Ministry Holds First Annual “Dads Take Your Child To School Day”


The Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs and Gender Affairs, in collaboration with Deeds Driven Dads and with support from the Ministry of Education, has held its first annual “Dad’s Take Your Child To School Day” at the TN Kirnon Primary School on Tuesday 18th September 2018.  

The “Dad’s Take Your Child To School Day” is part of a worldwide initiative involving over 1,000 schools, to ensure that fathers are involved in the day to day lives of their children and can make a significant positive impact on the lives of their families.

Over 35 men, including fathers, stepfathers, and grandfathers took part in the event, where they were given the opportunity to share in positive news about their children and families, took part in several motivational exercises, and well as were informed and encouraged to be involved in various upcoming activities and events at the TN Kirnon Primary School.

The crowd at the TN Kirnon Primary School was addressed by the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Social Transformation, Ms. Sandra Joseph, the Principal of the TN Kirnon Primary School, Mrs. Hyacinth Gonsalves-Barreiro, Mr. Daryl George from the Ministry of Social Transformation, and Mr. Stevan Lynn of Deeds Driven Dads.

This initiative is part of a larger programme to improve the personal development of fathers and future fathers to become agents of positive social change in their families and communities.

If you are interested in being a part of or supporting this initiative, please contact Mr. Daryl George at the Department of Youth Affairs within the Ministry of Social Transformation at 481-5326 or 462-6781

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  1. Sometimes we need to change the things we call CULTURE. It will perhaps take a while but Caribbean men thing raising the children is the task of the mother. They are there to instill discipline into the children. Daddy is the one that will give you with the belt when mommy cannot handle you. And up to today we seem to have the roles very strictly separated. And men who do not live up to those roles are seen as lesser men. Women run their lives. They do not wear the pants in the house. Had I now live in Europe for a while I would perhaps have inherited that mentality. But living among other cultures have thought me that these things do not make you less of a man. Like changing the diapers of your child. Or going to the pharmacy to buy your wife’s sanitary pads. We need to promote these things more and more in order to bring it into the psyche of especially our young men who will be the future fathers and perhaps will have grown into a new culture and understand that it is a man’s role to do these things for their child or children. To be there and to care for them as much or even more than the mother.

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