Ministry Advises That Non-Essential Travel To China Be Avoided


The Ministry of Health, Wellness & the Environment (MoHW&E) finds it prudent to continuously update the public as events unfold in the People’s Republic of China and across the world regarding novel Coronavirus_2019.

The cascade of events so far have yet to be declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization. However, the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment continues to increase its in-country capacity to respond effectively and efficiently to any international escalation. In the meantime, it is advised that all nonessential travel to the People’s Republic of China be avoided. The Ministry’s Interim Guidance on Novel Coronavirus for travelers is available on the Ministry’s Facebook page.

As scientists become more aware of the natural progression of the morbidity caused by this novel organism, be assured that the Ministry of Health, Wellness & the Environment will continue to update as ALL events unfold.

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    Given the ‘…Spread of Death’ by concerned and health-conscious citizens, there are, but two fundamental issues;

    (i) …The nature of the Virus; and

    (ii) …The global ‘…Spread of Death,’ there might be very good reasons for those people in China, remain in China.

    Conversely, people desirous of travelling to China, there might also be very good reasons to restrict them from going, then return with some darn thing to compromise the ‘…Health and Wellness’ of the population.

    Though none may be afraid of ‘…Corona Malt,’ seems ebry darn soul ‘fraid- ‘…Health Minister Molwyn Joseph and Pilots ah all.’

    If it is ‘Malt,’ as in the instant case, another ‘Virus’ might be blamed on some darn other brand.

    For what is reportedly happening across the globe, hell work if ‘…Vitavirus,’ cut loose now.

    The only man who seemingly is not afraid of the ‘…Coronavirus,’ is ‘…Duncy Bat.’

    Sure that Scientists everywhere, are working feverishly to develop ‘curables.’

    Sure also that there would be numerous experimentations.

    Now, anything that goes wrong, health-wise, sure that it might be blamed on ‘Bats.’

    As many have theorized, the ‘…Coronavirus’ may have been attributed to the consumption of ‘…Bat Soup.’

    Perhaps the Ministry of Health might wish to get a volunteer to travel to China for laboratory experimentations.

    Ras Smood has not yet made any recommendations.

    If and when he does, sure as midnight that ‘…Duncy Bat’ will be considered for such experimentations.

    Whether for ‘…Spicy Bat Wings; …Bat Soup; or …Experimentations,’ there may very well be grave danger for ‘…Bat Catchers; …Experimenters; or …Bat Soup eaters.’

    Some might ask, ‘…Howz Dat?’

    Well, the one that this darn ‘…Bat’ catches to bite, that’s it, and the one that eats its ‘…Wings or Bat Soup,’ that’s it also.

    Now, one can be ‘Duncy,’ but shouldn’t be like a ‘Bat.’ No Sah.

    Bad thing to be ‘Duncy’ and be a ‘Bat.’

    They said ‘…Bat Soup and Spicy Bat Wings’ are served in China, but not with ‘…Corona Malt.’

    This could produce a ‘…Deadly Virus,’ and though not necessarily of it, people are mortally afraid of ‘…catching this one and dying.’

    Can eliminate a ‘Bat,’ but certainly not ‘…Duncyvirus.’

    Still not sure why ‘…Duncy Bat’ believes that the Chinese people consumed too much ‘…Corona Malt.’

    Do know that ‘Malt’ gives ‘…power, strength and vitality,’ be it ‘… Vita or Corona .’ Not ‘…Coronavirus.’

    Since ‘…Coronavirus’ is making its way into many world markets, better the manufacturers of ‘…Rude Boy Beer’ start trading with China.

    However, they shall warn that such ‘Beer’ has the potential to produce some darn kind of virus, as well; call it ‘…Rudeboyvirus.’

    Since ‘…Ras Smood’ believes that as ‘…Duncy’ as the ‘Bat’ might be, and he might spread ‘…Duncyvirus’ on this page.

    Not sure how, but this darn ‘Bat’ can be killed right here.

    Will be no darn problem ‘…cremating its carcass and ‘…bury the ashes twelve feet deep at some darn place in China.

    Maybe at ‘…Wuhan City’ where the Virus reportedly occurred.

    Not sure by whom or how the hell the ashes would get there.

    • Mr Pompey sorry for not responding sooner. As I indicated I was busy helping Rock Head open his coal kiln. He miscalculated the days and was only able to get five bags of coal.

      Anyway I did see the saying that the virus might have originated from a BAT… IMAGINE DAT. Rock Head though was wondering if a Bat gives CORONAvirus what can we expect from wadadli. I tell him perhaps a rare strain of Bird Flu.


        Was wondering if you both had contracted ‘…Coronavirus’ too.

        Bad like hell.

        Taking too darn long to tackle victims.

        Killing people fast in ‘…Wuhu City in China.

        Can’t even go to the ‘…Yangtze River’ to wash the darn symptoms off.

        Some ‘259’ done gone over yonder and ’12, 000 fighting’ hard not to go over yonder.

        Some of your friends at ‘APUA’ were also wondering if you had eaten ‘…Bat Soup or Bat Wings’ as well.

        Rare ‘strain’ of Bird Flu?’

        Doh meck ‘…Ras Smood’ hear you using this word ‘…Strain’ With ‘Flu.’

        Neither with ‘…Bird; …Swine; nor Chicken.’

        Use only with ‘…Ganja- Recreational and Medicinal.’

        But ‘…Bird Flu or no Bird Flu,’ know it aint reach ‘KFC’ yet.

        Went ‘…dey yestaday. Aint ketch notten yet.

        This darn ‘…Coronavirus’ seems bad for ebry darn thing, but seems good for one thing;

        (i) …Bad for Health and Wellness;

        (ii) …Overseas Travel; and

        (iii) …Movement from home to supermarket; or

        (iv) …To watch Football and Cricket.’

        Even as they may not have been ‘…praying and hoping’ and may not have transported any victim as yet, ‘…still darn gud fuh Barnes and Straffie’s’ though.

        Now about the Coal Kiln, ‘…dat’s ah whole darn lot ah coal.’

        Can sell ‘…2 bags’ down at the ‘…Old PDO,’ and keep the other ‘…3 bags’ to cook ‘…Bat Soup.’

        Do some ‘…Bar-B-Q Bat Wings’ as well.

        Some ‘…Original’ and some ‘Spicy.’

        Doh serve it with ‘…Corona Malt’ or ‘…Wadadli Beer’ though.

        Might add another virus to be called ‘…Wadadlivirus.’

        Few are ready to go over yonder yet.

        Might jus make a bad situation worse.

  2. I wonder what would be the general and government response if phobic people start wearing their masks everywhere in Antigua early just in case any one slips through. No one wants to be the first to get it

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