Ministry Says It Has Finally Removed Barbuda Occupants From Hotel


The Ministry of Works says it successfully removed all the occupants at the Barrymore Hotel.


It said this move will enable the ministry to commence the refurbishment of the facility.


The Barrymore Hotel is under the care of the Government of Antigua & Barbuda and has been earmarked to be developed into a premier small hotel and business center.


Ministry officials and representative from the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) with the assistance of the Police conducted an operation Saturday to have all the residents relocated, as the facility is no longer a post hurricane shelter.


NODS started the process to relocate the Barbudans and the Ministry of Works have now completed the process.


The rooms were all cleared and some of the occupants have removed their belongings from the compound.


The occupants were given a deadline six months ago to vacate the facility. They were also given the option of relocating back to Barbuda by the Barbudan representative.


The Ministry has received additional reports of vandalism and the most recent report being the theft of water from a nearby facility. These acts will not be condoned or supported.


The upgrade and repairs to the Barrymore Hotel forms part of a holistic programme being undertaken by the Ministry of Works.


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    Interesting how the status of Barbudans, who for reasons of a natural disaster, were provided accommodation, albeit temporary, has been degraded to ‘Squatters.’

    Was it because they had defied the authorities to get them to vacate the premises for so long?

    • Congratulations Mr. Pompey short, sweet and to the point. To answer your question the red koolaid minions just following their Top Dawg leader in degrading the Barbudans. They can’t help themselves, it’s call the dunce elements who can’t think for themselves.

      • KSA-
        Always endeavored not to write anything adverse, but clearly to refer to these citizens as ‘…Squatters,’ seems offensive and objectionable.

        Instructively, and with great sensitivity, another media referred to them as what they truly are, ‘Barbudans.’

        Their parliamentary representative Trevor Walker took umbrage to the ‘disparaging’ description [Daren Matthew Ward Morning Show: July 22, 2019].

        Isn’t it ‘…One nation and one People?’

  2. I hope the ministry is proud of themselves, a job well done.

    Now all land lords please take note on how to remove a tenant.

    Forget about paying lawyers and going to court and still no success.

    Follow the government’s lead. Take the law into your hands as the government did.

    The government sets the trend for private sector

  3. What goes up must come down ! I guest the pm got no self esteem much less any brought up! I for got he’s crazy ,I wonder if he was born at clear view! We should forgive him lol!

    • Dear Editor,
      Why did you post the blog for “Mad to Pass”?
      That post adds no value and is disgusting.

      On the other hand I am yet to see my post asking about the article that was published on ANR concerning the dismissal of the million dollar marijuana bust.

      Censorship is a backward thing, Editor please give me a link to the article about the million dollar drug bust case dismissal.

      Pay attention and keep those disrespectful blogs to a minimum. Thank you


    Watch it ‘…Mad Pass!’

    Are you the ‘…Mad Psychiatrist?

    Everyone is ‘…presumed sane’ until so professionally certified otherwise.

    Not only the comment seems offensive, but also ‘…grossly callous and reckless.’

    ANR shall know that such comment has ‘…serious implications for litigation against this news portal.’

  5. Barbudans like to be put to shame. Dem shudda done vacate since the first attempt. Stop with the entitlement attitudes, 3 years it would have been you’re freeloading.

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