Million Dollar Deep Water Harbour Drug Bust



Million Dollar Deep Water Harbour Drug Bust


The controlled drug Cannabis weighing a total of two hundred and seventy -five pounds (275 lbs.) with a street value of over one million dollars was seized at the Deep Water Harbour on Friday 30th April 2021.


A joint Anti-Narcotics operation between the Narcotics, K-9 and Customs Departments discovered the illegal substance hidden inside a motor bus that was shipped from Jamaica.


The vehicle along with the drugs was taken to Police Headquarters, where further investigations continue.



  1. Is it really a drug bust, or drugs were discovered?
    A bust would include someone with or clearing the drugs, correct?
    A vehicle shipped from Jamaica would always be a high profiled target pay attention to for this kind of activity.

  2. Lock them damn fools up. If somebody beats their ass, that’s just too bad. Prison justice is a wonderful thing.


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