Missing Teen Found


Missing Teen Found

Summer Glo Lake of Piggotts was reportedly found. She is currently at the Parham Police Station, where officers there are conducting further investgations into her whereabouts.

The 13-year-old reportedly left her parents home sometine after 8 pm on Saturday, August 5 to visit a relative in the said village and later went missing.

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  1. We never get told where the missing kids are found and what happen to the people who had them. Do we have child trafficking happening on the island? Do the adults who had them get penalized for kidnapping. How can you have an underaged child in your home and have the county looking for said child and nothing comes of it. How many kids went missing just this year.

    • People don’t care anymore! An entire missing story, then they’re found that’s it! News done! Just be happy they’re alive.

  2. Whatever cause nothing go come of this when them go look them MAN and come home a nothing for it me tired a them now them lil ass need fu get lock up

    • Yh, im sorry to day this but they go man yard get what they get then come home. I even hear some of these cases involve powerful ppl even law enforcement officers. Whatever, i wasnt looking so no concern to me. May ppl destroy their lives as they please. I look iut for my family and friends thats it. May the police keep hiding these pedofiles.

  3. Just lakka Dat. Ok. Really happy she has been ‘found’, though. May God continue to protect our little ones.

  4. Parents teach your children to dress properly not like strippers and sellers teach them to value themselves and say no to bad influences teach them the way to go not follow fashion cuz you’re going to hold your head when little children come home with pumpkin you’re going to want to know where you went wrong when you not teaching them all y’all think about is money style praise etc

  5. People are beginning to be less concerned cuz it’s just missing then found! So why get worked up? Glad she’s alive that’s all.

    • Really u are not serious how menny of these little girls go missing then u fine them but never know where they were

  6. I am so happy this child is safe! The negative comments are uncalled for! This incidence must be investigsted.The targeted group is 13-15-year olds. Someone is threatening them why they refuse to talk! There is obviously a predator on the loose!
    These girls have already been traumatized! They do not need your insensitive remarks! What is necessary is for the Ministry of Social Transformation, Gender Affairs, and Women against Rape to collaborate and try to solve the problem! If we keep demeaning these young ladies publicly, this is an excellent measure for the perpetrators to escalate their activities! Remember, before you make a statement to denigrate a child, ask yourself the question, “What if it were my daughter? Would I be saying these hateful words?”

    • I will never blame the child because that’s exactly what they are a child. I hold the adults in the situations responsible be it their relative, family friend ect. I am just saying that the amount of children that have gone missing, just this year, is alarming. Now I understand that they have to investigate the situation but the public would like to know the basic info. Where were they found? They are never any follow-up on the investigations. Let the public know the penalties for keeping an underage child without their parents knowledge. Let the victims/ children of sexual and physical abuse know where to go for safe haven. There are predators in and outside the home.

  7. Why is a 13 year old leaving his/her parents house after 8pm to go visit relatives? What sort of parents do we have these days?

    • that is the question that is running in my head right about now. why you have your 13 year old going to visut relative at this hour off the night? come on……. do better.

  8. I hope that person and or persons who facilitated her absence are charged.It is against the Laws of the Land to encouraged an underaged person to do wrong.Why no one has been charge in Antigua for past missing young girls? There seems to be a ring in Antigua that prey on younger girls.They should be charged,when found guilty be sent to 1735 and be castrated.

  9. What’s the best way to full-joy your carnival weekend as a young girl without any restrictions or fuss especially if your friends had full freedom? This was beautifully planned. Carnival over it’s time to return home. Now back in the day you know what was waiting, but we now adopt the American lifestyle.

  10. These young girls of today know what they want and how to get it. They go out and sell themselves for the things they want and need. Many times the men hardly know they age as they look much older and dress much older than they age. US tv show them how to do this. Poor us we have loss our way!

  11. Oh lookie she return.home safe and sound wonder way she min be wanna take bets ah the usual man yard. Carnival D must tek

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