Minister Maria Browne Urges Old Parham Road Vendors To Relocate Or Face Fines


Housing, Land and Urban Renewal Minister Maria Bird Browne has made the announcement, while speaking on State television on Monday, urging the vendors of Old Parham Road and other vendors to relocate or face fines after legislation is passed.

According to Browne, persons who continue to vend in non-vending zones will face a fine after the passage of the relevant legislation in Parliament.

She also added that too many vendors are setting up shop in areas that have not been designated for such business.

As part of the initiative to resolve the issue, the Government has plans to construct units around St. John’s from which vendors can ply their trade.

One location is at the East Bus Station, where a park will be built to accommodate those vendors who now operate along the Old Parham Road.

Browne says funding for the project has been approved and allocated and construction will commence shortly.

She says, also, that units will be erected in the vicinity of the PDO Building on Valley Road, as well as in an area next to the market and the V.C. Bird bust, where table vending will take place.

Browne says consultations with the respective vendors will be held shortly to get their feedback about the proposed plans.

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  1. what for government to be bothered with they are not. Years now i made application for land and up till this day as a citizen i can’t own a piece of Antigua. All the Ministers need to be FIRED!!!!

    • True dat!! A bunch of waste people…I am so disappointed in my representative. She does nothing for the people of rual east..Cant wait for next election for them to come talk the same old rubbish

      • Abi why you stressing yourself, not government alone sell land. If you can’t get land from government (and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t) but private citizens sell land too. I bought my land from a private citizen and paid $2.50 per square foot, and the person was willing to accept $4000 as down payment and I made arrangements to pay $750.00 per month until I finish with no interest. I got my title even before I finished paying and started building on the property before I finished paying. There are options but you have to look.

    • @Abi… I to am born native of Antigua and I had made 3 applications to CHAPA when 26 and now I am 53. My older siblings (3 brothers and one sister) all have made applications to CHAPA and we all have not receive a piece of land in Antigua up to this day. I make follow with CHAPA at least twice a month and the reply I always received was that no land available. My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents….etc…. are all native born of Antigua. What we do now, we build small houses in our parents and grandparents yards. I even signed up under Lester Bird administration for “Youth for Land” me and my siblings and we still didn’t get any. Forgive my grammar structure because me mad upset.

      • Wadadli I guess you and I on the same waiting list. As soon as they let you know, please let me know. I may have to marry a white woman, blue eyes and let her put the application in or maybe her name should be “Bird”

      • Wadadli what you are saying don’t make sense to me, it just doesn’t add up. I went to CHAPA a few weeks ago and collected a land application for a co-worker, and a list of all the areas where lands are available, and the average price per square foot in certain areas. Maybe you are looking for land in a particular area, I don’t know. But I find it hard to believe that you have applied for land all these years and to date you don’t get a piece.

    • I have been waiting since 2004,
      I re-applied in 2016
      was called to see Montula July 2017
      Early Jan 2018 I was told the land will soon be ready and they will call the end of Jan. ( I went to the bank to set up my line of credit)
      Called end of January – was told the end of Feb
      Called end of Feb- was told the end of Mar. (said Survey is not working effectively)
      Called end of Mar. – was told the end of April (After election)
      Called end of April- was told the end of May (said rain is delaying)
      Called end of May – was told the end of June (said rain is delaying)
      Called from June to December and was assured soon

      I was an an event Jan 2019 where I was told the land at Montula was already distributed.
      I am still waiting, I just got a little bit wiser and are looking into other areas but have not been as fortunate as Mr. Lewis, the prices are way above what CHAPA offers .

      I wish our country would really be fair with land. I don’t owe anyone and have been saving to honestly pay for a piece of the land in the country me and my grand, great grands and maybe great great grands were born in .

  2. The Hon. Ms. Browne (remember she a Bird) is moving forward with good sense and reason. She got that “Bird spirit” and she know what she doing. This is a win/win for everybody. I tell you, the spirit of VC Bird still walks among us. Papa still here, and he’s keeping a caring eye on all of us, jus to see how we doing. We are Blessed!

  3. Its a good idea. However, vending can’t be in one location. Perhaps a little more structure and monitoring and food safety license. Also, they need to make the land buying procese much easier for nationals and not dependent on going through a minister. Also, beautification and recreation should be part of urban development.

  4. Worst representative rural east ever had. Shawn bird start campaign cause this is a sure seat for you my brother.

  5. Antigua everybody always looking for juiciest mango, when nothing is gonna be better than the mango you grow, whatever you put your effort into is gonna be the best, the government of Antigua don’t have to a damn thing, cause at the end of it all it’s bigger than our little island in the Caribbean, we take up little to 0.004 of this earths population, as a nation we are the last one thought about when money’s is to be distributed through the global funding, it takes nothing to invest into Antigua, but overseas business only see Antigua as a playground a smaller Hawaii to invest to makes millions while they take land, small country like Antigua can’t take everybody hand out cause the Sam Antiguan that want the land can’t get the land cause you wanted better roads, more facilities, more free stuff when election come, foreign diplomats invest and take ownership of lands in rural areas more bad investment nobody getting any hands out, but look up grab your mango

  6. Agreed … this place is being run backwards I am a full supporter of all but right now I am not feeling red… am bleeding blood to stay alive instead…..bodog a pressure poor people ….

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