Min. of Education mourns with parents of hanged teen

Ministry of Education

Director of Education Clare Browne addressed members of staff at the Ministry of Education this afternoon following the suspicious death of the daughter of two employees of the ministry.

The lifeless body of 18-year-old Alana Lloyd was discovered by her mother, a primary school teacher, with an electrical cord tied around her neck. Reports are that the teenager’s body was lying on the floor of her bedroom.

The mother found the body about 3:30 pm after returning home from school.

A source within the ministry told Antigua News Room (ANR) that during the brief 10-minute meeting, the education director, who did not go into any details of the incident, asked staff to lend their support to the family, their colleagues.

According to the source, Browne struggled through his remarks as he kept repeating he did not know what to say.

He informed those attending the 2:30 pm meeting that he, along with Education Minister Michael Browne and other technical officers within the education ministry visited the family’s home last evening.

During what was said to be a sombre gathering, Browne gave those present an opportunity to speak, but no one did.

The source told ANR that it was at the point when someone was leading a prayer that some individuals became emotional and started to cry, including the person who was praying.

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  1. More and more we are goin to see incidents like these wth young people because there is one major problem.the exclusion on GOD.Gone are the days whn parents would see to it that their children follow in the ways of the holy bible , pray and go to church.All of these things are out, do as u like is in so wht u expect.Parents would go to church leave their kids hme.As long as people decide I dnt want GOD, things will get worse and nothing will work and that is a fact.

    • According to people who knew the young lady, she was a jolly person who attended church with her parents. So apparently your assessment does NOT apply to her. What then could it be?

      My heart breaks for all those directly affected by this tragedy. I pray for the parents each day and I don’t even know them, but I can only begin to imagine how much their world has turned upside down. Especially the mother. Can you imagine being the one to discover your child with a chord around her neck? The child that you carried for 9 months and gave birth to? You helped to pick out her baby clothes, decorate the nursery, christened her, had birthday parties, watch her advance from primary to secondary school with a promising future ahead of her?? And then one day ………. 🙁

      As they are people of faith, I pray they take solace in Revelation 21:4

    • You are absolutely right! I keep saying the same thing that’s exactly what happens and a slap on the risk for everything the child does. Now this is what happens because of your lacadiscal attitude and will continue in society. So sorry fort the family’s loss, breaks my heart.

  2. Bad things do happen to good people! Let us be supportive ,withhold our judgements and consider that this world has gone crazy because Satan know his time is short! He does not care whom he destroys! Be supportive not critical!

    • You are correct. He is like a ROARING LION SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR. We truly do not wrestle against flesh and blood.

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