Minister of Health to work with Andre Simon’s family to get funds for treatment abroad



The Minister of Health reported that the family of Andre Simon, the national cyclist who was struck by a moving vehicle over a month ago, continues to raise funds to send him abroad for special treatment at a Texan Hospital.

The Cabinet decided that it has a responsibility to assist the family of this outstanding national and has asked the Minister of Health to continue to work with the family to ensure that the resources become available.

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  1. Y’all really believe that. Molwyn just now jumping on the bandwagon cause other people done put in the work!!

    • Millage where
      Are you, a really something else. Government was on board from day one for your information. Ya’ll need to stop it. What would help is if you can ask Jackie and Dave to give back the money they got from Medical Benefits or SHUT YOU DAM MOUTH. I rest my case

      • Move to the front of the class. The only people do rob the government should be the UPP members. Jacqui nor Dave feel badly for the money they took but want to cry down the government for its lack of help. I’m sure his hospital cost are all covered by the government and people of Antigua. These UPP folks are so desperate and full of negative energy.

  2. Make the Housing Minister Maria Browne sell one a she Gucci bag 🎒 to help out … JOB DONE!

    • Good Point. The showiness of these people is absurd in a country where people don’t have running water. Just goes to show, you can’t buy class or good taste. Costly clothes and accessories don’t make up for poor leadership or intelligence. Never have and never will.

  3. Pity your name is not Jacquie Quinn. One quick call to Medical Benefits from Mr. Cooks POND WATER and you would have everything covered.

  4. Brixtonian, you can help too just go down to popeshead street and TUN YOU BATTOM to help out. JOB DONE BOOOOOM!!

    • Wow. The complete lack of respect for this poor man struggling. How is this, that you “You
      Cry cry baby you” is so vexed acting so cruel. I appreciate all human souls- why so mean? Some very vexed souls walking the earth. I wish this young man a speedy recovery and hope he gets the medical attention he needs. This is the point of this article, to bring him the medical help he needs, not to throw ignorant, insults on this commentary. What is going on- let’s prop each other up, not bring one another down.

  5. Wait…. what Molwyn know about getting funds? I know he know about lifting Rolls Royces over the fence to …

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