Minister accused of rape likely to be picked up today


Antigua News Room  can now confirm that the member of Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Cabinet who has been accused of rape is likely to be picked up by members of the Crime Unit today.

ANR can also confirm that the report was filed by a woman. The document is eight pages long.

Investigators want to question the Minister about the allegations.


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  1. Well, lets see what becomes of this. I trust that the woman is not raped twice cause police are slow to get evidence, gender affairs is just plenty fluff and many administrators are so afraid of taking proper action. Instead documents disappear and hush money or some other tangible dividend (promotion, scholarship, national honor) quickly brings the matter to conclusion .

      • You are still so filled with bitterness? David was one of the Chosen and yet he fell hard. That been said-it is way too early for you to start harping guilt.. You sound ignorant

        • Are you implying that a might be rapist is “one of the Chosen”? Perhaps you should read your Bible a little more closely. Rapists are scum and need to be punished. In Mother Africa that’s usually by community stoning. Everything hidden is going to be uncovered, and we will find out whether this accused rapist is guilty or innocent.

          • You recommend i read the bible, i recommend you read my comment again and its relevance..not the first time i observe you attacking other’s comments when you clearly lack the understanding of what people commented..I responded to someone who claimed-QUOTE( I THOUGHT YOU SAID GOD APPOINTED THEM” ) I was simply saying-King David was one of God’s chosen ,yet he fell,meaning.Even God appointed a sitting Government it does not preclude anyone from falling along the way.. Read before you attack..

    • They should have invited him in.Then if he fails to show you.Then you would go and picked him up.Then you would water board his backsides.Until he sings like a girly man and or a Canary.

  2. Oh please. Another breaking story by Antigua’s Karen. I hope a rape kit was done or some article of clothing was kept with DNA evidence.
    These alleged victims know the ropes so they better have empirical evidence.
    Who can forget Lester Birds ordeal when the “victim” was made out to be a big fat liar.
    Let’s not rush to judgement folks, I know how you all love slander and salacious stories.

    • Was the “victim” in the Lester Bird case REALLY “made out to be a big fat liar”??? Refresh my mind. I know there are “big fat” liars out there, so we must always be careful. We need to know who is the accused, although most of the whole damn island already might????

      • Yes she was found to be a lair and also from a line of Extortionist (the Lester Bird Saga) It was all made up by the UPP in their quest for power.I am not judging guilt or innocence here but would not be surprised if its just a replay of their dirty politics. Especially at this time when they are like a sinking ship clutching anything to stay afloat.I will wait for the big reveal..

    • What big fat liar? Ad far as I recall, he did the, ‘Trump’. So I am still not sure until all is revealed.

  3. …A, #StormInATeaCup?
    …what’s really Up?
    …is someone, trying to USURP
    …Asot, the King of Controversy?
    …is this the #NewNorm, in the ABLP?
    …lard Gad, please hab sum mercy!
    …pan, this likkle Country!
    …me sure Papa and dem belly,
    …a bun dem plenty!
    …even though, dem a Jumbee!
    …lakkah, Peggy Mouth innah #Pepperpot n Fungee!
    …anyway, me go cool aff fu me
    …wid, Ducuna, Salt fish n cassie!
    …den, wash um dung wid Mauby!
    …as me a listen, all dem Neargah
    …a Sou-Sou, and a Pung Tory!

    • Ras Smood: Where do you find Mauby,in Antigua.Not Mauby from a bottle.I am referring to old fashioned Mauby.Made by Antiguans for Antiguans and Barbudans.Like back in the old days.Using the fresh bark from the tree to make that special drink.Maybe that is why. Me so trang(strong) today.LOL,

      • @Falcon and the Snowman…a wah a guarne?
        “Mauby” is the bark from what we call ‘Soap Bush!’
        I get mine from up in the East, Freetown area from family, when I’m in Antigua!
        Otherwise, my 93year young mother will share with me, when she gets her supply here in the US, from her kinfolks, all over Antigua or St. Croix.
        Here in America, if your in a Latin or Caribbean community, it comes packaged by Grace etc.

  4. The name cannot be revealed until there is a conviction.I think that is the Law in Antigua and Barbuda.It is about time.Some of those in positions of leaderships be held accountable for their sleazy behaviors.I remembered listening to a recording of a very old man.He was a Politician in Antigua.He said that a very young lady had nice “tits”.I think touching was involved and he paid off the parents of that young girl.Those of you with the IHI recordings should listen to them again.

    • CErmle I hope while waiting that you are not holding your breath since ANR cannot afford to lose your contributions.

      • Hi Charles. You’re quite a guy, and I’m starting to like you. I read all of your contributions. Is ANR paying you? (That is one half-assed joke, of course.)

  5. Everyone is asking who is the person who is alleged to have rape the young woman.Pls have some patience.Old people say what you are anxious to know will drop in your lap when you least expect it.(Edited)

  6. You are still so filled with bitterness? David was one of the Chosen and yet he fell hard. That been said-it is way too early for you to start harping guilt.. You sound ignorant

  7. With all the education they have. These ministers in the PM’s cabinet can’t make better decisions if the allegations are proven true. I guess all the book smarts can’t outwit the cat. They’re are a formidable species to outwit. As a man you must be just as cunning. When you here no ! Don’t ask why. Walk away. Generally speaking.

  8. The so-called leaders need to be held at higher standards. If this is true and he is truly guilty, he needs to be dealt with accordingly and at a higher standard. Abusing his power as usual.

  9. Likely is the key word for those seeking blood.

    Likely according to MP Nicholas and Sir Molwyn means:
    before week end,
    next week,
    bythe end of the week,
    in less than no time,
    before you know it,
    In a few days,
    In a relatively short time,
    Its practically done,
    In the near future,
    Just about completed
    Let me pause here so likely take on all these political terms that in reality has no accurate meaning.

  10. Research has shown that more than 85% of rape allegations against men are false, and usually done as a method of revenge by women who feel scorned.

    It is time to put these fake actress women in prison, those that make these false allegations. I say at least 10 years in prison for these women who make false accusations against men.

    • Best dam comment for the year on this forum..I am a Woman,but the reality is ,the oldest false allegations made against Men is the cry of Rape.Mostly done to get back at the Man usually for been rejected.We are soo dam blinded by politics that many of us are losing our faculties to think rationally..There are two sides to every story and here ,i have not even heard one side because this is far from a serious article.Therefore i prefer to wait until there is something to judge.So far i see nothing..

    • @Nick. And you are quite comfortable with a representative who seek out kinky people for kinky sex? How will that ever end well? What ever became of the word ‘honourable’?

      • The man in the White House has been accused of rape by more than one women. He still is in the White House and he has even settled many cases.

        • Jeffrey Epstein who was accused of sex trafficking had amongst his friend, Donald Trump and a member of the British Empire. And many other very honorable men. I guess his death took all his secrets to the grave. Death men tell no tales.

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