Ministry of Education says discarded e-books had passed their time


The Ministry of Education is aware of a video circulating showing some E-book Devices and textbooks that were disposed of by the Board of Education. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP


We wish to inform the public of the following facts surrounding the disposal of the e-book devices:


The average lifespan of this technology ranges from 4 – 5 years


The Ebook Devices shown are over 6 (six) years old and after many iterations of repairs, upgrades, and salvaging of parts for other devices, these e-book devices have been deemed to have outlived their useful and technological lives, and have been rendered irreparable.


The Board of Education attempted to sustainably dispose of the obsolete devices by removing all reusable parts such as hard drives, batteries and motherboards prior to their disposal. While attempts were made to remove all of the SD cards, it is apparent that some may have been missed.


As it relates to the printed texts, the Board of Education wishes to advise that while it appreciates and understands the value of text books, the following are the facts:


Due to changes in the syllabus and the curriculum the text books in question have been replaced in the schools.


All of the books that have been disposed at the landfill are out of print, out of circulation, and have been in storage for up to eight years.


Due to an excessive grown of mold on the books, along with the fact that these books were already replaced in the education system, It was felt that the continuous storage of these texts was neither sustainable nor practical.


The Ministry of Education and The Board of Education remain committed to not only the education of our youth, but ensuring that all the necessary tools for facilitating this process are made available to them.

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  1. this some fking bullsh!t. even if they old a lot of ppl local could have used it for basic tasks such as web research and or basic data entry like using Microsoft word. an old chip can handle that much without any issue.

    whoever at the Ministry of Education did this is an absolute fking moron.

    • @The Wanderer..:👊🏾😅, it’s not “absolute” without the u and c!

      They really are absolute fUCking morons! 😂🤛🏾

  2. Why they didn’t offer them up for auction or donated to a technician for a cheap price im seeing so much value in the video n I’m not a big tech guy I’m pretty confident to with that many 2 or 3 could be used to make 1

    Also we understand it’s now 5 years but were they in use during covid or the last 3 years

    I’m begging Antiguans stop wasting we entering into a global recession n we need to be our brothers keepers one man’s trash is another man’s treasure

    Somebody owe the people of Antigua some money For these ebooks not excuses but money

  3. You people just keep trying to insult Antiguans and Barbudans intelligence. Why come with your silly excuses after the fact. Hadn’t it been for the vedio the public would have thought you have them to be distributed. Instead of dumping why not give them to the children. Antigua and Barbuda have a lot of technical people who could have modify them to work. WASTE OF MONEY WE DIDN’T NEED THOSE GARBAGE FROM THE START.

  4. Why were those EBooks disposed of in the Cooks Landfill? Then all of you so called Climate Change people say nothing about that.Diann Black- Layne,where are you in this matter? There are certain bulbs that I disposed of in a particular way. So why the hell the Department of Education did not dispose of them properly. Where are the Minister of the Environment,Minister of Education and the Directour/Director of Education in this matter. Thank you George Wehner. Continue to keep up the good work and keeping us informed. In that Video I could see Georgie Hill in the background at Hermitage Estate. It is the hill that shapes like a saddle.

  5. @Have Mercy: You are an arse hole. I do not deal with arse holes very well.There are elements in computers.If they are not disposed of properly could harm the Environment.Your Government gets money from International Bodies for the Environment,then this happens.You all are nothing more than Gangsters.Like to shake down of others.

  6. Somebody MUST be fired or resign. Another Great reporting by George. This one won the Nobel Prize.

  7. Some serious explanation needs to be provided to the citizens as to why these were disposed of in that manner. Could these be used and provide benefits to our young minds? This eBooks SAGA keeps producing evidence that some folks in charge of our greatest assets keeps dropping the ball.

    • Uno can’t read???

      “The Board of Education attempted to sustainably dispose of the obsolete devices by removing all reusable parts such as hard drives, batteries and motherboards prior to their disposal”.

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