Minister upset at use of pictures of young women on internet

Gender Affairs Minister Samantha Marshall

A senior government minister has warned against positing sexually explicit and other “degrading” videos and photos on the social media, saying the practice is “killing our young leaders”.

“I am very very passionate about this because I have seen what it has done to our young women and I see how it is destroying families,” Gender Affairs Minister Samantha Marshall said, as Parliament debates the Electronic Crimes Amendment Bill 2019.

She told legislators that the police should move swiftly to stamp out what she described a s a growing problem here after a video showing two homeless people engaging sexual activity being circulated on social media.

She said the “vulnerable homeless people” were exploited and “we laughed at it.

“But the truth be told those persons need help. It is time that we stop this and I am appealing to the police do not let this that empowers you to truly carry through an investigation and to arrest those who are guilty of the offences. Do not allow this to just sit on a shelf,” she said.

Marshall said was prepared to be among members of the public demonstrating against police inaction on the matter “because this is what we are trying to do”.

She said there were also videos circulating on social media depicting young women in such a manner that their characters would be damaged for life.

“We are killing our young leaders. We are killing their future because when you do that and you circulate that nobody wants to employ them and when they go to college or to school they are laughed at.

“Sometimes the families scrap the bottom of the barrel to take their children, their daughters out of the society and to try to give them a second opportunity away. Sometimes they are lucky to do so, sometimes, some of them just cannot do it”.

Marshall said that while young people are prone to doing mistakes, they should however not be published for the rest of their lives.

“We cannot expose them. Big grown people say we are businessmen and business women, yet we laugh and snicker, look, look …it is inappropriate and when we have persons who are arrested for charges of rape, sending messages via phone, threatening, trying to convince them to accept money just to drop the charges,” she said, adding these are offences.

“I am very passionate about it, I am very passionate because I have seen what it has done to our youing women,” she told legislators.

The debate is continuing.

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  1. I fully support the minister… These deplorable behaviors of people must be address agressively leaving no stones unturned.

  2. She should also be upset at the animal abuse that is rampant on the island!!! There is VIDEO OF A Teenager who drowned puppy/puppies by Parham Dock by tying string to rock and puppy and throwing both into water

    Guyanese. First name SARNO. Lives by Parham school vicinity. Attends Pares Secondary

    • Animals and human beings are NOT on the same level. Maybe you can start a puppy rescue if it concerns you.

  3. I fully endorse you Mins. Marshall, I too was upset on how low our society mind is to make a fun out of three homeless people who became that because of personal issues that has triggered them off to become homeless and need every help possible.
    I was more so disturb to see the lady boasting on paying $2.00 to one of them and what she and others do not see what was done and the message that was sent out to others that are weak is they empowered them of their stupidity as if it was right yet same time keeping them empowered in the slums of life…i do not care what you are going through I just want to make fun of this and leave you right where you at, I will not help you.

    Why not have a picture done showing how you are helping them up out of the life of homelessness to return to society in a sound mind and work.
    I really hope this nation will stop and see where they are heading now… lack of thinking growth…

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