Ministry To Investigate Case Of ‘Missing’ Twins


The Ministry of Health says it has launched an investigation into the 2004 alleged disappearance of twin babies at the Holberton Hospital.

The investigation was launched after a woman posted a video on Facebook claiming that she was the mother.

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph told state media that he ordered the investigation as soon as the matter was brought to his attention.

According to the woman posting as Keoma La Hamer on Facebook, she was headed to St. Martin from Guyana when she went into labour while in transit in Antigua.

She was taken to the Holberton Hospital in September of that same year and claims she gave birth to twins who were crying at the time of birth.

La Hamer said she was later informed that the babies died.

(More reporting to come)

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  1. Waiting for some facts like Immigration and airline records.

    Who transported her to the hospita

    Who was her doctor before travelling?

    Why now?

  2. I am sorry for your loss young lady and I hope you get justice.
    …Twin babies born and I heard them cry.
    …Later I was told that my babies had died.
    …Did the mother ever got to see her dead babies?
    …Were the police called in to investigate the death of the babies?
    …If the police were called, did they saw the dead babies and took pictures?
    …Then the police should have a file including pictures of the dead babies.
    …After 15 years, no answer to a grieving mother.

  3. This is a somewhat of a bizarre story and true or false, it is calling the credibility of the wonderful medical staff and facility into question. I do not know the genesis of the story but it is enough to cause fear amongst the would be mothers who would normally do their delivery at our lone public institution. I would hate to think that this is a case of causing deliberate public mischief but I am happy that the Ministry of Health has launched an investigation in order to bring clarity and sensibility to this claim. I just want to add here that I have much confidence in our health care providers and I believe that they are amongst the best anywhere.

  4. This is interesting! She waited almost 15 yeas to thought that something is fishy about the situation.
    The babies was reportedly dead but she never look to see or handle the processing of her dead babies.

    Investigators, is there a set of twin running around Antigua who is almost 15 years old and sketchy parents/birth information?

  5. what is this after 15 years…lord help all those who are involved…the time frame though…

  6. Things that make me stand, scratch mi bald head, say chups and walk away!!!
    First ,there is no way in hell my wife is giving birth to our children, dead or alive & we are not able to see / view the bodies of those she has carried for 9 months. This was not a miscarriage. There is bond form already, not with just one but two.
    Much less to wait 15 years to bring this to light.
    Did she even inquire on the status after she gave birth or follow up once she was discharged??? Did she inquire on the policies for burying children after delivery!!! Did she ever report the mystery surrounding the death to the auth. No people!!! There is something off with this story……there has to be a follow up / 2 prt to this

  7. How long was she in Antigua?
    Did she have a burial for the twins?
    Did she complete her journey?
    On arrival to her next destination did she interact with any one about her ordeal?

    Was it a normal delivery?

  8. For Antigua sake I pray this is all a joke or there is some explanation.. This news is getting attention and it is not the kind of a attention we need right!! Check her out.. she is not hiding, read her accounts of the event!! Still scratching mi bald head and waiting!!!!!!

    Keoma La. Hamer
    @keomala.hamer Social Enhancer.UN Speaker.Founder@The KeLaHa Projects &The Amo’ek Group.Enhancing Life Experiences.Cervical Cancer Advocate. Con:[email protected]

  9. There are so many questions.
    If there was indeed a birth at the hospital during here in transit, was she discharged from the hospital with the babies then committing a crime by ditching them some place and take her flight to her final destination like if nothing happen? Did she give correct name?
    Where is she now? Did she go back to Guyana and having people to believe that the children are still living and growing up in St Martin or something?

    Mr. Pompy, your views? 🙂

  10. everyone asking y she waited that long … she was 19 not 40 come on people probably some nurses saw the opportunity to get some babies and the nurses were guyanese so they probably felt comfortable

  11. If this woman did give birth, is it possible that she intentionally left them in the hospital as she could not care for them in St. Martin.
    The children would now be teenagers and after someone or the government cared for them for 15 years she wants them now. There is a story behind this story if there is one at all.

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