Minister Says Carnival May Not Be Held This Year If COVID-19 Is Not Abated


Carnival Minister Daryl Matthew says a determination on the hosting of carnival 2020 will be made by the end of April.

He has indicated however, that the customary July carnival of even a carnival this year is dependent on how the coronavirus pandemic pans out.

“It remains a topic of discussion for those of us who work on the festivals office. We did indicate very early on that we would make a decision on the fate of carnival 2020 by April 30th,” Matthew said in a television interview.

He also said that carnival is not high on the list of national priorities at this time.

“It’s obvious that its not something that’s very high on the list of national priorities at this time, we are facing a global pandemic, we are facing an economic crisis. And so for us to be prioritizing carnival over the health an safety of our citizens and residents is really a bit insensitive in the least,” the minister said.

He added that “the closer we get to July without a major abatement of this coronavirus, it is highly unlikely that carnival will be held at that point in time, if at all for 2020.”

When asked about a scaled-down event , Matthew said he isn’t sure that residents would have the confidence to participate in the even given the coronavirus.

The minister said he cannot give any assurances to mas’ makers because “we do not know how long this thing will last.”

Matthew is also dismissing talk of a December carnival saying no decision has been made on this.


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  1. Looks like Carnival finish this year, as we deal with the judgements of God in the earth. No more debauchery.

  2. What is the minister waiting for?
    All the information is already there to make the decision to cancel carnival. Let me help him out here a bit.
    The #1 visitors rush coming home for carnival is from New York; the #1 Covid19 hot spot city in the world. And even if the visitors are not coming from NY specifically, but other parts of the US then, the USA is still the #1 Covid19 country in the world.
    The #2 visitors coming home for carnival is ppl returning from the UK. The UK is one of the world’s top Covid19 hot spot.
    We are in April already and Antigua’s Covid19 #s are still rising.
    The young citizen do not deserve any carnival like freedom at this time because they do not respect or show that they take the Covid19 precautions seriously base on the measures that the government implemented.
    Economically, the government should be focusing on feeding the citizen by making sure they have rice, flower, sugar and running water rather that putting hundreds our thousands of dollars to subsidize carnival. Yes, the government pump cash into subsidizing carnival every year!!
    Economically again, the citizen should be in a time of economizing their little cash also to feed their family Vs to go pay big money for costumes and buy tickets to go to shows and dance.
    Top priorities show should be the school children’s education and the health care system

  3. It’s already been publicly announced that there is NO CARNIVAL this year. What’s going on here? Something is really off. ?????

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