Mike Tyson Opts To Increase Tourists To The Island With His Business Ventures


Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson met with the Cabinet to discuss three projects all geared at increasing visitors to the twin island state.

Mr. Tyson and an entourage of 24 persons arrived in Antigua last weekend and remained on the island for almost 72 hours; they arrived on Friday afternoon and returned to the USA on their private jet on Monday, September 23, 2019. Mr. Tyson’s wife returned on Sunday in order to attend his 11 year-old son’s baseball game.

According to Chief of Staff, Lionel Hurst, Mr. Tyson came to Antigua primarily to discuss three projects:

i. To hold a conference on the legalization of Cannabis globally, which conference is likely to attract more than 1,000 visitors, early next year;

ii. To purchase a hotel property that is already built, even if it needs some repairs; the group was attracted to a hotel on the west coast that is still operational;

iii. To hold two concerts annually in Antigua, that can be marketed to attract as many as 10,000 attendees/visitors, in April and August.

According to Hurst, the Government highlighted the high number of hits which the Tourism and the ABS websites experienced, as boxing fans in several countries and others expressed their interest in the former champion.


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    • This PM is giving the Rasta community more support that any government in the entire Caribbean has ever given. Juts by the way he is structuring investment into the marijuana industry he is ensuring that even though they have no capital he is assigning government land to them as part of their equity in any venture. And with that equity stake they will earn millions when profits are made. Not to mention employment in the farming of the plant. The PM and Rastas have a bond that is going way back to his youth when he was poor and hungry and was fed and kept alive by these very same Rastas. He never turned his back on them and that is why he was so bold to apologize to them in parliament about the treatment they have endured over the decades. That is why he appointed King Franki as Ambassador to Ethiopia. That is why he decriminalize the use of a small amount of marijuana. That is he allowed them to plant four plants in their own garden. That is why he ensured they are given a proper school where they could educate their children in their ways and religion. Rastas have a true friend in this PM.

      • From the Sidelines:
        This PM is not a friend to anyone.He sees something and goes after it.As long as he can appoint his tools and use them.Why are you glorifying a convicted,broke Rapist.There are many persons in Antigua with more than US$3 million in assets.Why this Administration did not ask them to participate in such a project.Instead they went with Tyson.By the way who is he fronting for.When you bed down with a Dog you could arise with fleas.Time would certainly tell.The 4 trees you mentioned is open to all persons,not just Rasta Community.

        • You can have your own opinion about the PM that is your right. But I never said anything in my comment about Mike Tyson. I have point out all the facts to you about the PM and his actions towards Rastafarians and if you want to ignore the facts and spread your own dislike of the man, that is your choice. If you can refute my facts go on and do so. But that bitterness towards the man will kill you. Cause as they say who God Bless No men Curse.

          • Vy te way any local investor is the opportunity to present a proposal to the government for any investment they think about. They do not need any invitation. Foreigner do not wait for an invitation. They look all over the world for investment an where they believe is a good investment they go after it. And Antigua has ambassadors and economic envoys all over to seek investors. Cause we desperately need Foreign Direct Investment. But when the PM stops Republic Bank from taking over our banking sector and calls on locals to form a consortium and take over the bank you guys turn against your own PM for standing up for local investment. The only sad thing in this is that any of the ABIB directors will be excluded from holding any directorship as they are branded already. And Central Bank would never approve them for any financial institution

      • Hail, a wah become a U boy Tenman?
        I agree, PM Browne and his administration are doing, a lot of POSITIVE things which are beneficial to the Rastafarian Community!
        Only a foolish dog, barks at a flying bird…

  1. Most rastas are quiet millionairs thing is their income cannot be verified …
    How long now Jahsi… Ocean…and many more have been selling weed …
    Gasty jus greedy for money and doing business with ” THE WHITE MAN ” everything looks good on “PAPER”…

  2. I know nothing of the PM’s so called “bond” with the Rasta community as such, but if my recollection is correct,didn’t he say in a statement somewhere that he used to be fearful of them?..unless I have it wrong?. Also if the well overdue apologies to them was a heart felt one why was it not done immediately he took office?. Why wait until you need a second term to come running to the people he was blind to?.
    Why not lockdown the entire project of this commodity for the full benefit of Antiguan & Barbudan’s ..Rasta and Baal head as these are the people who know more about this plant?. Why wait until a suited drug merchant with money comes ah calling?…

    • It seem that your recollection is completely false. And I think that is so deliberately. Cause the relationship with Rastas has so many times and on so many occasions been rehashed. He even said that if it weren’t for these guys he would have died. As he got electrocuted once and was saved by one rasta. But you keep on doing what you do best. Try to deceive the people as much as you can. But the facts speaks for themselves, as I listed them above. Facts you never refuted cause you just can’t.

  3. Also why come to the Caribbean to do this product?. I thought California had some of the laxest regulations for this??.

  4. @Sideline
    What benefits came from King Franki’s appointment as Ambassador to Ethiopia? King had to beg for his instrument, still cannot confirm if he received it.

    The support the Ras are getting is similar to the support the Barbudans got prior to the election. And we know what was said and what took place after the loss.

    The Ras separated themselves from the concrete jungle to live in harmony with nature. Now they are embracing the very things which they burn much fire on decades ago.

    The Ras should not be thinking about making money. The original Fari did not sell anything they engaged in battering.

    These Ras has lost there way they are now referring to themselves as a religious. Fari has always been an expression of liverty.

    • Saint Selassie I, was about business too.
      H.I.M. made sure Ethiopians got the education needed, to build and strengthen Ethiopia’$ economy. One simple example Ethiopian Airlines.
      Ignorance is not bliss!

    • Certainly more benefits that came from John Ashe appointment. So far no scandals. Strange that you try to tell Rastafarians to stay poor but the very same Christians who preach the Gospel of Christ which was neither based on accumulating wealth are now some of the richest persons in the world. And in particular the Catholic Church. Not to mention all those rich pastors you see these days in the USA. Nothing wrong with creating wealth. It’s what is and where is your heart. Solomon was the richest man on earth. So where many of God’s chosen ones.

  5. I have been made aware that Tyson is prohibited by US Federal statue to engage in any activity concerning a schedule 1 drug.
    The PM would have known this. So by engaging with Tyson in any way concerning this venture ( on camera ) etc, he is assisting a felon to break the law.
    I’m surprised the PM has not been arrested the minute he touched down on US soil?.

  6. Are we concerned about Tyson’s criminal record and charges? Isn’t this the guy who started out as a born-again Christian and then converted to Islam, and then back again to born again Christian? What’s going on here. The guy has been all over the map. Whew!

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