Ministry of Health suspends vaccinations at the Multipurpose Centre, vaccinations continue at alternate sites


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment wishes to advise that COVID-19 vaccination operations will be suspended at the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Center as of July 1st, 2022. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

June 30th, 2022 is the last day of operation at this site.

Citizens and residents are therefore encouraged to utilize the other COVID-19 vaccination sites such as the Villa Polyclinic, Glanville Polyclinic and the main public health centers to receive their first dose, second dose and booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

You are also reminded that this weekend, COVID-19 vaccines will be administered at the Villa Polyclinic from 9am to 3pm on Saturday 2nd July, 2022. Please make use of this opportunity.

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  1. VIDEO
    700 Million Dead from the Shot by 2028? – Dr. David Martin
    “It’s gonna get much worse.”

    Greg Hunter interviews Dr. David Martin, a top expert in the ongoing and unfolding COVID murders by injection and litigation.

  2. Have you ever seen a leech that likes to hug every person or thing it sees, this is the motives of these fools, today both of my parents went to visit the doctor, cuz of this shit that they took , you think I can beat to see my parents run to the shot house every week, the devil is a liar but I’m just waiting for that moment and they would have to tell me what went wrong. I don’t think that anyone right now is as angry as me. You shit heads still pushing your motives, I want to know you missed and doctors still getting paid to push the vaccine in people body hmmmm. Too many people in Antigua is silent and them wicked preacher man / woman all of uno going to pay for something you wish you never signed up for. May Yah be with you all soul. Where is Mr Browne ? Everydaythem radio man on the air and chat them mouth about UPP but they not saying what they have done you think that right at the end of the day both parties need to speak truth. But Mr. Browne pray that the Lord have mercy pan you a**. The rage I carry pray your house not in this place.

    For Antiguans start catch sense, then to the Father and ask him to have mercy on this land.

    • Dear Lioness Tribe,

      A close relative of mine is heavily involved in the ordering and distribution of pharmaceuticals in the UK, and ever since the mass vaccination programmes there’s been a surge of the fully vaccinated being prescribed heart and blood thinning medications.

      Sadly, Lioness Tribe, he cannot speak out, because he will lose his highly paid position.

      He also took the vaccine (to keep his job) and now has numbness in his feet – I pray for him daily!

      Regards to you and your family


  3. Could this disturbing news coming out from Denmark be the REAL reason for this curtailment?:

    Denmark’s Director-General of the Danish Health Authority (DHA) Soren Brostrom has recently admitted that giving Covid vaccines to children and teenagers has been a USELESS MISTAKE that the country would not repeat.

    Soren Brostrom was asked if it was a mistake to vaccinate children?

    The Danish Health Minister responded by saying:

    “With what we know now today; yes …”

    Fellow Antiguans, do not believe that our own GODFORSAKEN Health Minister does not know about this, and hasn’t been informed about the concerns from fellow the Danish Health Minister.

    Citizens of Antigua, 🇦🇬 as you know, diligent people like myself, Angel and Sugarapple, will continue to inform you of the downsides to these vaccines and vaccination programmes; so that you can keep out of harms way, and make informed choices for the safety of yourselves; your family and friends.


    • @Brixtonian, lately, my posts to this platform are getting censored more often – especially anything that contains a video. I am willing to bet If I post a pro vax video it gets posted 🤣 I can only speculate that one or more of the moderators are being bribed to suppress information. Maybe I’ll start posting on the Facebook side.

      • I’m glad that you’ve mentioned the censorship of messages on ANR posts. I have lost count the amount of times mine haven’t been published by ANR.

        Yet, they allow a lot of cussing, cursing and incoherent nonsense to get through is baffling to say the least.

        Never give up, never give in Sugarapple, we are on the right side of history boss … 🤜🤛

  4. Let us just stop vaccinations altogether
    Then we will just have more rehab facilities in place for children with polio
    We can just go back to a different level of population control, as a friend of mine recently lost her college-aged daughter to meningitis
    So for all who want to see the upswing in various illnesses, let us just give them what they want: no vaccines, no washing hands, no personal responsibility

    • I think you are missing the point @ Let the chips fall.

      I totally disagree with you on the vaccines that you have mentioned, because the polio and meningitis drugs were rigorously tested for years, and have been proven to help for the betterment of mankind.

      Whereas, the Covid-19 vaccines were rushed through and given some sort of emergency clearance and not FDA approved; also, in addition, the definition of vaccines was changed to make the world and his dog think that these TRIAL vaccines were as safe as those that you have mentioned in your post.


  5. Pfizer C19 vaccine trial used the meningococcal vaccine the in the control group. Anyone that took a Pfizer covid jab and got meningitis, got the placebo.
    People can chose not to believe that this is a global experiment.

    1953: Clothes are moth-proofed by washing them in EQ-53, a formula containing DDT.

    1953: Dr. Biskind writes: ‘It was known by 1945 that DDT was stored in the body fat of mammals and appears in their milk… yet far from admitting a causal relationship between DDT and polio that is so obvious, which in any other field of biology would be instantly accepted, virtually the entire apparatus of communication, lay and scientific alike, has been devoted to denying, concealing, suppressing, distorting and attempts to convert into its opposite this overwhelming evidence. Libel, slander, and economic boycott have not been overlooked in this campaign.’

    1954: Legislation recognizing the dangers of persistent pesticides is enacted, and a phase out of DDT in the US accelerates along with a shift of sales of DDT to third world countries.

    (Note that DDT is phased out at the same time as widespread polio vaccinations begin. Saying that, polio cases sky rocket only in communities that accept the polio vaccine, as the polio vaccine is laced with heavy metals and other toxins, so the paralysis narrative starts all over again. As the polio vaccines cause huge spikes in polio, the misinformed public demand more polio vaccine and the cycle spirals skyward exponentially)

    1956: the American Medical Association mandated that all licensed medical doctors could no longer classify polio as polio. All polio diagnosis would be rejected in favor of Guillian-Barre Syndrome, AFP (acute flaccid paralysis), Bell’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, (Lou-Gehrig’s Disease), MS, MD etc etc. This sleight of hand was fabricated with the sole intent of giving the public the impression that the polio vaccine was successful at decreasing polio or eradicating polio. The public bought this hook, line and sinker and to this very day, many pro vaccine arguments are ignited by the manufactured lie regarding the polio vaccine eradicating polio.

    1962: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is published.

    1968: DDT registration cancelled for the US.

    2008: Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) is still a raging in many parts of the world where pesticide use is high, and DDT is still used. AFP. MS, MD, Bell’s Palsy, cerebral palsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Guillian-Barre are all catch basket diagnosis, all similar in symtpoms, tied to heavy metal poisoning and high toxic load.

    2008: WHO states on its website: ‘There is no cure for polio. Its effects are irreversible.’

    Conclusion: Modern belief that polio is caused by a virus is an ongoing tragedy for the children of the world. Public funds are wasted on useless and dangerous vaccines when the children could be treated with antitoxins. A call into failing vaccine mythology is warranted, as is a complete investigation of the real agenda being executed against humanity involving science, chemicals, vaccines, the medical field in general, and the government.

  6. Rolls Royce Molwyn Joseph don’t know about medicine. All he know about is lifting Rolls Royces over the Port fence.

  7. These things are not vaccines. They are poison.
    – Polyethylene glycol 2000, the lipid nano particle used by Pfizer is marked as “not for human use”.
    – To the comment about stopping all vaccines and seeing a general increase in diseases, answer me this: Will the mass administration of a product which has 1200 documented side effects make society on a whole more or less healthy?
    – Pfizer received full approval to manufacture their “vaccines” under the name Comirnaty. While this is identical to the substance they’ve been damaging people with for the last year or so, there is one main difference. Comirnaty, having received full regulatory approval allows its manufacturer to be sued for resulting damages. To date, Comirnaty has not and will not be manufactured according to Pfizer. I wonder why…
    – Countries like Germany have recorded an alarming decrease in births, 9 months after the first rollout of the vaxx. Surely, this is to be blamed on the virus which first appeared in 2019…right…?
    – An artistic swimmer, Anita Alvarez recently fainted in the pool for the second time since last year. She is quoted as saying, “I’m so grateful to have access to the vaccine”
    – …by the way how are the Bieber’s doing? Can he move his face yet?

    I realize actually researching these things is more difficult than just sitting back and picking up the remote, because there are false signals everywhere but don’t you think for sake of you and your children’s health that it’s worth doing?

  8. There are some incredible posts on here, much respect to one and all … 👏


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