Molwyn Joseph confirmed for knighthood


Health Minister and parliamentary representative for St. Mary’s North, Molwyn Joseph has been confirmed for a knighthood.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne made the announcement earlier today as he addressed the National Heroes’ Day ceremony.

Joseph will be accorded the honour during the on-going celebrations marking Antigua and Barbuda’s 39th anniversary of independence.

More to come.

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      You are waiting for your SENATE appointment which you will never receive. Your UPP will be off the map next election. KNIGHT continue singing for your SUPPER.Most of UPP members DO NOT like you. They would like to DISASSOCIATE from you. Your show is hurting UPP brand. So KNIGHT No SENATE APPOINTMENT for You. Continue singing for your BREAKFAST , LUNCH , SUPPER.

        • He’s an interesting fella. I think he wants us to think he’s somebody important, and maybe some day he will be? I have nothing against the guy. Chuck is the nickname for Charles, or if you prefer….Charlie or even Chuckie. No disrespect intended. I just wish somebody would explain to us who this guy is., and what is his long term goal? He’s not as well known as maybe he think he is. I wish him well, but I wouldn’t know him if I saw him. Sorry.

  1. Really? So anybody qualify for knighthood these days. Arent there more people deserving of this who is not a politician or a politician’s friend?

    • ……….. if you are responding to my comment you certainly missed the point my miles. Read again and you might see the sarcasm.

      • Really Tabor? So I cannot make a comment now? I simply stated my opition. There is more to my life than responding to you and your tired political arguments. You Tabor only seems to be interesting in arguing about the government and all their bull instead of giving people some good solid legal advice unless it is politically motivated. Now if you please Tabor bug off I don’t have time unlike you who born with a silver spoon in your mouth so you have time to constanly refresh the page to see who mash ya corn.

        • ……….. be honest with yourself for a change and just accept the fact that you were responding to my comment. Even the blind and not so smart would draw that inference.

          • Tabor if I wanted to respond to you I would have replied under your comment in which I did not. I told before on an earlier post there are people who do not care of neither the ABLP or the UPP. Not everyone is like you Tabor. Now please bug off and go back to argue with the paid trolls. As that seems to be the highlight of your life.

          • Tabor tell me something. Do you think Serpent deserved to be honored for hosting a radio show in which all he does is bashing Labour Party from day one. What that has done for the Nation on a hole?
            So if Serpent can get an honor Molyn certainly deserved far more than that. Given what he has done regarding healthcare in this country. To mention, Free Eye Care for thousands. Equipping MSJMC with state of the art equipment. The country providing so many more dialysis units to patients. Kidney transplants happening at MSJMC.
            These are just a few. Not to forget how many new clinics have been opened.

      • What happen to Asot? More deserved than Molwyn. I think eventually the entire Cabinet would be knighted. Knights are a dime a dozen in Antigua.

  2. WONDERFUL .HON.MOLWYN JOSEPH IS DOING A FANTASTIC JOB. Hon. Joseph is recognized INTERNATIONALLY for the work He is doing WITH THE PANDEMIC. Please Antiguans show respect. Great choice Hon. Gaston Browne.

    • @PETE. If you think your national honours should be just dished out to whomever the PM feels, then you are gone……..

        Upp Suporters are a bunch HYPOCRITES. ZACKIE and BUGSY one thing I know for sure None of you will ever be rewarded for anything. Both of you are HATERS of the ABLP. You will have another 30 years to complain. Your UPP wiil be off the map next election. DNA will the official OPPOSITION.ZACKIE and BUGSY AWFUL People.

        • @PETE. The way ABLP has corrupted even these awards, i will flatly refuse if offered. These awards are tainted.

    • Pete don’t you know the international bodies are just as corrupt and of course he feeds them lie upon lie. Respect is earned. From the rolls royce to the tesla sagas, from unscrupulously orchestrating damnation to those who do their job, to the kickbacks and the immoral acts behind closed doors, a mange dog would get my respect, before that Satan.

    • Right now, this honour is no longer an honor. It may just be as cursed as the covid. If I was Joseph I would say no thanks, cause after all the comments I would be shame.

    • Jerome don’t be so hard on Melchisedec I believe she was saying CHUPS to my comment. Anyway, she is very capable of speaking for herself.

      • @ Jerome
        The CHUPS is definitely for the confirmation.

        The highest honor must never be given to someone for long service and where there is significant doubt the award should not be given.

        The highest honor should be given to persons in the following category but not limited to because I cannot think of everything:
        1 The person must be retired.
        2 The person must be an upright citizen.
        3 Must have provided a life’s work of selflessness without personal benefit.
        4 contribution must be nation wide and has impacted positively on the nation’s advancement.
        5 Must have perform a single heroic act of significant proportion.
        7 Must not be associated with any criminal activities, personally or collectively.
        8 Must not be hinged on political affiliation.
        9 Recipient and work must be recognized nationally.
        10 The nation’s highest award must be given sparingly. Just for the heck of it
        11 The facts must be tabled before the high court judge who is expected to make the usual unbiased ruling.

        • @Melchisecdec. I struggle to find even one point that can be given to Molwyn in support of this award. This must be the only PM that does not think deeply about anything, much less listen to anyone.

        • Mel, up to now I thought you was a man. Now it seems you might be female. Wow, was I ever misled. That is not meant to be disrespectful I any way. Keep up the postings, whoever you are.

  3. What has Molwyn done for the Nation. To be deserving of such an accolade. That man has been in Politics 99.9% of his adult life. Now he is being given a Knighthood for that. Point to one positive thing anywhere in Antigua and Barbuda. That you could say Molwyn is responsible for doing. ANY DAMN THING. He is being Knighted. I would have selected a garbage collector before a Molwyn Joseph. I have more respect for such a person over a Molwyn Joseph any day.

  4. Best he knight the MP for st. Peters also the one who put out the work the for the party achievements despite his behaviour at times. If he have any conscious he will reject knighthood and say he dont deserve it. “Too much Skeletons in ma closet”

    • @Bondage Breaker. And while at it, knight Bulgany for being part of the national psyche and Danski for giving up his land to Share. This thing has gone to the dogs anyway.

  5. I can finally conclude how brain wash we are as antiguan’s. I can’t believe people really think this man deserve to be a knight. I guess to be unscrupulous pays off.

  6. I once saw a James Bond Movie.There was a car in that movie with wings like a plane.It did fly.Then I heard there was a car in Antigua.That flew over the Customs fence at Deep Water Harbor on a holiday weekend.My guess it had wings like a dove.

  7. Knight him sure, the legacy of ablp will be: the more one lies the greater his reward. That man molwyn is a compulsive liar (pathological even). I guess GB is as good as he is in that department, so it’s the virtue that we should all strive for.

  8. This is a good move. The man deserves to be honoured in this way, but it will certainly shake up Asot, but he needs to be shaken. I hope he can handle it. Many of us are worried about him.

  9. KNIGHTHOOD well deserved. Hon.Molwyn Joseph is the best HEALTH MINISTER in the CARIBBEAN. CONGRATULATION Hon. Molwyn Joseph. Blessings.

  10. Our Prime Minister Hon.Gaston Browne deserves a KNIGHTHOOD. Hon.Gaston Browne has done such aTREMENDOUS job in making Antiguans proud with the following.

    Nobody in the CARIBBEAN believe these could never be achieved.

    • @SPIRIT: You are sure sounding like a person heard on a recording. That person called into Gaston Browne’s radio station.The man uttered those same things that you did above.Is it a coincidence.I think not Codrington. All of you men who fed at the trough of the UPP. You are now trying to be fed at Gaston’s ABLP trough. However,Gaston would call you out with shame.On his radio station every Saturday.Some of you are spineless,gutless and balls-less men of straw.

    • @SPIRIT. The way you guys behave, knighthood is not good enough for him. Make him a King! He already has his prince and princess.

    • I second that. The PM deserve an award of some kind. 3 cheers for LIAT and UWI and SCOTIA BANK and that other bank.

  11. Knighthood here don’t mean a damned thing. He getting knighted for doing a job he was assigned to do and he didn’t even do it well.

  12. You know why do people chat so much without educating themselves. Anyone can send in a nomination to the National Honours Committee. There is a law on the books, with several amendments to with. And the Parliament just past yet another amendment. You would think a legal mind like Tabor would have come with some legal arguments to educate us. But no he joins the very same uneducated chatters. People please go to the Government legal website and read the Act and all the different awards that one can bestowed upon. And on what basis does one qualified. You think the PM can just get up and tell them I want to Knight Molwyn and that is it case close? Sorry the banana republic still have some protocols and standards to uphold. Even though some of you think the worst of our beloved Islands. Yes I may not agree with all that got a reward. And I sk Tabor is he thinks that Serpent deserved to have gotten an award? Sorry no response from the man till now. But if he did and said he agrees then I’ll ask him to support it. I mean I can name many reason why Molwyn should be given a Knighthood but others my disagree. That’s fine. That is why we have a committee that decides whether they think the award fits the awardee.

    • @From The Sideline
      For transparency sake please list the names of the committee members…

      Let us not speak in a vacuum list all the unbiased men on women who make up that committee…

      I Bet you will never do it…
      I dare you From The Sideline, list the names…

      • You know, I tried to send you in a direction to educate you. But you are hellbend to come up with conspiracy theories. I mean It never cross my mind to want to know who the members of the committee are. Cause even if I know what would that do for me. if I read the Act I will learn much more. And that is what I thought you would have done. But if you are so curious as to the members why not write a letter to the information commission or to the GG. I don’t think that would be a secret. But what amazes me is to see how you have once again exposed yourself for who you are. As the saying goes “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. That applies squarely to you 100%. You do not even know the persons on the committee not even by name, yet you already determine them to be corrupt and assassinate their character. very awful man you must be. Hope one of them is not a relative of you. Just read the Act and the amendments to educate yourself on the process involved.

    • @Sideline. If there are such protocols then they must be transparent. Let us know who are on this committee and let them show how the public yeas outnumber the nays. Up to this point, it just seems the PM says, let there be sirs and there are sirs. Dont forget that hr touted a knighthood for former PM Spencer, who smartly declined. Can you imagine the former PM bound at the hip with Molwyn??
      Fifty years grom now, the young ones will be wondering where were our Standards? Our Morals and our Pride as a nation. If somehow they read this, I beg for their forgiveness for this mockery and the understanding that not all of us were the same.

      • You also should go and read the act and educate yourself. It is not about the yeas and the nays of the public. They don’t send out a survey to see what you think. You send in your nomination and you support it with as many facts and examples as you can. It can be anyone that you think that deserves a national award. and if you don’t have anyone, perhaps you know of a organization or a business. The law has been amended to include these.

        • @Sideline. Well the whole damn thing needs to be REDONE!!! I cannot believe sensible people don’t see the BS that this has become. Of course for you it will take a change of government for you to see.

      • 6. (1) There shall be a National Awards Committee for the Order
        (hereinafter called “the Committee”) comprising seven members appointed by
        the Prime Minister, so however, that one shall be a Senator nominated by the
        Senate and two shall be members of the House of Representatives nominated
        by the House, one of whom shall be a member of the opposition.

        Please read the Act and educate yourself.

  13. Is this the knighthood of “shining Armour”….because dat ah de only one he deserve. Ah well an good eh nah come wid money attached. soon we may have to import people to bestow that title upon, as everyone in A & B will soon be knighted. Ah so dem can fleece the government purse wid de GoF. The people is paying back monies for overpriced PO/Invoices. Lord deliver us from these evil doers.

  14. Chandler is this you or your spirit? Welcome from the bottom of barrel to the other side. Here is a taffy daffy

  15. From The SIDELINE I do not know if former public servant and meteorologist Philbert Mason was ever given an award for his years as a good public servant and also for his invaluable service to the nation during the hurricane season. Like Philbert Mason the Serpent has provided similar service during the hurricane season. He spent many hours and sleepless night to keep the nation informed. He has done the same for other disasters such as the time a cargo ship to Barbuda was missing at sea. After the passage of hurricane Irma that devastated Barbuda, it was Serpent who started the effort to find accommodation and supplies for our Barbudan brothers and sisters, long before the government got into action. I have highlighted just a few activities but given how objective you are FROM THE SIDELINE, I am sure you would agree with me that Serpent well deserved the award he was given.

    • So I see you want to equate Serpent to Philbert Mason. And since you mentioned reason events that dated before the award was placed on him I guess you’re not serious in finding facts to support his award.
      And sorry with a good and honest heart I cannot agree with that his award was deserving. But I do will not question the committee. I don’t know what was presented to them. But certainly not his effort for Barbuda. And mind you I do think Serpent is a very good radio host. I mean there are not many in Antigua that can get people in the middle of the night up to go to the Prime Ministers Office to stand guard cause the Labour Party is moving files from the office. We are up to today looking for the so called missing files. He fooled us all.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE I see that your reasoning powers are waning. Isn’t it pure common sense to mention activities that a person was engaged before an award was bestowed on them to justify the award. As an example, in the case of the knighthood to be bestowed on Molwyn Joseph, people are raising an issue of a car being taken over the fence at Customs a reason for him not being worthy of the award. Please educate me on this matter since I am not too au fait with the facts.

        • I didn’t know anywhere the qualification to get an award says that you have to be a saint. Not that the issue you mentioned is one that can stand. because we have litigated this already and I guess you guys want to see what else is in the closet. But even if it were so, as i said does the qualification preclude you from getting an award if certain old things come to light. If that is so let us not go into Serpents past. I mean just the fact that a certain female had to drag his backside to court for payment of childcare. Just to have been involved in a claim of alleged impropriety at the Board of Education. Please give me a break. They say when you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. That is exactly what happened to Trevor Walker the other day in parliament. As soon as Sir Robin mentioned him taking a brown paper bag at Trade Winds, he run out of parliament. Tabor stop being mischievous. If you don’t like Molwyn to get an award that is your right and opinion. The PM thought it a correct thing to do. The Committee agreed with the PM and confirmed the award and that is how our system works. The UPP was there for ten yours awarding people that some of us didn’t agree with. Through the GG they refused to give Sir Lester his award. Claiming because he was still in Active Politics. But that’s OK. We came to power and we corrected this. Baldwin Spencer was asked if he is open to receive an award but he declined. I guess he cannot reach above the political fray. Perhaps if God forbid he dies while ABLP in office he will have a will stating he doesn’t want a state funeral from the ABLP as well. I mean you guys are not ready to live in a democracy and in opposition. The Ayes have it.

          • FROM THE SIDELINE your reasoning always leave me so bewildered. I leave one issue from your argumentation for you to ponder. So if being a Saint is not a qualification for a national award, why are you then going to such lengths to argue that Serpent’ s award was not warranted? Since you have both Serpent and Molwyn under the microscope, I look forward to your arguments to justify or not justify either of them getting national awards.

          • From the sidelines.
            A couple days ago you said you are not alp or upp so what do you mean when you said “when we came to power”.
            You can’t hide it comrade

      • @Sideline. No ABLP fooled you and is still doing so by the day. Further, you have been totally sucked in now. There was a time when you showed a semblance of objectivity. That is gone.

  16. Charles Tabor October 28, 2020 at 12:32 pm
    Tabor, why everytime you like to turn things around. Your the one questioning Molwyn’s award. I then ask do you think serpent award was justify. You then came back and said well Serpent did so much when it comes to broadcasting. I debunk that by stating how he missguided us with the missing files. But I gave him credit for getting the nation hyped and go to the PM’s office late in the night. Not even mentioning the Lester Tape. You then said well Molwyn had some issues with some car being taking out of custom over the fence. I debunked that to and said well Serpent has many other Skeletons in his closet and then said I don’t recall that there is a qualification that said that you have to be a saint to be awarded a national honor. Cause if it were not many, perhaps not one will meet the criteria. Having said that I further conclude that each have their opinion why another should not or should get an award. I therefore respect the committee that is making the decision. Even though I do not agree with them all the time. Most of the people I don’t even know. Only when they read their accomplishments am I informed. And that is good. Therefore once again Tabor you may not agree with Molwyn getting an award, and I may not agree with Serpent getting an award. And I will also not agree with Baldwin Spencer getting an award. Only if it were one to honor the worst PM ever in the history of our country so far. But that is my opinion. Gaston Browne seems to think he does deserves an award. I’m glad he refused to accept it. Hope you are clear now that to each his opinion when it come to this. And may the committee continue to do their job without fear or favor.

  17. FROM THE SIDELINE well we can now agree to disagree on who is and who isn’t worthy of national awards. Anyway, just for clarification I have never stated an opinion on the Kniguthood of Molwyn Joseph.

  18. Oh yes, what is he awarded our highest honor for? The Rolls Royce over the fence, the spitefulness with the library in Jennings, the Tesla in the A/C garage. the lack of testing for Covid, looking the other way when there are superspreader events held openly while the police charge ordinary people for not wearing a mask?

    Nice example for the young people to emulate. When he gets it, will he go? Silence them, Gaston. Silence them. You’re not stupid. You know how to keep them to heel. Play to their vanity. They won’t give you any trouble. This man is a popinjay. He loves “nice things”.

    • He loves nice cars — I cannot wait to see the response from my friend FROM THE SIDELINE to your comment. He will be coming at you with all guns firing.

      • Tabor I thought we ended that discussion on a good note. What is your stress. There is no criteria that a person needs to be a saint in order to receive an award. Is that so hard to understand. No man is perfect. Perhaps you should wait till Independence Day to hear the good things he did why they awarded him.

    • The rundown infrastructure for the nation only hospital.
      Medical Benefits can’t keep par level of medication stock inventory.
      The poor maintenance of the clinical across the island (he need to implement and execute a maintenance team for all the government own medical facilities).
      Poorly managed of the ministries under him

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