Minister Wants Hospital To Change New Parking Policy

Molwyn Joseph

Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph has indicated his disagreement to the new parking policy at the hospital.

He told the Cabinet that the Board of the Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC)  made a “unwise” decision to limit parking in the Hospital’s parking lots to its workers only, during certain hours of the workday.

The Minister reported that he was informed after the policy was put into effect, during his absence from the state, and that the Board Chairman indicated upon his return that the legislation allowed the Board to make these decisions independent of the Minister of Health.

The Minister is of the view that the treatment accorded patients and their families who drive to the MSJMC is poorly reflected by the Board’s decision.

The Cabinet authorized the Minister to hold discussions with the Board in a determination to change that policy.

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  1. Salma Crump haffu drunk. Heard the lame explanations given by her on ABS and the new policy fulla fart.

      • Where was she when the baby receive burn marks from the hot bulb in the jaundice unit?

        She seems to pick and choose what issues to address as PRO. She has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Any seasoned PRO worth their salt does NOT shy away from “tough issues” facing the organization they represent.

        • If you have an issue regarding the efficiency of PROs, then write to Dear Kate, the matter at hand is hospital parking.
          Its nonsense like this why we cant come to any concensus in this country. Ebrybaddy on their own tirade.
          Left to me:those people who go to do tests at the airport should pay $5 for parking. Then you’ll see how many of them shut up and opt to get dropped off. Those with appointments to see the doctor can get free parking while visitors need to park outside unless they have next-of-kin temporary passes (which must be returned upon discharge). STAFF MUST PARK ON PROPERTY.
          You all are welcome for my giving free advice. Eitherway, healthcare aint cheap and ebrybaddy cant get them own way but one thing is sure, if I have a meeting at msjmc and I have to circle more than twice, forget it!!!

          • your tirade was wayyy too long. It borders on a soliloquy. Sounds like you need to write to Dear Kate or a Letter to the Editor. Take some meds.

          • Why thank you mr/ms. hmmmmmm, not everyone has my talent. The only meds I need to take is ‘ the truth ‘, which might be a tough pill for you to swallow.

          • That “truth pill” you’re taking doesn’t seem to be going down. Maybe more water or a different type of pill. Because the truth is your rant about paying $5 at airport is not germane to the MSJMC parking issue at hand. Try another prescription for dem “truth pills” you be trying to swallow.

    • Oh thanks again for picking up on that slip of the tongue, obviously you read the comments (as lengthy as you thought that it was). There’s no rant about $5. But since you insist: Why not have paid parking, if we can have it at the airport, why not at the hospital. Antiguans want state of the art? let them contribute. Glad you find my writeup interesting.

  2. Unbelievable.
    Minister, change the legislation to prevent this and future abuse of power by the board.

  3. The minister is PERFECTLY right in this case, How can an unjust or a law that discriminate against others be put into effect. What matters most? …. the the care for the sick or what workers feel is more accommodating to themselves? I’ve seen patients walk from just outside the Catholic church up to the hospital, luckily, they were abled enough to have done so, while others have had to wait long periods before an emergency vehicle or some inconsiderate driver move their vehicle from blocking the drop off point outside reception.

    • and this is what the Board wants to protect …..ppl parking nay where and staff being able to park

  4. How is this newsworthy?
    I pray for a day when men will be men cause no minister needs to be so involved. Dont know why so many cars are at that place. Maybe michaels mount really cursed for true.

  5. I agree with the Hon. Molwyn Joseph because this is utter nonesense and yes, the board erred in making the decision to designate certain areas for staff-only parking.
    I was up there last week and my gosh it a disaster finding a parking area. The poor security officers had hell maneuvering traffic in the facility. That entire idea was illconcieved.

  6. I can see the pros in limiting the parking at the hospital. It’s very difficult to find parking there while visiting, so I can only imagine the frustration of the staff who needs to be there.

    What of government could possibly do, however, its enter into negotiations with the owner of the lands to the north of the catholic cathedral, and have that turned into visitor parking.

    Just a thought being thrown out.

    So a person can be dropped off at the entrance of the hospital, and the vehicle are parked across the road.

    Maybe more planning and working along with the government should have been done, but at the same time, the minister needs to respect the position of the board. They are there to manage the institution. They’re not foolish people.

  7. Whilst I agree with the Minister, it is quite obvious that there is some bad blood brewing between the Minister and the hospital staff. These differences need not spill out in the public as they would only exacerbate things. Both the Minister and the Hospital staff need to sit together and sort these issues out and avoid the continued spat that seem to be happening so often. The tension is quiet visible

  8. Your rights are not questioned but Antigua has too many cars. Sadly the infrastructure is not being kept a pace!

      • For this to be done, there needs to be more reliable public transportation. When you have buses that stop running routes at 6:00 pm what do you think will happen? Many people work in industries that have different shifts. You can’t even rely on the transport system in the country to get to your work place most of the time.

  9. For me this is a problem of our nation. Not only at the hospital do people on this island like to park how they feel, but it happens everywhere all day everyday!! And I’m FED UP!!!!! I don’t know if it is because people are too lazy to take an extra few footsteps to get to the doorstep, or if they just don’t even know how much they disrupt the traffic. How many times do I encounter vehicles turn off unexpectedly (because lets not forget, In antigua, we don’t know how to use an indicator because too many people buy their licence), to the other side of the road just because their house is on that side of the road. This begs another question… What in the world is the purpose of having bus stops on this island, if no body uses them properly!!!?? Why does a bus have to pull over maybe 3 times for different people in a matter of 100 meters? Why are people so lazy here to walk to the bus stops, and vice versa, why do the buses not stick to stoping at bus stops? I understand we might not have enough bus stops, but that is another issue to be fixed. Do we want to stay a third world country or do we want to progress? To boil it all down, it is not just an issue at the Hospital parking lot, but a greater one which concerns the driving mentality on this island. We drive like “RASSHOLES” The core of this problem is how people perceive proper driving to be, we quiet simply don’t know how to drive properly and without any proper law enforcement of traffic laws or morals, the people here will continue to drive selfishly and ignorantly. Food for thought

  10. I went to the hospital on May 23rd and met a barrier stating employees only… NOW I do understand that the staff must all be frustrated when trying to get parking… HOWEVER the DROP OFF lane is very slow and this backs up the traffic to the GATE [ which is what I encountered ] After taking about 20 minutes to drive around the hospital I parked in the open pasture on the other side of the street… then here comes the DANGEROUS crossing… Myself and 2 ladies stood at the cross walk in front the Catholic Church for nearly 10 minutes before the traffic stopped or even slowed down.. I am concerned about that crossing!

  11. I am in favour of the staff parking across the road during the day. When their cars take up the spaces for 8hs, fewer spaces are left for patients.

  12. Why does the Health Minister has to get involved? Do the hospital administration and board of directors have capable staffs to handle this issue?

    • Why did he have to get involved with the issues of infants being burned in the NICU? They REFUSED to address the issue head on, so he had to do it.

      • Ah nuff he nuff. He is the same man who have a car parked in an airconditioned garage on high street. Workers value their vehicles as well, not everyone get government vehicles to drive round in.

  13. There is a simple fix. Many patients park to get the most basic lab/blood tests at the hospital. Simple planning can shift 50 to 100 cars to an outside clinic for blood tests. Do it now.

    • Shift how? Ask how many ppl go there everyday to be told that there is no reagent to do certain labtests. The sabotage and bubol at the lab need to first stop then planning can take place.

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