Minister Sees Improvements In EMS


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph had commended Emergency Medeical Technicians for what is called an improvement in their services.

He said that there were a number of complaints in the public domain about the performance of the Department and he insisted that certain standards be met and changes made to improve its efficiency.

The changes made include assessing the response time of calls and evaluating the performance of the Emergency Medical Technicians.

He congratulated the Director of the ABEMS, Shawn Greenidge, “on the Department’s improvements over the years, especially 2018, where you have had an increase in the rate of calls and you were able to maintain the standards. I commend you highly.”

Meanwhile, the Emergency Medical Services has named the top three Emergency Medical Services personnel. Tundae Bruce was awarded for being the top Emergency Medical Technician among the Supervisors, Courtney Kellman stood out as the top performer of the Emergency Medical Technicians, and Iesha Russell was named as the runner-up for the EMT’s among the Supervisors.

Special mention was also made of Edgar Peters, Mawuli George and Kiefer Southwell for their outstanding performances in 2018.



  1. These recognition are purely by favoratisim by the director and not by merit….. These technicians are some of his chosen few. There are so many other employees that carried EMS on their backs in 2018 that were not acknowledge. Perhaps there has been improvement, but EMS is light years away from being a system. There is no structure, no medical protocols, no provider level (everyone practice the same skills on the ambulance) which does not benefit the patient, low morale, no salary scale, no insurance run down building. Maybe these are things the Minister should concentrate in improving in 2019. I mean, does he really understand pre hospital care and how vital it is for a country’s medical imfructuctor?…. The EMS leadership at every level should look at what can be done to bring the system to where it needs to be and improve pre hospital care in Antigua. There can be no economic power house if the service that responds to pre hospital emergencies lack vision and structure.

    In 2019, I challenge ANR to do some investigative journalism and look at other EMS systems around the world and then look within Antigua and Barbuda and bring your findings to the public and ask them if this is what WE deserve.


  2. Thats just Political crap. How could the minister sees improvement when they have people who are not trained employed at ems. The Director is not even an emt nor a holder of a Medical license. I doubt he finish high school but the politics in this country will end someday. A lady died because a certain three went on a scene. Saw symptoms of agonal breathing, low pulse n still they were holding notepads n pens asking foolish questions. Stop give the country shit for their money.

  3. Yes I agree. I know of a few persons employed there as a result of parliamentarian representatives. It’s sad

  4. The Politics won’t stop in this country. Keep fooling the people. What abt those 5 new ambulances they got.? how many are still running? How many collisions were they involved in while racing and why are we seeing old vans & mini vans transporting patients?? ANR needs to investigate

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