Ministry responds to concerns over pace of work on Little Creek project


The Ministry of Works (MoW) shares the concerns of the motoring public with the rate of progress with respect to the construction of the Little Creek Culvert.

The Project Implementation and Management Unit (PIMU) asserts that ongoing engagement with the Contractor to ensure the Works are carried out safely and in compliance with the relevant specifications, has been challenging, but through continuous and persistent resolve the proper checks and tests have been done to ensure the Culvert is built to last.


These checks included tests on the underlying soil strata and the chemical reaction tests on the materials to be used in the concrete mixture.


Chemical imbalance can cause serious expansion and cracking in concrete, resulting in major structural problems and sometimes necessitating demolition.


Due to the complex and technical nature of these tests, compounded by the reality that most cannot be done locally, and further exacerbated by the restrictions and lockdowns brought on by the Covid-19 Global pandemic, caused disruption in the export, receipt, and processing of the various samples.


Test results were only received in August 2021, which is the reason for the extensive delay by the Contractor.


Thus, the length of time should be measured by the effort being deployed to ensure the Culvert is being constructed to the highest international standards.


Nonetheless, given the progress made to date (i.e., Steel and Form work being installed) the public is being assured every effort is being made to pour the base of the culvert before the end of next week.


The Ministry of Works wishes to thank the public, residents and businesses on the South side of the island for their patience and understanding during the extend delay.


We further appeal to Motorist to traverse the area with extreme caution paying keen attention to the Traffic Management measure to be implemented, for your safety and that of the workforce.

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  1. This story is filled with fluff. That work should have been done for sometime now. Who are enriching themselves from all of those projects?

  2. Question what does chemical have to do with what is a clear sign of improper construction? Did they asses the CBR value of the road.. the ADT ,the VDF. What are the max load bearing capacity for the road,…. have they determine the max density “Rho” of the solid suitable for the carriage way, why are the aggregate size consistent in the subbase layer, why not have an HBL layer to absorb the shock… Where is the geo-grid to reduce soil erosion in the subbase layer? These should be the focus, this chemical t
    alk is the lease and minor issue (not saying it’s not important) but if the subgrade cannot last then the superstructure (asphalt layer) is useless issues such as spalling , stress cracks soil erosion and pot hole will be inevitable.

  3. That is all we need. Some public communication. So that we the public don’t just wonder what the heck is going on

  4. Over 20 years on singn in bendals saying weak bridge and everyday concrete trucks pass up.and down for 20 years … guess you should hire the contractor for that bridge

  5. Not sure about this chemical reason. We usually conduct all soil and materials tests before the final drawings are made, which encompasses designs, loads and available aggregates.
    Months went by before that project actually started. I cannot believe that, just before pouring, chemical tests are being done. All that information determines the type, size, strength and composition of aggregates.
    Sounds like the cart before the horse..

  6. I saw a guy/gal/animal bigging them up for their stupid act talking abt public understanding and communication(wenk dem nah come communicate with me ehh) and you better wake up and smell the coffee, why wasn’t that being said before?….. Bout communication chups communication ma foot!!!!!
    I’m just tired mayne y’all too wicked, bad and lie nf
    That person is a suckup (idc i said what said) he/she/it nah Kay bout ppl
    You mean fa tell arwe that e nearly tek one whole year fa do wan bridge?
    When dem done dem ge Melford the credit fa the nearga dem bridges over friars hill/fort road, he due fa any credit? Chups ya think dis a cya dealership wey you pay money and look good y’all gullible to believe them but me nah tan up fa nun ism & schism
    Aye anybody ma heated rn just step up to the plate and I give the facts

  7. Someone trying to justify their incompetence with a bunch of fluff. Bullsh… talk. Cant they wlrk fast and get the work done. Nonsense.

  8. More lies and excuses as usual.

    Vote all of them out.

    End all the creative enrichment schemes the All Bulls Lying Politicians are practicing. We are not their financial slaves.

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