Millions Needed For UWI Campus I.T


A team readying the e-platform requirements of the several campuses that will serve as the University of the West Indies (UWI) Fourth Landed Campus has given an update on their work.

The UWI negotiators have indicated the extent to which each of the four sites that make-up the UWI Fourth Landed Campus; Five Islands Campus, the ASC, the ABIIT, and the ABHTI—will need equipment, human resources, secure enclosures, and bandwidth in order to meet the UWI standards.

At least 100 megawatts of computing power is required at each site in order to enable students, faculty and staff to fulfill their many obligations, utilizing computers that can interface with the other three UWI Landed Campuses and the UWI central administration.

New equipment, including servers, large memory systems and new cable-to-classroom capability to enable connectivity, will also be required.

New software, which has to be purchased for amounts beginning at $350,000 to $1,000,000, and which also requires the prompt payment of annual subscription fees of $200,000, will also have to be budgeted for the successful operation of the Fourth Landed Campus.

The cost of the I.T. infrastructure for the four sites will be approximately $2,500,000 to $3,000,000 in total.

Seven sub-committees have been formed to make the UWI Fourth Landed Campus a reality. The I.T. component is only one such subcommittee, and the Chairpersons and members of the others will make separate appearances before the Cabinet over time in order to ensure readiness.

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  1. UWI needs to do a better job of negotiating with technology companies and software firms, they need to convince them to donate their technology to the university rather than charging fees.

    I’m sure many technology companies are willing to donate their software to Caribbean nations for higher education purposes – UWI simply needs to ask!

    By the way, I am proud of PM Browne forcing UWI to open a physical campus in Antigua, it will really be good for our nation and economy.

  2. Can someone please convince me that Antigua can afford a university campus. The government cannot even maintain the infrastructure and pay civil servants a decent wage. It has to borrow for every thing. Are they going to borrow to maintain the university. We don’t even have reliable light and water. I think the government should concentrate on running the country efficiently rather than taking on grandiose projects we can’t afford to stroke the PM’s ego. It takes a lot of money to run a university. Can you see the condition of the buildings and all the broken down equipment in a few years?

    • Your concerns about proper maintenance are valid and I hope that they include maintenance into the budget to make sure that the buildings and campus doesn’t look awful after a few years. From what I understand, the UWI system cost is shared between member countries, so Antigua will not be paying for everything associated with the campus.

    • Totally agree. Just look at the school buildings now. Most of the are in almost total disrepair. Why take on more when yo can’t even manage what you have? Just another political talking point.

      • So we should not progress until we fix what we have. The same argument used for the CCJ. Fixed the lower courts first. As if we cannot do both. Maintenance will always be an issue. Not just in Antigua, Have you seen and heard the Americans complaining of the state of their Highways and Bridges. They are in a bad state of repair. But I don’t think that is keeping them from building new ones.

        • We can’t progress when there is no foundation. We can’t progress when we see a world boss when everybody else see a poor country that survives on borrowed funds. We can’t progress when as they say, we want to hang our basket where we can’t reach. You want to bet this university campus never comes to fruition. Can we guarantee reliable electricity, water and IT services. Fix micro before we attempt macro.

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