Missing 18-Year-Old Found


The family and Police are reporting that the missing All Saints Teen Zinajah Peters has been found.

She returned home shortly after midnight on Sunday 9th February 2020. It was reported that she was staying at a house in New Winthorpes in the company of a male.

She is reported to be in good health. Police are carrying out further investigations into the matter.

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  1. Happy she was found alive and well but…..its the same old story. Just as i predicted…..”at a man’s house”.. lol. Well at least in this case she not underage.

  2. “Judge not, lest ye be judged…”
    The investigation ran its course, and yes, she was in the company of a male.
    She, probably considers herself an adult, thinking that she has the “right” to do whatever;
    that’s fine, however, she has to understand that, “actions have consequences,” and her actions
    cost the state money, and since, she’s an adult(in her thinking) in my opinion, she should be made
    to reimburse the State for any such cost.

    • I agree 100%
      I also agree that her parents should know their children and know what they would and would not do.

    • I am glad she is safe, not sure about been glad she is back home however. @ras why should the state fine her? She never put the report out, plus she is of age. She is an adult who can choose to disappear anytime she wants to. Even if it means been in a “man house” for the next month or she decide to run go bush to exhale from some of the negative people / situation around her. It is her rights. Young people men or women, even though we do not generally hear when young men run off, do not normally run off for no reason. So before we go trashing the “ladies” who ran off, lets find out the reason first and TRY fix it.

      • I am “thrashing her,” and you are probably correct, that there are underlying factors why she chose to do what she did.
        More than likely, she was aware, that there was a Missing Person’s report regarding her. Maybe, maybe not.
        Antigua is a small place, news travels fast locally, and not to mention via Social Media.
        The person whose home she was staying, (speculation) more than likely, knew that there was a Missing Person’s Report out on her.
        Now, they are both adults according to the Law which means that, they both knew what they were doing, and made a conscious effort, to prolong the issue; and, even though they’re adults, the State still has an obligation to her, and vice-versa. We all have “rights,” but it does not mean, anyone of Us have the “right” to do as We please, to others, in this case the State.

      • Now, in addition even if she’s 18yrs old, and an “adult” by Law, she’s still a pupil in school, I repeat; she’s still a student in school which means that, for a specific time during the course of the school day, the State is responsible for her whereabouts, educating her etc; and, if anything happens to her during that time, the State is responsible for her, I would think.
        In many jurisdictions now, for example in the USA, if your child regardless of what their age is, and they are in High School to Elementary, if they DO NOT show up for school, on any given scheduled school day, the parent or legal guardian better have a good excuse, as to why their child was not in school, otherwise you can be arrested, charged and prosecuted.
        Even school bus drivers or other transportation personnel, are responsible for reporting any signs of abuse or inappropriate behavior, to the relevant authorities.

    • Ras, you are absolutely right. I hear she being shamed now by the whole community, and she got not more friends. What a mess. Such stupidness. Chuptz!

  3. Well well for all the fake woke idiots on this site that wanted to bash me cause me say she dey one man yard and low and behold way them find she?? Dey one MAN YARD!! That is the case of runnaway teens nothing new here!!!

    • Lol lol I said the same thing when I heard it tooo that’s seems to be typical of most a them females youths for today


      Didn’t write a darn thing on your ‘…Entitled Suggestive Belief.’

      ‘…Fake Woke Idiots,’ Na-a-ah Mmmmm!

      Got to defend ‘…our fellow-commenters.’

      As much as he might be seen as a darn ‘…Dunce,’ our ‘…gud fren Bat,’ would never have said that of fellow-commenters.

      Only wants to know,’… other than his nose,’ what he could put in a woman’s business.

      Subsequently told him, ‘…Money.’

      Hear the darn ‘Bat’ now ‘…Yuh kiddin!’

      Told him ‘…Hell no.’

      Though confirmed in this news story, do sensed that ‘…some commenters disagreed’ because what you had suggested may have been seen as ‘…inappropriate, if not tinged with insensitivity.

      This was in view of the darn headline, ‘… 18 Year-old Missing’ [ANR: February 8, 2020].’

      Better watch ‘yuh’ darn language and show some darn ‘…RASpect’ ( Ras Smood’s new word).


    Told y’all so.

    Male or female, ‘…except tragedy strikes,’ no way can anyone ‘…Stop the rain from falling or the Sun from shining’ in the life of ‘…an 18 year-old.’

    Found? Na-a-ah.

    She would have been found if a ‘…Rescue/Search Party’ had gone out every darn way ‘…searching and looking for her.’

    Remember this darn song;

    ‘…When a girl changes from bobby sox to stockings;

    And she starts changing her baby toys to ‘..Joy’ [Frankie Avalon: You Tube].

    Darn ‘Bat’ says that word ‘…Joy’ is wrong.

    Clearly, after chilling out and perhaps, ‘…clearing the darn brain,’ she ‘…returned home on her darn ‘…Own Free Will.’

    Now hear this ‘…Duncy Bat’ fella,’ …When will be the next time out?
    Told him to ask his ‘…Brother Rock Head.’

    Said his Brother don’t study those things.

    Told him to ask ‘…Peter.’

    Sucked his darn teeth.

    As ‘…gud frenz,’ gave the darn ‘Bat’ some friendly advice.

    Told him, ‘..Never try to ‘…dip your’ nose into a woman’s business.

    Inquisitively, he asked, ‘…Then what I must dip?’

    Told him to go to ‘…Jabberwock Beach; or …Fort James Beach; or …Pigeon Point Beach’ and ‘…Dip’ his darn whole body into the sea water.’

    Then he asked this ‘…Battish’ question ‘…Ah have to take Taxi to get there?.

    Told him no, he could fly,’ because that is how ‘Bats’ get around.

    Again, he sucked his darn teeth.


      She made no darn ‘…False Report to the Police or anyone’ that she was ‘…Missing?

      Reasonably suspected that whoever made the ‘…Missing Report’ had some darn ‘…idea that something may have been troubling the poor young lady.

      Except being ‘…an embicile,’ she has reached the ‘…Age of Majority’ to ‘…leisurely take a walk or make a visit’ to;

      (i) …A park;

      (ii) …A home;

      (iii) …A Gym; or

      (iv) …A Movie.’

      Mama’s Boy could never do any of these without ‘blo’ on returning home.

      No Sah. ‘…Blo like peas.’

      Not always ‘…gud to tro blo,’ especially if the ‘…darn devil’ say so, though.

      Just remember that ‘…an All Saints Granny ‘…tro blo like peas’ and tragedy struck [September 2014].

      Teen’s ‘…two hands brock up’ and ‘…bled to death’ [OMG: July 5, 2017]

      This was the ‘…Expert evidence’ of Pathologist Dr. Lester Simon.

      He didn’t use the words ‘…brock up,’ though.

  5. Inspite of the fact that this young lady is not considered as a minor, her actions of disappearing from home is not justified…. As a result, I think she owes the state a public apology and should given some community tasks to do as long as her actions were done on her own free will.

    Yes, she may have concerns / issues at home or perhaps her feminine hormones are now taking control of her but one needs to accept that ” communication ” is of great importance in the home or otherwise. Telling a parent, guardian, a relative or a friend would not have place the state in such a position…..

    Her recent actions not only cost the state, but it had almost every household frantic and concern as to whats exactly is going on in this little state of Antigua and Barbuda…

    She should be made a public example…. Perhaps having her to apologize publicly and engage her into some community work would perhaps negate or reduce future incidents like this.

  6. She owes no one an apology, by the law she’s an adult. She did absolutely nothing wrong. Her relatives knee what was going on, I dear say the police knew as well.

  7. How stupid must you be to suggest the girl pay back the state ? Was she the one who reported herself missing ? When someone is missing law enforcement suggest maybe harm may come (or came) to that person. Using the state to find an 18 year old who you know is not really lost should be a offence.

  8. when there is legitimate need for alarm, no one will be, because this type of behavior has now become the norm for our young girls. This is a sad situation, and something needs to be done so our girls, and the males harbouring them will think hard about doing this.

    • …habits, become Norms!
      …norms, become A Way Of Life!
      …a way of life, defines A People!
      …a People defines, a Culture!
      …said Culture, will inevitably dictate and predicate;
      …the direction(s), said People take
      …since, life is Cyclic, by design
      …make no mistake,
      …such, has being proven over time!


  9. Who raise this silly child anyway? What is going on in our society!!!!! Seems like we need a mighty Holy Ghost revival in this land.

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