Minister of Agriculture Gives ‘Thumbs Up’ For PiAngoFest


Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, Hon. Dean Jonas has been given the ‘thumbs up’ for this past weekend’s PineappleMango Fest (PiAngoFest) which was held at Cades Bay Agricultural Station.

The two-day event attracted hundreds of patrons from far and wide, as they converged on the picturesque grounds of Cades Bay Agricultural station, looking for pineapples and mangoes or similarly flavoured products to purchase.

At this year’s PiAngoFest, the vast among of products and delicacies on display ranged from wines, cakes, cosmetics/jewelry, ice cream, sauces, seafood and much more.

Minister Jonas noted that although he was very impressed with the quality and standard of all the products on display, he was particularly drawn to “Carimist Mango Wine” which he taste-tested and then bought on the spot, as he was impressed with the taste.

Minister Jonas said that he will be taking the initiative to ensure that Antigua will be able to produce wine on a large scale using locally grown fruits like domes, cherries etc.

Apart from the event providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere for the whole family, the Agriculture Minister underscored the major benefits that it holds for persons in the vending and agro-processing industry.

He thinks that (PineappleMango Fest) PiAngo Fest provided an excellent platform them to gain major exposure on the vast amount of products that can be made with pineapple, mango and other local fruits

“I was always more focused on the business aspect and how the PiAngo Fest enhanced the opportunity that our small cottage industries could benefit from agricultural production.”

Minster Jonas added, “What I saw yesterday really, really warmed my heart and shows the innovation that exists in Antigua and Barbuda.”

With regards to the venue , Minister Jonas noted although there was feedback that the distance is too far, as many seemed to prefer such activities to be held in the St. John’s environs, he said that the venue actually turned out to be the ideal location as the rush for pineapples and mangoes was almost constant.

Ms. Irose Henry who is charge of the Cades Bay Agricultural Station said that she was amazed at the crowd and felt happy that business for the station was brisk on both days with both fruits, especially the pineapples.

She said that the 300 lbs of pineapples peeled and unpeeled were all gone and the sale of mangoes was great as well.

“The crowd was big, I was amazed because people were talking about the distance at first, but if you really think about it, no place in Antigua is really far. A lot of people said to me that they love the atmosphere, it’s really nice and they think that this is the best venue for PiAngoFest- Cades Bay Agricultural station, the home of the sweetest pineapple in the world, the Antigua Black.”

“The beautiful scenery with the rolling hills and the pineapple field, added to the overall atmosphere,” Minister Jonas added.

In terms of the future of PiAngoFest, Minister Jonas said that he loves the catchy, rebranded name and consideration could be given to incorporate other local fruits ,as he is looking forward to see what other products can be produced.

According to Minister Jonas, he believes PiAngoFest patrons now have a much broader perspective of the endless possibilities that exist in the agro- processing industry and he believes that most of the vendors now have new customers.

The feedback from the vendors was generally satisfactory as regular crowd build-up could be seen at booths across the grounds

Minister Jonas also commended P.S Colin O’Keiffe and Ms. Marcelle Freeland for leading an excellent team in planning PiAngoFest and he was impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm with which it was executed.

During the Opening Ceremony on Saturday, P.S O’Keiffe said that the ministry remains committed to actively embark on raising awareness of the importance of the Antigua Black and the over 30 varieties of mangoes that exist in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Opening Ceremony was chaired by Acting Director of Agriculture, Ms. Cheryl Edwards.

Other highlights of PiAngoFest were a Mango Eating competition hosted by Ibis, an Agro-processors` Competition, Praise and worship lead by the SDA, and live performances from LCD and LSA Bands.

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  1. Carimist Mango Wine sounds like something I have got to taste.

    What are we going to do to assist all these agro-processors with expanding their products and exporting. Time to make some PROPER money. 268 to da world!!

  2. Carimist Mango Wine producer at your service. The line of wines include 32 other exotic fruit flavours and blends. Tek a taste Mon!

  3. We can start buying and encourage our family and friends when they come home to visit to purchase and take back as gifts instead of other “tiknits” for their other family members, friend, co workers, acquaintances, so they can taste, like (which I am sure they will) and can’t wait to get some more. Kudos to all the processors.

  4. Great event. Why not incorporate this into Carnival week? We need more activities in the daytime and the visitors could sample the products.
    Excellent venue!!!

    • Fantastic idea about incorporating it into carnival week. Antiguans and Barbudans living abroad who return home and other visitors would love to get this experience too

  5. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” – Attributed to Voltaire!

    Congrats to All who made this a successful event!

    “In terms of the future of PiAngoFest, Minister Jonas said that he loves the catchy, rebranded name and consideration could be given to incorporate other local fruits ,as he is looking forward to see what other products can be produced.” – ANR! What’s the Vision, Mission and Strategy for the Sector! One Off Tactical Initiatives can be sexy but not long lasting and unsustainable! It’s inspiring and fun to whip out some sweet new technique that will give pleasure and joy to a people with no Agri-Business Industrial base! Is this solely for internal consumption! How do you create and develop the industry, market internally and externally and improve ease of doing business (where A&B is falling behind) and competitiveness!

    At the core of the national bourgeoisie of the colonial countries a hedonistic mentality prevails—because on a psychological level it identifies with the Western bourgeoisie from which it has slurped every lesson. It mimics the Western bourgeoisie in its negative and decadent aspects without having accomplished the initial phases of exploration and invention that are the assets of this Western bourgeoisie whatever the circumstances. In its early days the national bourgeoisie of the colonial countries identifies with the last stages of the Western bourgeoisie. Don’t believe it is taking short cuts. In fact it starts at the end. It is already senile, having experienced neither the exuberance nor the brazen determination of youth and adolescence.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

    “The line of wines include 32 other exotic fruit flavours and blends. Tek a taste Mon!” – Loretta Harrigan:Carimist Mango Wine producer!

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