Minister provides detailed review of the water supply challenge that is actively being addressed



The Minister of Public Utilities provided a detailed review of the water supply challenge that is actively being addressed.

The Fort James Plant is moving to produce an additional 500,000 gallons or a total of 1 million gallons daily.

The Minister acknowledged that homes on higher elevations are likely to continue to experience difficulties at times, until several pumps and pressure stations are added at different locations.

The pump in Liberta will be placed in the vicinity of the Church of Christ to facilitate the supply of water to the elevated areas of Evergreen Tree Road, Mount William and the surrounding community.

Another pump will be located in Falmouth to the benefit of the residents in the Falmouth, Patterson’s, and the Horsford’s Hill areas.

The Cabinet voted to provide the Public Utilities with $100,000 to purchase some needed supplies, especially pipes.

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  1. More pipe, more pump, more supplies and more water! Just get on with it, and stop the chit-chat and jibber jabber now … remember, you’ve been given another term in office.


    • The only action that is needed is to fire the entire management team for failing to do the job to the satisfaction of the customers. In the private sector when you do not perform you are booted out. Simple as that. No excuse. The public sector needs to be revamped. performance needs to form part of their job description. You just cannot get paid whether or not you perform. No wonder people do not want to leave the public sector to go work in the private sector. They won’t last a day. The taxpayers are not getting value for money when it comes to services provided by the public sector. No private sector employer would have tolerated such incompetence from their management staff. I have never seen such incompetence ever.

      • Ah ha @ FromThe Sideline, so you are really admitting what many of us autochthonous Antiguans have been saying about the ABLP from the time they came into office; that when it comes to doing their due diligence, checks and balances they can’t do so?

        • Remember, when dealing with Brixtonian, prep and prepare yourself good, good, good! 👍

          Your dealing with one of the best disputant’s and oratorio’s in the business …

      • @sideline
        Fish rots from the head.
        Management often only as good as it’s Directors aka Minister/govt. allow it to be.

        I’m sure we all feel reassured that Cabinet approved $ for water authority to purchase pipes… Good heavens, micro-management alive and kicking.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with you. Clearly something is wrong at APUA…..not sure if its bad governance, bad management or bad staff but something needs to be done and now. Truth be told I disconnected my water meter from my house and just get rain water to fill my cistern. Admittedly I do live alone so my water consumption isn’t a lot, but I was tired of paying for air. I know this is not an option for many people, but goodness me man…get it together APUA. Hell I would even be for privatizing APUA. I am sure if that is placed on the table that we will see a great improvement!

    • I have always said that it’s not a “lack of water issue”, it’s a distribution issue and until APUA can get it together then no matter what government is in place, it won’t make a difference at all.

      Somewhere long ago, APUA got away from the government and no subsequent government has been able to rein them back in. Maybe now is the time. I say time for all them APUA managers to be reshuffled.

  2. Boy Antigua people a de best. There’s just no way to please us. We wanted answers and ball by ball. And now we get it, the man is a liar. 🤔🙄

  3. This puppet lying ass negro. 😒

    It’s a conflict of interest and they’re not eager to fix the water problem because these ministers own water trucks they give to their cronies to drive and it’s making big money so they suppress the water supple on purpose.

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