Minister of Helps Eugene Humphreys has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer


Mr. Eugene Humphreys, affectionately known as “the Minister of Helps”, is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, which has now spread to his liver.  As he fights to live, he reflects on the many successes that he has been instrumental in over the last (2) two decades.

Names such as Dr. Lashorn Christian, Kevoir Romeo, Pfescion Francis, Sylvester Peters and Damien Telemaque flood his mind and tears come to his eyes when he reminisces about their struggles and triumphs. “I am so, so proud,” The Minister of Helps recounts.

Eugene Humphreys is renowned for his catchy slogan, “I can’t be hired, nor can I be fired.” He has personified some of the essential characteristics that today’s ministers should possess. The Minister of Helps has been labelled by many as a true man of the soil and has contributed immensely to the citizenry and social landscape of Antigua and Barbuda through his selfless endeavours.

Over the last two decades, he has been a strong community activist, ensuring that both sides of the political spectrum remain in check and he has always encouraged them to serve the nation of Antigua and Barbuda with integrity.   He has spent most of his lifetime committed to helping others; through fundraisers, charity, providing aid to the hospital or offering his services to the church, the police force or anyone with a need.

On Sunday, November 1st, at 3:00 pm, there will be a church service at the Living Hope Christian Union Church at Clare Hall to honour him and celebrate his incredible achievements, his life works and to demonstrate our love and appreciation for his committment to national development.

Donations are welcome.

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  1. My Heart is very sad to know this!😞

    I am very grateful of who you are and to have met you Eugene!

    God bless your life and give you strength and peace to continue your legacy to the very last breath!🙌

  2. I have listened to this man known as Minister of Helps for years on Observer Radio.He called into that Station just about every day. He was always willing to help others. Especially those young people in his Community. I am very happy that you are getting your flowers while you are alive and can participate.It is good to be appreciated. God speed,Minister of Helps.

  3. Recall how he was beaten by the police during the UPP tenure, by the transport board. I double the some 20K he received fully compensated him for the damage their viscous beating caused him. Also recall the many marches he tried to have that were denied during their time in office (Vere Brown as I recall was police commissioner). Clearly he is a fighter and I hope he is able to fight and win this uphill battle. Is there an account at some bank persons can make a donation to him via? Would be good is a EFT info is provided

    • A civilian was killed by police and army allegedly, under ABLP government. What is your point and relevance here?

      Just ask for an account number and go if you’re sincere.

      God’s healing to the good man!!

        • TENMAN your comment only makes bad matters worse and underscores the point even more that you are heartless. The point is there is a time and place for everything and your comment is grossly out of time and place. What about that you do not understand. You would do well to remain silent and stop trying to justify your asinine remark.

    • TENMAN I am so disappointed in your comment. It is heartless and infradig. Not even your colleague FROM THE SIDELINE would be so crass.

      • Boss you really try to run from the times UPP was in office, Like you either shame or want hide. Also recall the then police chief suggesting as reason for denying the permit. some made up issue about Humpreys character. The people and them on OMG as I recall supported Browne’s decision since they did not want to see no march against the UPP. Boss the more you rile up the more history I will post. Tek it, you all need cleansing

      • Sadly I note your wish to forget what transpired between 2004 and 2014. This is not about you. Humprey’s lived this and in a way it made him. Though it showed the UPP weakness (lacked tolerance for dissent). Recall the COP making up false allegations to disparage Minister of help’s character. Also recall the listenership on OMG in general agreeing to the ban, since they saw it as an attack against their UPP. Tabor, where were you when this was all happening? I recall I and my wife marched with Humpreys.

    • TENMAN:You are using this man’s situation for Political points. A black man from Falmouth. He was stop and pick up by Law Enforcers. Some days later his body washed a shore. Those responsible for his alleged demise were arrested and charged. I am wondering which Political Party was in Governance,when it happened. Was it the UPP? A Custom’s Officer was shot in both legs. Another Custom’s Officer was abducted from his home. His body was found some hours later with multiple shots on a deserted road. Which Political Party was in Office when both matters happened. Was it the UPP? Everything is not about Politics.Did you begin drinking too early?

      • Like I hurt your fallings. Poor you, Boss my sympathies go to Minister of helps, not some hypocrite who prefers to hide his dirt linings under his bed. You don’t like hearing about some of the obstacles he faced? Things that made him stronger. You seem to dislike it hence your need to bring out some thing which was not political and compare it to actions which were clearly motivated by a political agenda. Really sad Eugene knows what his illness it, you are yet to know you are ill. Brethren bitterness kills, let it go

      • Poor you, my comments hurt your feelings. Showing Eugene’s strength to your mind makes UPP look bad, which you don’t want. Recall the listenership on OMG in general agreeing to the injustices met out to Eugene. , since they saw it as an attack against their UPP. @Black-Man, where were you when this was all happening? I recall I and my wife marched with Humpreys. You were probably busy agreeing to the injustice. Shame on you

        • Poor me,you say. No,you are so wrong. Because I am financially solvent. I left Antigua many decades ago. Where were you when there was a State of Emergency in 1968 in Antigua. Hiding under your Mama’s skirts. I were in the center of that situation. We the people showed the Government. Who were really in charge. We the people marched up and down St.John’s without fear.We the people did not back down. However,this is about Minister of Helps.

  4. Sorry to hear this about one of the good people. Hoping the best for him.

    There are other MP’s who are more deserving of this but karma has a way of dealing with them.

  5. This brother gave up residency in Canada and came back home to give selflessly to those in need, oppressed or downtrodden…..what a guy! The challenge is ON to fight the good fight of your life. You are in my prayers! Praying for a recovery/miracle.

  6. TENMAN HUGHES it is nice to know that you and your wife marched with Eugene Humphreys (and you marched because it was anti-UPP). This present issue of his health is not about partisan politics and you are clearly politicizing the issue. You can keep posting as much political information that you wish, it will not change the fact that you are a heartless, uncouth, crass individual. I am sure your foremost ALP apologist and propagandist colleague FROM THE SIDELINE would disagree with your initial comment on this matter.

  7. Great mr tabor we can’t be mixing up fungie with politics. These people all when your dieing the taking the last blow at you .very sad

  8. Eugene trust me u will be missed I am proud to say I know a true man like you wiling to put others in front of himself to help them at their time of need at anytime I will never forget your heart of gold GOD BLESS BROTHER…

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