Minister says removal of carnival banners was not homophobic act


Carnival Minister Paul Chet Greene has said he did not have a “homophobic moment” when he ordered rainbow coloured banners to be removed from the streets of St. John’s.

The minister told ZDK that he learned on Sunday that the banners were reflecting “another kind of parade.”

“I want to be very clear in stating that Antigua and Barbuda’s carnival is not an extension and must not be a reflection of any other carnival anywhere in the world.”

Greene blamed the contractor who he did not name, for “an irresponsible act.”

He said the individual was asked to design the decorations “consistent with national colours.”

“It was a most insensitive act on his part,” Greene added.

The minister also apologized to the public and in particular those who wrote him about the controversial decorations.

He said new decorations will soon be installed.

The colours used in the banners have been linked to members of the Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender community.

They were removed yesterday after popular radio personality Percival Simon brought public concern over their placement to the media.

LGBT activist Tasheka Lavann says the decision by the government to remove the decorations because they resemble the gay-pride flag, demonstrates how deeply rooted homophobia is in Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. y the girl in Canada dont stay in Canada no one misses her in Antigua,she is really a national threat

    • True that she need to remember her past also and stop behaving like she is the gayest person in the world

  2. Don’t bother with her, she lives in Canada. Just because we have to live with people’s choices mean it has to be flung in everybody face.

  3. No one is afraid of homosexuality. So I rebuke the term “homophobia”. We refuse to accept that lifestyle as the norm here. Just simple

    • Exactly ma point!!! That stupid term Homophobic. So IF AMD bcuz I do not agree that a man should MURDER another man; that makes me murder(er)-phobic?! smh

      • You are all idiots. The word homophobic refers to the dislike, or prejudice of homosexual people. You do not have to agree with their lifestyle but if your premise is that you simply don’t want them to have access to the basic rights and freedoms which heterosexual people are awarded, such as marriage, being able to express their love and relationships publicly or having sex (anal or buggery as it has been condemned), then you my dear friend are homophobic.

        • The English suffixes -phobia, -phobic, -phobe (from Greek φόβος phobos, “fear”) occur in technical usage in psychiatry to construct words that describe irrational, abnormal, unwarranted, persistent, or disabling fear as a mental disorder.
          So…. Yeah. The word word may not technically describe the way it’s is most used but the definition stands. In this case you are wrong because most persons don’t have an irrational fear, which means they are not homophobic. Find a new word and stop calling people idiots. Maybe gaycism?

  4. I have nothing against my friends, but this is Antigua Carnival, not the (GPP) Gay Pride Parade.

  5. wasting a money again pure nonsense i love the colours but it represent something that is not pleasing to the father up above pure nastiness. tek them dung, me straight maurice is angry them come down Chet.

  6. If a carnival celebration a carnival subbon to represent carnival. Ppl dont have to wonder otherwise.

  7. Peepl in dis cantry are very ignorant. We mast all learn to accept 1 anadder regardless of d race, skin calar or sexuality. That is only way we can move farword as nation. Jah bless. Hav good nite every bady

  8. Mr Greene, do not have to give any excuses as to why the flags were removed.. We are simply not a nation that will ever promote any gay rights agenda.. We are a people that is accustomed to living in peace with all,we all have friends who are gay,we patronize any businesses they may have,we are not promoting any physical abuse towards them,so where is this notion that we are intolerant towards them? Why is it that society should be forced to bend to their way of life? Just like they think they have their rights so we have ours-which is to keep our nation laws free from any polluted legislation that will eventually bring the wrath of God on this little poor nation.. Live your lives how you want,that,s your right,but do not expect that you can force your sick agenda on the world and everyone should just sit back and accede to your demonic demands..To that sick perverted young woman who insists on using lies to bring down this island,you need to go find some peace within yourself,it is obvious that your way of life is tormenting you subconsciously so you transfer your inner anger and hostility to your country of birth.You need prayer.

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