Ministry Gives More Details On Latest Covid-19 Cases


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment reported five additional laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda in the dashboard issued on July 29th.


Of the five positive cases, four of them are imported while one is non-imported.


One of the cases is that of an Antiguan national who had been in Barbados for six months and returned to Antigua. This individual was placed in quarantine upon arrival and has since been placed in isolation following the positive result.


This type of situation is now considered to be a regional phenomenon and is expected since Caribbean countries are reopening there borders allowing for intraregional travel.


The other three imported cases are people with a recent travel history while the single non-imported case is the contact of someone who previously tested positive. These four individuals are also now in isolation following their positive result.


Meanwhile, the dashboard remains the same as there has been no changes. The next publication of the dashboard will be on July 31st, 2020.



  1. Very strange the antiguan that was living in Barbados was mention ,but never said where the other three cases came from. Is it a chance the other three came from flights out of Miami?

  2. Really, this is acceptable, 9 case this week. I remember whn we were covid free, for 3 days. This is not acceptable. Keep it out! How we have lowered our expectations.

  3. What is all this talk of ‘cases’ about? The number of cases mean nothing. The IMPORTANT number is the amount of deaths. The dashboard says there have been 3. Are you people crazy? You have destroyed this countries economy over 3 deaths which are sad but to continue this tyrannical oppression of Antiguans is criminal malfeasance.The whole bunch of our government leadership needs to be replaced.

  4. ‘Caribbean countries are reopening THERE borders allowing for international travel’. Should be THEIR borders. While I appreciate the additional information provided, the quality of the of these official press releases leaves much to be desired. Will persist until we stop being satisfied with mediocrity.

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