Minister says decision to limit beach access is justified


Beaches to be closed at 12 noon until 5:00 am daily, commencing 20th September, 2021

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  1. This is why we have police ,army and the coast guards . It just doesn’t make any sense to close the beaches . So many people use the beach for therapeutics. Let the law enforcement do their work and stop people from gathering in large crowds . People should be encourage to excercise and bathe ,not to congregate for social reasons . How will you explain to a person paying all this money to vacation at a hotel ,guest house or whatever in Antigua ,only to be told the beaches will be close from 12.PM to 5Am. What about antiguan’s that have to be on the job during the time stipulated for the opening of beaches ? Please use common sense in your decision making . Eating healthy , exercise, zinc and the beach is also part of fighting covid god forbid you catch it . Mr Nicholas ,please rethink this decision .

    • These idiots think that because they are vaccinated they are automatically super invincible from catching and transmitting Covid. Let’s see if these white tourists will be sea bathing after these hours.

      This country is something else. The Government
      officiald are imprudent tyrants and illiterate fools. The beach is one of the best therapeutic element to cure many illnesses.

      Let us wish the entire process all the best in curbing the Covid-19 pandemic, yet we are still inviting infected tourists, though vaccinated, to our shores to bring their monies, but you ever thought they may be bringing the virus, and many other viruses with them as well?

      How foolish can we be, since push comes to shove, because the poor citizens get the blame for everything in this country, when before the country was openend up, we had zero Covid cases. Fooling ourselves will not work.

      • Hi Lava
        I’m am a ‘white’ tourist from the UK. Myself and my husband are travelling to your beautiful island in a few weeks time. I just wanted to set the record straight as regards the tourist spread of covid 19. We (Brits) cannot enter your country without proof of a negative test result for covid. We will get tested on arrival if we show symptoms and we have to re test to return home. We have followed restrictions in our country absolutely and intend to respect and follow the covid rules in your country also. Please do not believe otherwise as it’s simply not true. It is very unfair on both your fellow countrymen/women not to be able to use your beaches and swim in the sea but it is also very unfair that tourists like myself and my husband have paid a great deal of hard earned money to choose to come to your country and support your tourism. Please do not think we are disrespectful enough not to worry about the safety of the people of Antigua as that’s simply not true.We have the utmost respect for you all in these difficult times. Please take care and stay safe.

  2. Ridiculous decision! Limit the nuber of people that can gather in a group, for example a maximum of 6 in any household, or group of 4 people. Enforce social distancing in crowded areas… Something that can be controlled. Closing the beach between Noon until 5am outside of public holidays, is just poor thinking.

  3. The Beaches would be closing at 12 Noon to 5 am. Why is that so? Those hours are the best hours of the day to go take a soak into that salted water. If there are persons gathering at the Beaches on Weekends. Then change your approach and strategy confront those breaking the rules. There is a State of Emergency on at this time. The Defense Force has additional powers. They should all be sworn in as Special Constables to assists the Police and patrol those Beaches. Where it is known large groups gathered to Party and drink sauce on weekends. You as the Administration should not be punishing all beach goers for the sins of a few.When those Tourists in the Hotels go to the Beaches after that 12:00 pm-5:00 am hours.Are they going to arrested? If so,there goes your Tourism Industry into NEGATIVITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.Just be careful what you sow,for that ye shall reap.

  4. The Beach is not only the beginning but it is the Golden Goose of our Country!! Not only this but our beaches are the healthiest place to be! The reason why tourists come here are because of our beaches! This beach curfew needs to be revised immediately as it is severely flawed! There are tourists here now that this new beach curfew will impact, they are expecting to use the beach every day!! This sudden decision makes for bad reviews and vlogs on booking websites and social media and is very bad for future business!! This is how to definitely kill our Tourism product for the remainder of the season if not for the remainder of the COVID-19 story! Tourists will simply go elsewhere! Especially now before our busy high season months when Tourists are still choosing their winter getaway vacations!! Already all and every tourist is tested negative and vaccinated anyway prior entering the country!! Do you think tourists will want to come here with all the expensive testing requirements, additional tourism taxes being implemented from October 1st, zero choice of open restaurants with seated dining and a in addition a 8pm curfew as well??!! There are lots of other Caribbean Islands tourists can choose to visit, there is no need for tourists to choose this Island for their winter vacation where is it becoming common place that Government is beginning to make seemingly irrational and sporadic decisions!! The fact that people were caught on beaches/ party vessels and or on their way to or on off shore Islands has nothing to do with the rest of our Tourism Product overall, that is for the police/coast guard to manage fine them and even lock the relevant operators down if necessary! If you want to keep our Tourism a much better solution must be found or tourists will most certainly go elsewhere!! It’s as simple as Keep the beaches Open during the day at least!!! Delta is already here it’s not going anywhere it’s already too late we can’t let that destroy our Tourism we just have to ride the wave and keep going just like every other country. The Minister on the radio this morning mentions we may be facing moving to the UK Amber list does the honorable Minister realize this system is being scrapped within weeks?!!

  5. They play they smart, pick sense out of nonsense…..between 5am and 12noon most people are getting ready for work(hence no reason to go beach). Most people go beach after work in the late afternoon…so now the hours are limited, no one will be at the beach. During the week the beach is very sparsely populated, so there’s no reason to cut beach hours. Now on weekends, that’s something else. Mr. Minister, I just hope there are no tourists on the beaches after hours. But seeing that this government is full of double standards, we’ll see how that go when the videos start popping up. Just because allu ministers afraid of enjoying the sun, sea and sand, doesn’t mean we have to. Just my 2 cents

  6. Your economy is going to suffer, especially as you rely on tourism. I was due to fly out from the UK on 30/09, I’ve cancelled our holiday this afternoon due to you, YOU POLITICIANS, stupid rule of stopping access to beached from midday! People will be shoulder to shoulder around small pool bar areas, it’ll be rammed! More fool you…

    • It really makes no sense whatsoever.

      If they are trying to protect the country, then close the borders and lockdown for a few weeks to get cases to zero.

      If you’re going to leave the borders open to visitors, then it makes no sense to close the beaches because people come to Antigua pretty much only for a beach vacation.

      It’s hard to imagine how dumb the people running the government must truly be.

  7. It’s almost like idiots are running the country.

    Why keep the borders open for tourists if you are closing down the beaches. That is the ONLY reason people come to Antigua.

  8. Having travelled here double vaccinated & tested negative 3 days before, id like to identify just where I have been aware of likelihood or not of contracting covid
    1. Airport entry delay stood in foyer queue sharing air for an hour even with a mask 😷 this is a risk area – queue outdoors or faster/better processing
    2. At the supermarket too many gathered at tills to pay that’s where you’ll catch it
    3. Fortunately I booked abnb so we’re safely isolated in our own little paradise together but I’ve seen the resorts crammed pools restaurants beach beds that’s high risk
    4. The excursions collect from various resorts that’s inter spreading between them high risk of transmission
    5. The Beach is the least risk if no more than 4 in a group distance from other groups 10m

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