Minimum Wage Review and Cost of Living Among Issues to be Addressed at ABWU Public Meeting

Kem Riley - ABWU President

Officers and Executive Members of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union will address workers on several vexing issues at a public meeting tonight -Thursday 28 March.

The meeting which is being held in collaboration with the United Progressive Party, forms part of this year’s week of activities in celebration of Labour Day.

Among the issues that will be addressed on the platform is the rising cost of living, the failure of the Government to review the minimum wage and the gross inefficiencies at the Labour Department. Other issues include the lack of job opportunities for young people, the shortage of personnel for skilled positions in the tourism sector and the failure of the Government to increase public sector wages and salaries in accordance with the rate of inflation.


This year’s Labour Week of Activities is being held under the theme “Workers Have No Confidence in This Government! We Deserve Better!” ABWU President, Kem Riley, says the theme “represents the thoughts and convictions of many of the workers in this country.” Speaking earlier this week, Riley chided the government for violating the rights of workers through its mandatory vaccination policy which saw hundreds of workers losing their jobs or being sent home without pay. To date, many of these workers have not been properly compensated.


The public meeting will take place at Bakers Corner, Point, 7:30pm. This venue was selected because of its historic and symbolic significance to the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union, whose initial membership comprised waterfront workers. The organising of these workers led to fundamental improvements in the treatment of workers throughout the island.


The Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union encourages workers to unite in the spirit of their forefathers, defend their rights, and secure a prosperous future!

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  1. Mark me absent…. The hypocracy of the AWU with their political MOTIVES which is very much obvious at the expense of workers interest

  2. Just so abwu choose any and everyone to be “President”???? Kem you’re right – ride de donkey til u can’t ride no mo 😆 🤣😂😆
    George Walter’s turning over in his tomb. Ian Magic Hughes for GG. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. -do you practise monogamy?
    -When last the people at ABWU got an increase?
    -Does your union have a contract with a security company whose workers cant get a pension?
    -Which one of the companies that ABWU negotiates for gets 6 month and 3 months sick leave with pay?
    -7% over 3 years in Jumby Bay contract for employees?
    -Observer workers got ALL their severance yet?

  4. Lmaooo imagine I was just saying this earlier that even if wage increases in public sector because Government paying them whatever the amount be it nah go matter cuz it’s mathematically near improbable to have any form of net worth working for Government or even a supermarket.

    -Government pays you
    -1 taxes taken from salary, which taxes go to gov
    -2pays bill any debt, tax % again on total cost
    -3budgets for food, tax % again on total cost
    -4saves last amount for whatever, treat yourself or clearing something from port, tax% on next purchase
    -5 buys gas to go work, home, club whatever, tax% again

    You’re severely working for THANK YOU if ever dollar spent theres a percent which goes back to your employer. LMAOOO UR LITERALLY WORKING FOR FREE!!

    On top of that YOUR EMPLOYER DOESNT LOSE MONEY IN LIABILITIES TO PAY YOU, he will graciously give u 4000 knowing he getting it right back cuz all the avenues he created to recollect it each time u spend it.
    Supermarket same case but worst

    They pay you but u have to buy food if not from where u work, some next shop PLUS TAX

    So clearly the money recycle straight back to Your employer the supermarket AND government.

    Sooooo Government complain they can’t pay ppl?
    Okay the wage increases, after all this fighting for more money



    Numbers in wage go up means more money in tax taken which stays the same margin which was taken but a bigger figure which cycles back to them.

    Ohhhhhhhh u get it now!!

    So do u rather a wage increase or a Government reform? Are u using ur head with ur initiatives?
    Voting out to replace don’t do nothing if it’s the same operating system is in place. U been voting and putting ppl to rob ur tax money daily for years and still keep doing it over and over and over for what?

    Anything literally anything which touches the land of Antigua there’s a tax on any dollar spent
    From airport to food to stay to living to enjoying urself. Whatever imported is taxed,from let’s say supermarket the tax to pay the container then sold to u to tax for each individual item inside that container again!! So they bingo again!!

    Why they subsidize so much things is because the income tax flow program govt created can allow it.

    U stop work for govt to have ur own business
    Lmaoo they tax u and u tax back ur consumer to offset ur tax liabilities.

    Some taxes were removed cuz Lmaoo they don’t need it they have every other avenue covered.

    They increase the gas price showed u some paper about how little the increase was showing u the exact number but end of the day it’s a PERCENTAGE!! A fixed guaranteed amount taken from whatever random number formulated. Even if it’s just 10 cents that 10cents could b .00002% and that might sound little yeah but .00002% of a trillion dollars. Y’all gotta use your head more man when u fighting for your reprieves

    Calling debts and how country owe this and need to purchase that and can’t do it how??

    Ya understand Antigua GDP reflects each person in the country collects so so so minimum amount weekly as pay that’s how ppl choose traveling to different countries for work and wage and our real high. So that’s why when u go IMF they hit u where it hurts cuz they using numbers as percentages too!!

    Has bad accounting

    And it’s pretty embarrassing for him to saying they have no money. Each time I hear it I laugh cuz he knows how gullible Antiguans are. It really shows how incompetent he is as well and he really can’t do proper money management lmaooo. This budget speech yearly is like submitting a failing SBA for accounts with all wrong numbers thinking ur gonna pass. Each year budget gets bigger with wrong spending habits.

    That’s just public sector

    Remember there’s private sector which is tourism and if a guest is coming and spending $10,000 on a 4 day package lmaooo

    Y’all say open ya eye but truly

    Y’all better start learn to count lmaooooo shits too funny watching this country living in a state it doesn’t have to be

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