Missing Teen: Summer Glo Lake of Piggotts


Missing Teen

The police and the family of Summer Glo Lake of Piggotts are appealing to the public for help in finding her.

The 13-year-old reportedly left her parents home on Saturday, August 5 sometime after 8 pm to visit a relative in the said village.

It was further reported she subsequently left that home and was not seen or heard from since.

She was last seen wearing a pair of short black pants and a black blouse.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is asked to contact the Parham Police Station at 463-2060.

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  1. Not even 48hrs pass yet and y’all acking this way then boom the child comes back home….. I’m not trying to say that it’s not in danger but isn’t there a time limit or period before we make these allegations most times it always winds up that the child turns themselves in one way or the other and these reports normally go out before 48 hours even passed maybe I could be wrong….. Any parent would be upset if they don’t see their child immediately after the time that they should be back home but isn’t there a law to help prevent us from saying they’re missing when really they might not be missing is there a time frame in Antigua laws to state when u can clam for a missing person report?…..

    • So u are saying that they should not make an early report what the fuck is wrong with you people in this country all the radio stations should be blasting this missing child wa u think a one dog or a cat get a brain

  2. Why is it that when these persons/children go missing everybody is calling on the public in relocating them and when they are found nobody thinks it is important or that they can give to the public an update as to the whereabouts of these missing children. Too many times children return home after being missing and you only hear in the news that Jane Doe is home and nothing else. That is not good enough. Police and families of these missing children, the public need to hear what and the whereabouts of these children

  3. @ concern citizen you are so right. The police need to have the parents give a statement to the public and us the aunties since we are the ones out here hurting and looking for these teens. It is not ok that they are found and what?? @ the commissioner of Police what is being put in place to address this norm. Are you waiting for something deadly to come from these missing children report before something is done? Where are our law makers. Every time something like this happens we need a police update since we the citizens and aunties are ask to help …

  4. I hear all that you’ve said and I still think that you are insensitive. If your child, especially at that age, fails to sleep in your home for even one night, without your consent, what would you do,how would you deal with the matter?

    • Totally in agreement with you. Gross insensitivity no heart at all. Antiguans are better than that.pl please be sensitive and compassionate. She is 13 yrs old.

  5. Rovi… it’s at a point where people jus don’t care and who can blame them after they are found boom nothing else no arrest no nothing if u seek people help that mean we need too know what happen after they are found

  6. If people care about children, then it shouldn’t matter that we’re NOT told where they were. The child’s safe return home to their family should trump everything else. People need to focus on what’s more important in these kinds of situations.

    Now, at 8 pm it’s already dark — why are adults allowing a 13 year old girl to go out by herself?

  7. Why a parent would allow a 13 year old leave their home to see a relative ?. Why that child patent allow the child to brain wash them ?. If thst story is correct, she use the relative name to run away. As for me, I don’t look foe them because I know they are not missing. Something happened home thst male her run away. When carnival done she will return. She nor missing . Who vex dead

    • This is the first time she’s out late. She usually goes up by her sister and it not even that far. So the fact that she just went to drop something off and leave. How’s is the parent wrong in this. Maybe my girl I just tired and fed up of what’s going on at home. That’s why some of y’all must think why she just get up out of nowhere and leave.

  8. This has been going on before me barn. It’s going now and will continue.Don’t know why this young lady left home but we all know the possibilities!

    Hopefully she’ll be found safe and sound without. It’s carnival time. Party monarch on she mind and the parents say she can’t go. Although her so called

  9. What is disheartening, is that when these young ladies are found, no one comes to the public I’m a timely manner and say anything. I am not saying it should be said where she was found and the details, since she is a minor. What I am saying is that we are all concerned and someone should come and say thanks… to the public for looking out etc. Glo Lake has been found and is now safe. Any other information that can assist parents to prevent their daughters falling into the hand of pedophiles will be welcome. As long as it will not do any damage to Glo or any pending legal proceedings.

    • You send she fu go tek um. You really fuck up fu think so. Not all young girls go fu tek bud some just tired and fed up of the fuckery that’s going on home. Sometimes these kids been putting smile on there face but they are mentally frustrated and drained. So just stfu.

  10. Certain information is not disclose to the public because it’s a minor. surly you must know this, is for the wellbeing of the child.

    Once you can help to locate her safely…surly that should bring you comfort in the name of Jesus…..

    just like it was said, if it was your child you will protect them form the public.. people are brutal…

    imagine you find your kid safe and because of the story circulating, your child can’t handle the pressure and totally withdraw from society or even commit suicide….

  11. Read my lips. I DON’T CARE! Here’s why.

    When these missing girls are found, we just get a brief notice saying they have been found, and that’s it. No word of where they were, how they were found, and if it is strange behavior, we never hear that someone has been assisting the police.

    Even worst, not a word from the parents. They look happy with the outcome (if we see them after) and they do not want to say anything.

    Look, to hell with you all and your missing teenage girls.

    Stop wasting our time. Antigua small. We already know where they were and who they were with. If you doubt me, check their parents bank account after.

  12. Every ones giving they views on this occurances i totally took taught to it ..An am sure it’s been close to most homes ..however since certain reply is needed to say something. So we the public can be aware if it’s a preditor ect..
    I get it bcause certain explanations need to be address because this will give us as adults to be knowledgeable in order to teach our own So they can be aware..
    Sometimes we as adults don’t make the Wright discissions. Much less them ..
    We never stop learning any how
    So I pray she returned home in whole piece
    Everyone hv different situations ..
    Until yr put in what those parents position encounter with those situations I hope they handle it thouroughly
    If I can help in any how possible. I’ll do my bestest
    I hope an pray for HER SAFE return ..

  13. I am fully aware.The Antigua I grew up in is not that same Antigua now.At 13,I used to walk around at late hours home.Back then no one worried about being kidnapped.The only things we used to be afraid of were ghosts,and jumby.Now folks are afraid of Humans inna Antigua.I do believed why there so many young missing girls.They Law does not come down on those perpetrators.When they are found out to engaged under aged girls.1735 is where they belong and castration to follow.

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