Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Trade Admonishes Daily Observer Over Despicable Journalism “Antigua and Barbuda Passport not used for illegal travel”

Old Logo for Observer Publications still being used (FILE PHOTO)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Trade, The Hon E.P Chet Greene is calling on the Observer Newspaper to practice reliable, truthful and responsible journalism in local news reporting.

This call stems from the Daily Observer’s unsubstantiated online and radio news reports purporting that a fake Antigua and Barbuda passport was used for passage between Antigua and Barbuda and Sint Marteen.

The reposted news report coming out of Sint. Marteen stated that “Police in Sint Maarten arrested a man who arrived at the Princess Juliana International Airport with a fake passport on Sunday, 4 February 2020.”

The Daily Observer, in an attempt to insinuate the fake passport in question was an Antiguan and Barbudan passport, used images of the Antigua and Barbuda passport to support their story without any verification from local or foreign authorities.

Authorities in Sint Marteen and Antigua and Barbuda have confirmed that the passport in question is not an Antigua and Barbuda passport.

Minister Greene admonishes the media outlet’s handling of this matter, citing it as irresponsible, damaging and deceitful.

“This would be the third instance in seven days that the Observer Media House has carried irresponsible, deceitful and intended to cause damage to the good name of Antigua and Barbuda,” Minister Greene concluded.

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  1. Its Observer Mr Greene what ya think. They are the Antiguan version of the National Inquirer or TMZ. I believe the rich term to use is ‘CLICKBAIT’!!!

  2. Hon. Chet Greene!!! OBSERVER RADIO is ALL fake news. Why should Anyone listen to that station. What Observer is doing …Is what They want to do. OBSERVER RADIO is ALL FAKE NEWS. SHAME SHAME SHAME on OBSERVER MEDIA / RADIO.

    • You need to tell us, the thousands and thousands of Observer listeners (locally, in the region and around the world) and readers of their newspaper, what exactly Observer publicized that is/was FAKE NEWS. In my opinion EVERYTHING Chet Green stated in the above is a case of spouting nonsense in a quest to sound relevant to his controller.

      • “thousands and thousands”?? LMAO! Your mentality is classic UPP. No wonder they lost so terribly last election. TRULY DELUSIONAL!!!! It continues today: Lovell thinks he he can lead the party to victory even though he has lost more elections than he has won. Even though the young people on the Big Issues program let it be known that the UPP is not attractive to them. Even though Anderson Carty said electing Lovell as leader was a RETROGRADE step. Even though it is said that the party needs a 7.0 earthquake to wake it up. Even though there are no viable candidates.

  3. I thought the “BRITISH-TRAINED” new Editor was supposed to make a difference. This is the second mishap that has happened under her editorship. I guess it’s true “a leopard can’t change its spots”

    Observer still have the Labour Party in e tummock and that is blocking its objectivity and accuracy.

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