am-noon curfew did? Only 3 hours for bar now, better all get there at the same time earlier.

  10. is this the same jampepe that suggest banding toyota vitz because alot of young people got in accident ?like the vehicles are self driven. A man that make rules that affect the livelihoods of people without having any plan is no different from a thief, murder, rapist, and liars. I always hear people say he is a wicked man

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