Minister says leave cabinet out of carnival nudity debate

This carnival lover left very little to the imagination

It’s a matter for the police is how National Festival Minister Paul Chet Greene has responded to calls for the cabinet to step in and curb extreme nudity at carnival.

The Minister today responded to social media outrage over the manner of dress and conduct of revelers by indicating that laws already exist to deal with such cases.

“Leave these things to the relevant authorities, the police,” Green told an Observer Radio interview.

The minister admitted he saw the images but insists that “the police more than me and you, are aware of how the law works, and they know what right they have with respect to the prosecution of that kind of conduct.”

“When persons are found in that kind of nude setting, just simply go through the book, and you have the electronic act so that the images are sufficient to persecute a person for that kind of conduct,” he added.

In one instance, a video was posted online with a man plunging his head into the mid-section of a woman.

Another video showed a woman wearing practically nothing gyrating for the camera.

Greene said while the church has made a call for stricter laws, they must also acknowledge that some of the individuals are themselves members of churches.

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  1. No standard whatsoever… Rules hv to be laid down by the committee regardless of whether it’s on the books or not… It’s not only for the police… It all starts with the committee stating what dress should be like and ask them to submit their drawings… If they are not approved then they cannot be worn… Too much slackness and it’s embarrassing…

  2. Children are on the road watching the mas’ players so they need to be more conservative. This is what we want our youth to emulate? People, please have respect for self and others. You can spend your money and dress a bit better.

    • Shameful. … Shameful is the most suited word to describe this kind of conduct. We the people of Antigua and Barbuda are inviting people from around the world to enjoy and be a part of our celebrations … to see Antiguan culture to listen to our type of music ….. to understand a bit more of our way of life….to be able to share this moment with their children but sadly. …. some of what was displayed on carnival Monday and Tuesday is not Antiguan culture ‘ we have adapted a new behavior pattern one of less clothes more skin … less Soca music and more dancehall. Mothers …. Young women…..wives. God’s beautiful creations put more value on yourself ….. You don’t have to drink to the extreme where you no longer have control of yourself HIV aids is still deadly and it’s still widespread. …… You don’t need to expose yourself for the entire world to see….. this type of lifestyle only bring danger to you……Please let’s bring back Antiguan culture and let’s display Antiguan heritage.

      • I agree with you… As an Antiguan by birth, we Antiguans need to brings back our culture to this nation. We were not offering our culture in this year 2017 carnival for the world to see. It was a mixture of outside culture that were portrait through the streets of St John’s.
        Since it was our 60 carnival anniversary, I was looking for costumes presenting each of the sixty years. The planners drop the ball here.

  3. and tell the minister prosecute , which is on the law books is different from persecute, which is what we are doing by judging these people. Police prosecute , they can persecute which has no legal consequences.

  4. In years to come people are going to be allowed to play mass naked and for some its ok or turn off ur tv??what a shame

  5. Everyone has a mouthful to say, children carnival is there to take the “children” … Big people carnival is for “adults” get some old people troupe and cover up your’ll self from head to toe… Nobody gonna harass you’ll.. The mas players spend the most money in the carnival.. They can’t do without them, take couple seats back an leave them alone like the goverment!! Police gonna lock up 99% of the mas players.. One big Chupzz.

    • I think you need to go and really research what carnival is all about and also do some research to find out if your parents would be pleased to see you on the road naked. Further yet would you allow your child to be half naked playing Mas. If your answer to this is yes then we need to lock up some of you people that are portraying and advocating these kind of Lee’s behaviour to the next generation. Ps. Take your time and read this because it doesn’t seem as though you have good reasoning power.

  6. The most distasteful, disgraceful and disgusting video .This should be a general concern for all. Fellow countymen be mindful of the fact that we can do as we like but not as long. Remember Sodom .

  7. There are laws to be followed by everyone in society. You could pay one million dollars to play mas it doesn’t give u the right to have yourself like no poppy show and break those laws on the road that every tax payer pay for. If u want be naked, gyrate yourself, simulate sex and go on like an idiot keep it in your private property not the public streets and don’t tell me stay home if I don’t want see u on the streets that belong to me and everybody that live and work here. The idea of you people who say stay home!! Do u have any sense of morality whatsoever?!

    • The same streets that belong to me a tax payer… If that is what is carring on in town, that is what you’ll come to see and pretend otherwise, then you’ll gonna say carnival boring.

  8. My dear Peggie, you have just displayed the arrogance of your ignorance with such statement about my country. I would hate to know that you are actually antiguan. Clearly you are as dumb as a newborn .

  9. Grow up. There is worst happening in Trinidad and Brazil ect and they are at the top when it comes to being the Caribbean’s BIGGEST carnival. It’s not right, maybe it is ok? To each his own. We should not be worried about what children see on the road. We should be worried about what they are being taught in school, if they eat right every day and if they are mentally conditioned for society as they grow up. Not something I would do, it is not something I am proud to see but hey… is carnival!

  10. All of a sudden everybody have problems some of us who talking worst than the mass players next year have old-time mass and see who all go play chupzz

    • You make it seems like people only play mas because they have an opportunity to expose themselves and get on bad. Is that culture?

  11. on judgment day let’s see if these are our excuses to God. This is an unholy place at times.
    To each his or her own. I have to be judged for my sins, and I am a sinner, but right is right and we have to condemn evil. Carnival is the devil’s playground .

  12. They say that laws are for the lawless. I could just imagine what would happen in our streets on a normal day if the laws were removed. I don’t watch carnival on the streets not on tv because I find all the nudity and vulgarity very distasteful. But who am I to judge. I only wish that our people especially our women folks will have some sense of decency and self respect.

  13. Reading some of u ppl comments make me c how Antiguans are lost an will tek anything even dog GI dem. Y should anyone lock off dem TV or shut dem eyes cas dem concern bout nakedness? U forma mass playa y u become former? Y u never find u ass naked a parade da streets like the idiot u portraying to b? Y should persons pay thousands of dollars to go walk naked and dat ok.
    Some aru a some living idiots. Morals are set by families and communities. Carnival is not what ones portray it to be. It is a celebration. Think about it… When the slaves were freed do u believe that they took off all their clothes and went and split in the middle?
    When they were freed they went to church and the day was like that of the Sabbath. U r all dog hearted, low- lifeted ppl who anyone can take things from including dogs and u smile and accept. Ur minds are in a scrambled state bout lock off TV. Children carnival boring, parents bring their children to watch parade only to have to remove them cas aru look sooooo damn worthless.
    When aru ga wake and realise we all have responsibilities whether u have children or not???
    Antigua ppl need to wake up… Been living under a rock too long. Tell me one thing Antiguans morally fight for???? Nothing!!! Let’s help the police solve crimes and mold our nation.
    Bout play ole time mass next year an see who come. Literally observing this years presentations, they he nothing to do with 60th anniversary, children carnival hardly had school troupes like back in the day and no floats…. Chupzzz…. Monday and Tuesday….hardly ppl played MA’s this years. A lot of the bands were very small even by sections.

    Wake y’all aases up and fight for morals. Too much shit happening.
    Blesses love.

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