Missing Man Says He Took Off Because He Needed A Break


Jermaine Brann returned home to his family and says the act had nothing to do with problems encountered at home, he just needed a break.

The 32-year-old, father of one left his home for over two weeks without informing anyone of his whereabouts.

“Mi just did need fi clear my mind, thats all it be, nothing else.” said Brann.

He disclosed his whereabouts saying, “Around the place, but mostly the bush, I’d just sit down and just think about life.”

Brann insisted that his absence was not as a result of any problems that he was facing, however, he felt the need to offer an apology to his family and friends.

“Mi feel it in a my heart fi have all yuh grief in a dem kinda time yah because a nuh likely fi me to do that but mi ago seh mi sorry fi dat.”



  1. I got to try this and see if them put up a 50.000 dollar reward for me lol. They did not even put out a search party lol boy u sal , in 3 days everyone went back to them normal life.

  2. I can understand needing a break to clear the mind. Be sure to let someone know we’re ok tho

    I hope the young man and anyone else facing such circumstances will be restored to good health.

    Life can be taxing at times. Keep your head up and your mind clear.

  3. He would come home to ( new lock and key). I dont know wha happen to him…tief might tief he key…no sah

  4. And on top of that you have a child and no one can hear from you…and you alright just a chill for 2 fricking weeks..yea man..I gotz you

  5. Depression is not seen , its good he took off he could have harm himself or others we can’t see what he is seeing, well he’s back, hope he does some sort of counseling😼

  6. I know first hand about depression..who feels it knows it..takes one to know one and all dat…I have been so depressed that I don’t want see no one..just be alone. Having kids don’t change you having it but guess what…If I up and decide one day to leave go chill somewhere…end of day i have to call..or let someone know hey I just down the road clearing my head

    Conscience has to come into play..cause when you depressed, the crap you can think up..the places your mind goes is not normal..(I wont even go into the dark side of it)but half those thought gona revolve eventually to your Child …and is not to say 1 day, 2 days, 5 days (MURDER)…this is 2 whole weeks…and you know wha going on in Antigua, your family friends don’t know where you are

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