Michael Browne says allegations are completely false

Michael Browne

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    • @Melchesidec…Damage Control is always essential.

      A…NO, mean NO!

      B…Regardless of the allegations, Law Enforcement MUST have some evidence(s), to have investigated, arrested and CHARGED a Parliamentarian in Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda with this crime(s).

      C…he’s channelling Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton, and We know how that turned out.

        • @Just Saying…no way Mami. I don’t do the 2Male plus 1Female #Threesome thing.
          E luk like ‘him dey try de #KipOman ting, but can’t handle it. Knuckle does cause Temporary Insanity. Hope dis Yah kno, no tun him basadee.

  1. Proud of u Mr. Browne. When this is over u will be ellevated!! Amen.
    Am glad u came out and spoke to your constituence.
    Now u know how evil others can be..going forward be very careful.

    • Micheal Brown mouth is not the Holly Bible the law needs to do a thorough investigation and let the chips fall where they may. Just because someone waited three weeks to report a rape does not mean it did not happen, some rape victim wait forty years.

  2. I am very happy that you have tackled this situation HEAD ON. Mr.Brown I am praying for you.I am NOT from your CONSTITUENCY but I always admire the way in which you have been conducting yourself. Continue to communicate with your community. Keep your head HIGH. You’re a very INTELLIGENT Person
    All will be well. Blessings.

  3. This is a very unfortunate situation. To accuse Someone based on pressure from Friends is AWFUL.Mr. Browne is a Person of IMPECCABLE reputation and you set out to stain His reputation is AWFUL. Fellow Antiguans Let Us rally with Mr.Browne.

  4. What a SAD moment for someone to accuse a Person WRONGFULLY. How the hell can you wait 3 weeks to bring this issue to the Police. This is wrong. Mr. Browne stay STRONG.

  5. I know he is not a perfect person, far from it even. However, I do sincerely believe that the allegations are baseless and is intent on ruining his character so as to derail his career. Once an allegation is made whether true or false a person is already smeared, especially when it comes to rape and other emotional crimes.

  6. So, does that mean is word is gospel because he spoke?. So, if the accuser speaks, would her word be accepted as gospel too? Were you people there? Are you people accusing the police of not having any evidence yet bringing charges? So what if she waited two weeks? Do you know the trauma associated with an alleged rape? Prayers too for the victim. The truth will play out in court.

    • @caribbean lady…Oh be quiet! She was given a ride home! There was no rape! Why would she want to black mail someone to give money if u where raped? Answer that.
      God bless u Mr Browne the truth will prevail and then sue them after..
      Some Women can be so embarrassing.

  7. “That is why the Jewish people discriminate our (black) community”.

    We have been deliberately using diversity, on our own people, “papa-ganda”- far too long now!

    Michael B. I stand fully with you in prayers! God guidance/Protection, extended to you and the family.

    The Women’s Group will be jumping to conclusion.Men in Antigua who are in High Position be careful with certain women who are looking for money. Men , have relationship with Women of your Standard. Some women are very ready to smear Men when They DO NOT get Their way. Beware of those women who are looking for money. This is a wakeup call. Stand TALL Hon. Michael Browne.

  9. The UPP Candidate for ALL SAINTS WEST is rejoicing over this unfortunate incident. I would like to inform The UPP Candidate ( ANTHONY SMITH) that Hon.Michael Browne will be elected again in 2023. All Saints West will never vote for ANTHONY SMITH.

      But it will never happen he will be elected once more.

  10. Mr.Michael Browne is a SHINING STAR in the ABLP. This is a COUP to undermine Mr. Browne. Mr Browne after this is over be careful who is your FRIEND even within the ABLP.

  11. The Courts with a Jury would decide yea or nay.All of you would believe Michael Browne but not the woman in this matter.This is not about your politics.He is not above the Law.The Police has enough evidence to arrest his backsides.He was charge with a crime.He was given bail.Now he is coming on singing like a canary.

    • @Tuna oh really..do u know the police officers in Antigua can arrest and charge without evidence just instructions and pressure from the public? Well they do!..so please shut up!!..about evidence.
      He knew her. She got a ride so there is communication. There was no rape.
      U will eat your words at the end of trial.
      Bless u Mr Browne!!
      U will never see him fall!

      • @Marcus:I do not mind eating my words. Just wishing you do not choke on yours into resuscitation. That would be like hell to pay.

    • TUNA you are quite right that it is the court that will ultimately determine the guilt or innocence of Mr. Browne. I heard him say on the news that he will have more time to devote to his constituency since he is no longer burdened with Ministerial responsibilities. I would suggest to him as well that he should use some of his extra time to complete his double doctorate, since prior to the 2014 general elections we were told by Gaston Browne that he was close to completing his double doctorate. It is now 6 years. I have a family member who completed a Ph.D (doctorate) in 3 years.

  12. Marcus and Johansen, so, you are telling me that an upright , responsible, married, straight citizen like Mr. Man, gives a young lady, whom he doesn’t know, a ride and have sex with her, just lakka dat? In this covid season? Does he have a lawyer who advised him to make a public statement about a pending case before the court? Same on some of you who are seeing this as blue and red.

    • @caribbean lady reading is fundamental..I said they knew each other. She was not a stranger people know her in the constituents also the minister..
      If she needed a ride home why not if he trusted her. How do u know he had sex with her? You don’t know what happened?
      U will be so surprised this was all a set up because people where there when she got a ride home..
      So please shut up!! cause u have no clue..this is to try to bring this man down..
      Why are u not questioning her on why would she want money to be quiet? Instead of going to court.
      Don’t believe all women. This is not about parties.

      • Marcus. Come on.
        You are asking people why are they passing judgement.
        Why are you?
        Was it a three-some?

  13. This is clever strategy Michael Browne. You have proven your innocence and you have gained the public’s trust. Kudos to your legal team. I know you would preferred if the law enforcement department would haved disclosed the victim’s name as well as yours and the nature of the crime. Unfortunately the judicial system does not work like that. I trust that your legal team would have requested a speedy trial to put this matter to rest asap.
    The truth will set both parties free.
    Innocent until proven guilty!

  14. Wait, ah how come me na min get de memo fu voice me support? Ah only de come-raid an dem get de memo? 😳

    You always putting yourself in things. Michael Browne is a very INTELLIGENT Man. He is far more intelligent than you Tabor. Tabor you upset me very much. Keep your ASS quiet Tabor. I know You are very happy to see a Woman telling Lies on Mr. Michael Browne. Hon.Michael Browne will be set FREE . Tabor remember you went through process with the accident with the young Person. You should be more SYMPATHETIC. Shame on you TABOR. Awful Man you are !!!!!

  16. If this is a #SetUp, and she wasn’t WIRED(wireless microphones as hairpins to buttons to shoelaces to necklaces to earings are readily available). Therefore, anyone who goes to this length, to set Michael Browne up would be idiots for omitting this simple and easy as A, B, C process, as in having her wear a wireless microphone and they even come equipped with cameras as well.
    For his sake, I hope she’s not pulling a Monika Lewinsky on him, if so, he sarl to rass!

  17. Mr. Browne my granny tought me a little saying before she passed away “slience is golden” maybe you should apply that to your case. If you are indeed innocent then keep your mouth shut and let the case be heard before the judge and jury. Sheesh for a smart guy you are really doing some dumb ish🤦🏾‍♀️

    • @smdh well that was your granny time. He still represents his constituents and also has a Facebook town hall he had to answer to the allegation. All he said he was innocence he told gaston That also
      So what’s the problem!

      • You sound like a braying arse. Some mabye if this so called new generation would listen to their granny they would not be so messed up and fine themsrlves in the situation they are in.

    • @Antgua citizen At your mom’s house!! Did u check there.
      Laptops my ass. If something was wrong gaston would have done something. Shut up!

  18. He’s not a Freemason, hasn’t sworn allegiance to them above all others and doesn’t do what they tell him, so they’ll get rid of him, by any means necessary. Do you guys really not know how stuff works here yet?

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