Molwyn Joseph says he’s addressing long wait times in the emergency room


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  1. Pay the damn nurses & doctors what they’re worth and on time and maybe then there will be nothing to address.

    Half the machines always down anyways so can’t expect any better.

    • The entire world is going through an issue with doctors and nurses
      Historical reviews liken nurses to saints; Doctors were revered, there was honor.
      Now, when you send your Chile to medschool, he tiefing from de superette. Now WE have Google, we easily find out some doctors nah ready yet.
      So since there is more money in being an entertainer, and the work day might be shorter, my Chile who tun doctor say he no longer want to practice, he rather go be a dj.
      Mount Saint John is not the only hospital with a dysfunctional ER. But Mount Saint John is the only hospital that we have. We need to look into the root causes of why students who trained in Cuba can’t perform as they should. We need to look into why slbmc consultants get attending salaries and are never on the floor. We need to be honest regarding the maintenance needed of a 3storey building. We need money to make healthcare run and we need to run the hospital and the public healthcenters like a business. First rule of business, don’t mix pleasure with work: The Medical Benefits (friends with benefits) financial operation needs to be independent of any sitting minister. MBS must no longer be used a cash cow (for ANY government)!!! MBS must help to finance healthcare for it’s subscribers and the indigent. Social transformation as a social safetynet provider, should have a mechanism in place to help finance healthcare for the indigent. Private health insurance should help to finance healthcare for it’s subscribers. Out-of-pocket payments can help to finance healthcare.


      • I take offense to the comment “why students who studied in Cuba not being able to perform as they should.” Cause y’all gladly welcome Cuban born Cuban trained doctors and specialists to our shores with high praise who went through the same education system. So I take it to be more of a personal issue on a person by person basis as opposed to the fact that they were trained in Cuba. Don’t wash ya mouth on Cuban trained Doctors that’s exactly why y’all lose the cream of the crop that studied in Cuba cause you stigmatize all of them(bare in mind you have people graduating from all types of programs from all types of disciplines and careers who of their own personal choice opt to be mediocre) and the good ones never get a chance because of these stink preconceived notion’s. They go elsewhere to realize their worth. For years and years there has been a culture of bad treatment of Cuban trained Antiguan doctors by the elitist establishment that existed “the old guard” who felt because their parents sent them to study in the UK and US and UWI that poor ppl children that studied for free were somewhat of a threat……and now y’all surprised that the good ones don’t even look back and that only the mediocre ones are who want to incorporate into your mediocre system…. Welcome to brain drain buddy. For every “not able to perform “you can name I bet you I can give you 5 who are making waves globally, in the US, Canada and Europe etc. A prophet is never accepted in his own land anyway.

        • You are fickle (if you truly are a doctor). The fact is many countries rely on Cubans trained in Cuba. The fact is many countries rely on doctors trained outside of their territory. Going to a different place because of elitism is your choice. If others stay and try to help our system, that is their choice. Your calling them mediocre is what is derogatory. We need to try to build up each other not break down one another. Your utterances imply that the suggestion re ‘ fix the system’ is insulting you, but if you really read what is being said (if you have any real understanding and true reasoning power), you will find a possible solution to improving staffing at our only hospital.

        • You sound like you feel you better than people! Now who’s the prejudiced one?
          Anyhow, we still wish you well and do us proud where ever you may roam (whether freezing snow or blistering sahara), you are always welcome home

  2. Has the Antiguan diaspora gone home?

    If ah so, I can’t say I blame them after listening to Gaston “whey mi dey” Browne and Molwyn “AstraZeneca” Joseph’s sleep inducing bluster and pontificating.

    I wish I’d gone home early in October 2014 …

    • Oh, by the way, talking about AstraZeneca, America has banned its use due to the drug’s ongoing blood clotting issues.


  3. Election is really in the air. ABLP’s SILLY SEASON. Rolls Royce Molwyn Joseph, we voting Senator Johnathon Joseph and the Redeem Team on Election Day. We tiard of you. You don’t care about anyone. What happen to the library in your constituency? Waste of taxpayers money. Pay the medical practitioners and you’ll get good service. Oh, the government broke and broken so you can compensate health workers. Then CREATIVELY FIND A WAY TO ENRICH GOVERNMENT COFFERS so health workers can be paid. 💙💛💙

  4. Look jump high jump low the reality is this:
    Some problems can not be solved

    No matter what you do Mr. Molwyn Joseph No matter how many people you move around No matter how much you dream the ER will always be a problem ONCE HEALTHCARE REMAINS FREE

  5. Molywyn this is the best you can say after 8 years. We gave you a job to do and you have failed. Now go forth into retirement.
    We can’t do much better without you Sir!!!

  6. so late lol lol what a clown. do you know how many people dead in the waiting emergency room and in the end of the day 11:59 pm is that you coming with tha great news let me clap you thank for discovering that immense news.

  7. Please hurry up and call the elections Mr. Brown. I don’t know you personally but I think that I understand some of your shoot-from-the-hip thinking. The only problem I have is with the healthcare and the water. There are other problems (yes) but all over the world there are problems.
    Now for the punchline: whatever you do, win lose or draw on election day, I don’t want to see the same board of directors at mount st.johns, I don’t want to see the same directors at mount saint johns and I DESPERATELY pray for a different health minister. Okay Bye. THANK YOU.

  8. How many times is he going to address issues at Mount St.John Hospital? By the time he is finished nothing would have been accomplished. The world would have ended by then. All talk,hot air,and not one damn thing else.We the people need to see things being done not mere words.All talk,talk,and no actions,from do nothing Molwyn.

  9. I would like to know when this adjustment was made because i took my 4yr old to the ER after 11 recently with a fever running 103.4 before i left home. when i got there i went straight knocked on the door because nobody was at the desk and the room was filled with patients complaining that they were there since after 11 and have not seen a doctor yet. However the nurse i spoke to came out and took the vitals and temperature which was at this time 104.0, she went bk in and said they’ll call me in just now. Ehhmm an hr passed and names were called but a 4yr old was still left waiting with a temp of 104.0. When the doctor came to call the next set and my childs name wasnt in it i approached him and explained the situation he asked if she was given anything for the fever when i told him not since we got there, this was sometime after 3am he asked a nurse to give some paracetamol. We sat in the waiting room and waited no one even came to check the temperature to see what was happening after 5am she saw the doc and thats when it was checked.

  10. Just change the name from Emergency room to Waiting room…simple. Instead of waiting in the emergency room people will have emergencies in the waiting room

  11. I will never listen to this jackass. All he know to do is lift Rolls Royce vehicles over the Port fence.

    That jackass needs to be removed from office. Seems like only a bunch of criminals in the ABLP govt.

  12. Tell us how this can be addressed when the entire hospital is short staffed. ER looking for nurses to work sessions. All the nurses leaving for England and USA because of how we are poorly treated. Question to the minister: why are retired nurses who are receiving a pension, still on government payroll getting paid plus pension if covid no longer a treat to us. Other persons are being owed for overtime from 2020, backpay and stipend. Where are the retired nurses salary coming from, is it the treasury of Barbuda? Give me break

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