Ministry condemns vandalism of newly built bus shed

Vandalised Bus Shed

The Ministry of Works is condemning vandalism of public properties as the police now investigate the damage to one of the recently installed bus sheds along the newly rehabilitated Sir George Walter Highway.


The new glass bus sheds were erected on Friars Hill Road and Sir George Walter Highway under the flagship Government of Antigua and Barbuda Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Works trough the Project Implementation Management Unit (PIMU).


Grant funding for the project has come from the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF) in the amount of 13.9 million pounds, with the Government of the twin island state investing in excess of twelve (12) million Eastern Caribbean Dollars.


The damage to the bus shed included the shattering of one of the glasses that covered the back part of the structure.


Works Minister the Hon. Lennox Weston said:


“The public must be cautioned that incidents of vandalism and the defacing of public and private property is against the law of the twin island state and can result in charges and the arrest of those involved in this type of criminal activity.”


Minister Weston encourages individuals and watchdog groups to contact the Ministry of Works or the police with information regarding public vandalism as a means of ensuring public safety.


The Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Works, Clarence Pilgrim is also requesting public assistance in solving the malicious vandalism of the bus shed.


“The Ministry of Works is both disheartened and disappointed by this type of vandalism to the bus shed located on Sir George Walter Highway. It is extremely bad and should not be tolerated in any country.” He stated.


The Ministry of Works is appealing to members of the public with any information relating to this act to contact the relevant authorities. This cannot and will not be allowed to continue. The Ministry of works encourages everyone to play a part in safeguarding national infrastructure.” the Permanent Secretary concluded.


A single bus shed has an estimated value of twenty six thousand ($26,000.00) Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

The PIMU’s official grievance mechanism policy has proven effective and stakeholders can file a complaint at 562-9174 0r 562-9176 or email [email protected].


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  1. This is an example of why this road project was just a waste of money to the UK TAXPAYER…. It not going to be maintained and both roads will look like Buckley line in no time. Shame. Such a shame.

    • Queen Elizabeth Highway was built before I was born and is still standing. The government should insist on getting value for money and hire competent contractors.

  2. Why would anyone do that.It is not a very nice thing to do.I hope you are caught and be sent to Prison.

  3. Lol. This was done by [individual] working under his ministry. The guys who cut grass on the side of the road must be really careful not to damage public property.

  4. Lack of civic pride. Just pure stupidity.

    Another reason why civics should be incorporated into our schools’ curriculum.

    We have to begin to teach the youth from early age; the need to take care of nature and our infrastructure. It is for the benefit of all.

  5. The person(s) that did that absolutely have no civic pride, and is a complete Jackass.

    All the time we argue that the place looks rundown, and this initiative is put in place, and this is what a Jackass does?

    I hope that the person(s) is caught, and I really do hope that the ministry repairs the damage to the shed

  6. why the Assumption that it were,,a deliberate act?
    A truck or weed whacker could have fired a projectile ,,causing said damage.

    • @wtf. Seems most likely explanation.
      Were said $26,000 shelters specifications environment-specific detailed before they were sourced & installed?
      Remember the ‘incorrect road signage’ & lack of turning roundabouts on some road stretches? Begs the question why didn’t Traffic Dept. analyze the plans BEFORE implementation knowing local conditions, businesses & road code and make necessary adjustments so saving money?

      • When roads are constructed, viewing distances and radius of curves dictate the speed. All of Friars hill road and airport road had speed signs (35 I think), start to finish. They got taken down over Christmas by the traffic police, who didn’t like the lower speed limit. I am guessing the contractor has basically been given the golden goose by them, as now the road has been adjusted, and I’m guessing they don’t need to guarantee it any more.

  7. Hoping this was an accident and not deliberate. Remember a few years ago when the UPP government repaired the sidewalks and installed grids for the water to run off, someone deliberately destroyed them. Up to now the grids have not been repaired and are a broken foot hazard. Don’t tell me stupid people are destroying properties that are for the benefit of all Antiguans.

  8. If this was deliberate, in the old days the people would cut their ass. In Mother Africa they simply would have stoned the perpetrator (and in some places they still do). These idiots need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws. Respect your country!!!

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