Ministry of Works to commence several projects in coming weeks



The Minister of Works reported on many of the projects which the Works Department has begun to undertake, since the expanded portfolio was passed to her.

Work has already commenced on Lablahlie Road, including the completion of the sub-base.

The Road was completely unusable by residents; over the past week, the PWD trucks have delivered the aggregates, the machines and the manpower required to bring the road to a passable state.

Although the resurfacing of Anchorage Road has been halted temporarily, that is to enable APUA to plant new water-pipes to replace the 60 year-old cast iron pipes under the road.

The resurfacing will recommence in two weeks or thereabouts.

The Works Department will also fix secondary roads in every district, spending a period of time in each before moving on.

The Ministry of Works will also immediately send a team to the Boys Training School to fix the kitchen and to improve several of the sleeping rooms that are in disrepair.

The Cabinet agreed that the Ministry of Works is off to a good start. Members applauded the collaboration between the Minister of Utilities and the Minister of Works.

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  1. All worl boss family equipment go over load wid work now..
    Let’s be frank. We hated when Asot was Minister of Works and Minister of Finance.. It’s a recipe for creative enrichment and wastage. And Gaston himself was opposed to this. Your wife is now the Minister of Works and you the Minister of finance.. No degree of separation.. just blatant just so. If he wasn’t soooo “creative” there would be no concern..

    • And of course, in the interest of being honest you do not mention that the Cabinet, in the interest of good governance and transparency, will have to approve all contracts from the ministry of Public Works. When last have we seen such accountability and transparency. Keep up with trying to deceive the people. You’ll have to do this for yet another five years.

      • FTS.. I appreciate your view but unfortunately it’s the type of response that has caused such a massive decline in support from 2018 to now.. and the PM surrounds himself with this kind of thinking. Absolutely not reading the room and hearing what the people are saying. The same echo chamber. Blowing smoke up his posterior. He has the ability to be a great leader but if he can’t see that him being the Minister of Finance and his wife the Minister of Works with his level of involvement in heavy duty equipment etc being a potential conflict of interest, I am really concerned as he may not last the 5 years that you are suggesting sir. It’s that type of insular thinking that is causing his slow demise.

        • And perception is in your mind fact. No matter how transparent the system is. When Lovell was minister of Finance his wife was chairman of the MBS and Consultant to the ADOMS Building Project and Consultant to the PDV Caribe Antigua office. Do you want to know the salaries she brought home? Not a drum was heard by the likes of you. And there was no transparency. And all we know it MBS lost millions of dollars under her chairmanship, ADOMS building got cost overrun of millions of dollars and PDV Caribe Antigua was bankrupt. You guys can spin it how much you want, but we have not seen a more transparent government than this Gaston Browne government. He put a policy which prevents him and his wife and any other direct family from taking up government contracts. So, all the accusations you guys are making are baseless.

  2. Two clown in the picture. One from ottos that love coup woman and the other one that never do no work. It’s nice to see finally you’re attempting to look busy Maria Browne

    • Yea cus the man a ride your gyal and she tell you otherwise punk.

      You come on here posting and a hide behind curtain cus you in your feelings. She don’t like Wong Ping she like Long Ting….🤣😂

  3. The roads in Herberts/Lightfoot west need to be fixed. It has been about 6 months that the residents are forced to park at a distance and walk the dark roads to get to their homes, hoping that the neighborhood dogs are not on the loose.

  4. A picture speaks a thousand words. What a woman. Pilgrim better shape up or ship out. Weston was too lenient and lazy to do all the physical exercise that was required of him.

  5. This ridiculous photo opportunity, will only fool the ABLP acolytes into believing that everything in Maria Browne’s garden is rosey 🌹, and wipes away all of her previous broken promises – so easily lead, as usual.


    • Brixtonian, just look at the housing revolution she has spearheaded with NAMCO. No housing minister has built more houses than Maria. She has proven to be quite an achiever. And that in just one term. No wonder the people voted her back in office overwhelmingly.

      • Time will tell about Maria Browne’s credentials @From The Sideline. However, after two terms in office (mainly due to nepotism), overall she’s been struggling and is now drinking at the ‘last chance saloon’.

        This term of office is not only important for her, but also for the governance of the ABLP as a whole; because the electorate are now wise to their broken promises of the last 2 terms, and will not put up with more of the same – no way, no how!

        However, I do salute your blind optimism (and dressed up as pessimism😁) in her. Very admirable, but also revealing.

        Oh, by the way boss, many of us have still to hear your viewpoints on the developing fiasco with the Nigerian and Antiguan airline and the 100s of Africans roaming the streets of Antigua.

        What’s your take on this again, if any? 🤔

          • Sounds to me, that over time, you will change your mind – just like I did – and change from supporting the broken promises of the ABLP and come over and look to the future with UPP.

            Give it time @ From The Sideline, give it time – I feel it in my bones … You know it makes sense long term!

            Antigua & Barbuda deserves a better leader than the nefarious Gaston Browne.

        • And do not forget Brixtonian, your leader Lovell said the best way to judge a man/woman is to look at past performance. So, let’s look at Maria’s past performance and judge her. And if you are fair and honest with yourself you will agree that she has performed very well. Antigua has experienced a housing revolution with the government leading the way. Over one thousand homes were built under this lady. Remarkable isn’t.

  6. The people have spoken and for all intents and purposes the Gaston Browne Administration has been reelected. Minister Maria Browne along with Minister Nicholas have hit the ground running. We absolutely need to give them the necessary time and space to operate and to provide well needed relief for our peoples. I am sure if the United Progressive Party had won it would have been absolutely necessary to give them space too. So please my peoples let us wait a little bit before we draw out our “knives” of criticism and downright hate and resentment.

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    UPP really want an UNWED BABY-DADDY leading it?? 2018 he went government house with iShorna.
    2023 he went government house with iShorna.
    No engagement/wedding ring??

    No official commitment to this young queen? He plan to do a Bruce Goodwin???

    Bowen: MARRIED 1x
    Serpent: MARRIED 1x
    Richard: MARRIED Jamaican 1x
    Pringle: ???????????? SHACKING UP?

    Be a man. Make an honest woman out of Shorna. She not your arm candy!!

    Sure she can try help you with Hooked On Phonics to remedy all de Corn You Picking Up

  8. Even a dog could win that All Saints East & St. Luke seat and Pringle saw it as an opportunity to line his pockets. He has the resources to repair the deplorable roads in Tyrells, Swetes, All Saints and John Hughes but come with all sorts of excuses since he rather buy jeep and car fu woman drive, damn clown.🤡

    All now not one politician on either sides can fix the ball court in Swetes, NOT ONE!! All of you are ridiculous now, but Pringle needs to go either way.

    Hopefully Gaston and his colleagues stop neglecting these areas and appoint a strong and competent ALP candidate in All Saints East & St Luke so we can get rid of this asshole.

    • @Cochrane: A dawg did win in Point /Villa Area. I was in Antigua in September,2022.Having lived in Villa Area before migrating. I did a drive around Villa Area and Point. It is the filthiest I have ever seen those 2 areas. They looked like Cooks Dump moved into those areas.

  9. You Laborites sound so bitter. Is it because sensible people, by the popular vote, rejected this unscrupulous, incompetent failure? Anyway, first ask Pixie to repair Factory road where Public works or whoever, dig up the newly resurfaced road, for the 4th or 5th time. There is a dunce element at work here. The stupidity of those pipes is almost laughable.
    If this is any indication of what is to come, we in trouble. I am willing to lay a bet that Pixie knows nothing about this job requirement.
    And@ Pringle can’t read, have you really listened to Gaston Browne? Biggest malaprop in Antigua.

  10. That picture above is laughable. Picksy on a heavy duty equipment. Why is the operator looking away and looking so mad. Does one has to dress in Red if he or she works for the Government.

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